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Anime lighters

At Anime shop, we understand the significance and satisfaction of giving and receiving beautiful and relevant gifts. Look through our selection of anime Zippos to find your ideal match. If your friend or loved one can’t stop talking about anime characters or movies, keep them pleased with our anime lighters! 


Anime Lighters

Anime Lighter Kuromi


Anime Lighters

Attack On Titan Lighter


Our collection 

Our collection of anime zippo lighter is more on the quality side of the spectrum than it is on the quantity side. We focus immensely on the fact that the hippos we provide to our beloved clients must be resilient, good-looking, and well functioning.  Our one-piece zippo looks like something Sufi would keep in his pockets, not to talk about our Naruto, or our Goku SSJ, or the attack on titan… every one was made with love and care and great attention to detail!

Our Anime Zippos

As we value the quality of our products, our anime Zippos are made of the best materials we could find. 
  • Genuine anime zippo lighter  windproof lighter with signature "click"
  • Refillable for a lifetime of use; authentic Zippo premium fluid, flints, and wicks are recommended for best performance.
  • Zippo lighter fuel is used (sold separately)

Why a zippo lighter?

A zippo lighter is useful whether you smoke or not, it is always nice to keep one in your locker or pockets, and as an otaku, what better zippo you can get than an authentic Lufi zippo, or a Naruto one. Show the world your interest and light your passion on fire with our exclusive anime zippo lighter.