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Best Fanservice Anime

20 Best Fanservice Anime

It’s challenging to put up with watching incredibly light shows every day. Indeed, they’re exciting and inspiring, but it’s hard to put up with the same thing every day! This loneliness is washed away by the existence of anime with most fan service. These series’ sensual and pleasurable aspects make them a reasonably acceptable genre […]

Best Anime Crossovers

best Anime crossovers

Crossovers are a significant event in any TV-viewing family. Everything from The Jeffersons meeting The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to Jimmy Neutron arriving in The Fairly Oddparents has been a memorable event to every child’s mind and an excellent revenue grab by the studios arranging them. But, crossovers are not precisely restricted to Western viewers. […]

Best Shounen Anime

Best Shounen Anime

Before we dive in, we have to answer this question first…what is shounen anime? Well, A shounen anime is basically an anime that has all the good stuff! Friendship, hardship, comedy, adventures, and is usually targeting the teenage side of the spectrum. the word shounen literally means “young boy”. So in summary, a shounen is […]

Animes Like Naruto

Animes Like Naruto

 Trying to find anime like Naruto can be tricky. Naruto Uzumaki’s transformation from a beginner shinobi to the Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village is legendary. Despite the series’ critical praise, Naruto narrates the main character’s escapades throughout 770 episodes, which is still a task to watch. Regardless, Naruto is a shining example of shounen […]