Who Can Beat Goku?

who can beat goku

Who can beat Goku, The primary character in Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball series, unquestionably one of the most well-known anime ever produced, is Goku. Goku has become very strong over the years as a Saiyan who battles to defend the peace of Earth and guarantee the safety of everyone he loves.

His strength is so incredible that he has easily overcome opponents who are capable of destroying whole solar systems and planets. There are various anime characters that can match Goku and engage in combat, yet very few can really win against him.

We will take a look at 3 of our most considerable characters that would stand against Goku. And without further ado, let’s fit right into it.


1: Can Naruto Beat Goku

Can Naruto Beat Goku

Ahh. Naruto vs. Goku, Many others have posed the same query. Despite the seeming simplicity of the topic, it appears that the majority of prominent Anime or Manga writers have been unable to respond.

I’ll have to be honest and say that Goku has the advantage in terms of speed.

These statistics place Goku and Naruto nearly on par at age 10, but Goku has improved so much since then that I’m not sure Naruto will be able to stay up with him.

Being just half as capable of destroying the universe is unfortunate. It’s somewhat overpowering. Therefore, Goku easily defeats Naruto in strength.

When Goku was killed in Dragon Ball Super, the last battle was between him and the

dimension-hopping assassin Hit. This is why Goku, in the video game SSGSS, was able to simply project his energy and burst past dimensional boundaries.

Seriously OP.Naruto: In their final battle, Sasuke and Naruto The most deadly strike he has ever used, the tailed monster bomb Rasen shuriken, is released. Exceptions: Each time I’ve read a response, it’s implied that Goku would unwind and that Naruto might then be able to enclose him in a seal or use a genjutsu on him. Goku, who is 10 years old, is also more swift than Sage Naruto and the Six Paths.


Well, the short answer is NO, NARUTO CAN NOT DEFEAT GOKU

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2: Can Saitama Beat Goku

Can Saitama Beat Goku


The overall strength scaling of characters versus Goku from Dragon Ball is one of the most enduring and contentious arguments in all of anime. In fact, this is so well known that the animanga community has adopted the term “can they defeat Goku however” as a meme.

Goku vs. Saitama from One Punch Man is one of the most contentious iterations of this argument. Since One Punch Man’s release, people have been debating whether Saitama from the series can defeat Goku. This has advanced to the point that it’s one of the community’s most well-known power scaling discussions.

The conclusion of this argument is obvious if we assume that each character has complete access to all assistance devices and life forms from their own realities. Can Goku be defeated by Saitama from One Punch Man? Let’s investigate.

Goku vs. Saitama from One Punch Man is one of the most recognized power scaling debates in the anime community. In terms of base form strength, Saitama from One Punch man takes home the win against Goku from Dragon Ball. Saitama from One Punch Man cannot beat the Dragon Ball

Super-Goku. While Saitama’s base form strength is much greater than Goku’s, his lack of battle IQ and experience will come back to bite him in the end.

With Kamehameha’s raining down from above, it’s clear the punch-punch man will eventually fall. In the end, we have a clear “serious” answer to the question: no he cannot. In addition, Goku having the Dragon Balls and an alternate means of flight just tip the scales too far in Goku’s favor.



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3: Can Sailor Moon Beat Goku

 Can Sailor Moon Beat Goku

She once engaged in combat aboard a starship with gravity that was more than ten times greater than Earth’s. Before Usagi became Super Sailor Moon, she and her daughter Chibiusa destroyed the whole planet of Wiseman.

Usagi, Destroyer of Worlds’ Fighting Style Counters Goku’s Neo-Queen Serenity, Usagi’s future self, is capable of taking on strong adversaries from all throughout the solar system.

In order to preserve the people she loves, she utilizes love and healing to alter reality and counteract the powers of universal disaster. Sailor Cosmos, her ultimate form, is basically a physical god with the ability to defy the laws of reality. Even though Goku is powerful, Sailor Moon can erase much of what he does.

Usagi is capable of exploits similar to those of Beerus from Dragon Ball Super. Despite not being as physically powerful as Goku, she can survive planet-destroying attacks and, in most cases, she manages to put enough distance between herself and her opponents to avoid having to engage in hand-to-hand battle.


Goku could be able to reverse the tide against Usagi if he activates Super Saiyan Blue or Ultra Instinct, especially if they are fighting close to one other. Sailor Cosmos, in contrast, transforms into the all-encompassing power of goodness and light that opposes evil. but in opposition to Sailor Cosmos?




Okay, after we Clarified where Goku stands against Saitama, Naruto, and sailor moon… Now here are some honorable mentions, brave and mighty warriors that would definitely give Goku one hell of a battle.



 Can Nanika Beat Goku

Nanika, a being from the Hunter x Hunter’s Dark Continent, inhabits the body of Alluka Zoldyck, Killua’s younger sister. It appears to be omnipotent, however, its precise power and capabilities are unknown at this time.

If the three conditions are satisfied, Nanika is powerful enough to grant any request to anybody. For Nanika, murdering someone right away would be simple.



 Can Ryuk Beat Goku

From Death Note, Ryuk is a shinigami with terrifying skills. Even though he doesn’t have particularly strong fighting abilities, as a shinigami, all he needs to do to end the conflict is to write Goku’s name in his Death Note.

Up until the time his eyes were permanently closed, Goku would not be able to see Ryuk and would not even be able to understand what had happened to him.

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Sasuke Uchiha

 Can Sasuke Uchiha Beat Goku

One of the key characters in Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto series, Sasuke Uchiha, joins this list due to his considerable strength. By the time he reaches maturity, Sasuke is powerful enough to contend with adversaries like the Otsutsuki clan members, who have the ability to break planets and stars.

Sasuke also possesses some very potent Genjutsu, which may be quite challenging for Goku. And if that weren’t enough, his Rinnegan gives him incredible access to the Six Paths, which he can use to manipulate both life and death.


Kaguya Otsuki

 Can Kaguya Beat Goku

Of all the Otsutsuki clan members that have featured in the Naruto series, Kaguya Otsutsuki is the strongest. Kaguya has additional talents that might cause problems for Goku, such as her All-Killing Ash Bone, despite the fact that her physical strength isn’t nearly at the same level as Goku’s yet.

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Additionally, Kaguya has the ability to use the Infinite Tsukuyomi, a Genjutsu, to cast a Genjutsu on an entire population. She has the power to erase all of space-time with her expansive Truth Seeking Orb.



Can Vegeta Beat Goku

In the Dragon Ball series, Vegeta is Goku’s opponent and the prince of the Saiyans. He is a rather strong character whose power is easily equivalent to Goku’s.

Vegeta has developed enough strength during his time spent training with the Yardrats to easily defeat Moro in battle. Goku, on the other hand, was forced to concede that Vegeta is currently better than him. It goes without saying that he would compete with Goku in battle.



 Can Jiren Beat Goku

Jiren is a member of the Pride Troopers of Universe 11 and a different Dragon Ball character. As demonstrated during the Tournament of Power, he is one of the series’ strongest characters and is more powerful than a God of Destruction.

Jiren is clearly more powerful than Goku because even Mastered Ultra Instinct was unable to take him down. Jiren also appears to be far more strong than he was at the start of the Tournament of Power, just like Goku.



 Can Zeno Beat Goku

Even stronger than the likes of the Angels and the Grand Priest, Zeno is the strongest entity in the Dragon Ball world. He has the capacity to destroy everything in the universe in a matter of seconds since he is the God of all.

Despite his might, Goku knows better than to challenge a foe he would never be able to beat. Without a doubt, Zeno possesses superhuman abilities. one thing is for sure tho… Zeno is the one who can beat Goku.

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