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Anime backpacks ( bags ) 

Customized anime backpacks and bags are a great way to show off your fandom! To worship an anime character, it’s covered in wonderful graphics and decals. We’ve seen a few anime-themed school bags featuring anime females, idols, J-Pop singers, or Vocaloids.


Anime backpacks

Danganronpa Backpack


Anime backpacks

Danganronpa Bag


Anime backpacks

Death Note Backpacks


Why choose us? 

We provide appropriate badges and decorations for anime and idol fans. It's always easy to find accessories that represent newer and more popular series while browsing our collections at Yuri on Ice, Kemono Friends, Attack on Titan, and Osomatsu-san currently reign supreme. Some things are always going to be popular, such as Sailor Moon.

Our anime bags collection

Our anime school bags and backpacks for school have enough surface space to fit all of your books, materials, and accessories, and are made of durable material to keep them secure. The handles and/or straps are as secure and comfortable as feasible on your shoulder(s). To protect your decorations while still allowing them to be seen, a plastic/vinyl outer layer is always a smart option.

What’s the one for you? 

'Ita' tote bags and 'ita' backpacks are the two most popular types among otaku. You can work with a lot of empty fabric space in an anime purse. Accessories fit on the outside, leaving plenty of room within for your belongings. They're worn on one arm, putting the entire weight of the bag on one hand, elbow, or shoulder.

Quality first!

Anime mini backpacks are smaller than anime book bags, yet they are more comfortable to wear. The whole weight of the bag is balanced by a strap across each shoulder. Accessories may take up all of the inside space, depending on the design. You'll need another bag for personal items in such instance.