Anime Love Story

Anime Love Story

Aah, romance, that beautiful aspect of life that only the luckiest among us get to experience. Romance is like a leap of faith or roller coaster of emotions that allow us to take the hand of our lover in an infinite ride around the realm of sensation and towards the gratification of the soul… making one out of two and reaching the apotheosis of the self. Well, anime has been a wonderful source of romance throughout the years, watching one anime love story is capable of changing your perspective about the totality of this life’s business… In this list we will present you with some of the best romance anime, hopefully making your anime experience a little more vibrant and wonderful.


Toradora! (2008)

What’s wonderful about toreador is its exceptional balance between seriousness when needed and goofiness at times, it’s a great combination of two opposites.

Watching our main character Taiga attack people with her sword, delivering some profound monologues and walking around as elegant as the tsundere queen that she is just pleasing for the eye, all in all, this show is the perfect combination of goofy and serious… and if you make it through the first few eps, you’ll realize that this show is a must-watch for any anime lover, it is entirely a strong candidate for the crown of best romance anime.



Nana (2006)


This unfinished show is a roller coaster of many beautiful themes; the beauty of music, the strength of friendship, the burning desire to fulfill one’s goals… but the main theme that would steal your attention is love, love between parents and children, and most importantly; romantic love, where our main couple will experience the totality of their romance as a ride with ups that would leave you wearing a colossal smile, and downs that would leave you tearing down like a baby. This show is a very solid name in our romance anime recommendations and one that you must definitely check out.


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The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (2006)

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

This is Another piece of art that came out in the year 2006. In this movie, romance and supernaturalism will hold your hand and take you on a timeless journey where you will experience human sensations to the fullest. Well, the name tells it all. The show is about a girl who gains the ability to walk through Time as if she was walking in a park. Of course, she will use this extraordinary ability to fix some mistakes from the past, but she and you will soon realize


that not all mistakes are fixed like that. Well, playing around with time can cause some odd outcomes, ones that you will have to find out.. all we can say for now is that this movie is a wonderful time trip and a great romance anime.



The Garden Of Words (2013)

The Garden Of Words


Continuing with our pursuit of the best anime love story, we provide you with this movie… This movie will give your soul an orgasm, I really don’t know what’s the greatest factor here, is it the top-notch animation that makes me want to hold the nearest person in a tight cuddle, or is it the soothing sound of rain in that garden where all the action happens. Well, all factors are taken into consideration… emotionally I am still in the garden beneath the rain.

Well the plot of this story circles around a boy who decides to skip class and chill in a garden while it’s raining, in there, he will meet a girl and that meeting will be the best event in all our lives, first was a coincidence, but when he decides to make her new shoes, our main characters will start meeting regularly in the garden of words, tackling their souls with the gentleness of romance and feeling the joy of partnership to the fullest.

There will be some plot twists, of course, some ups and downs..but after all, this movie is personally the best anime love story.



Zutto Mae Kara Suki Deshita.: Kokuhaku Jikkou Iinkai (2016)

Zutto Mae Kara Suki Deshita

To a non-Japanese speaker, the title might seem like something to be intimidated by, but just like everything in this life.. once we understand something, it becomes less intimidating, just like this title, that literally translates to ( I’ve always liked you )

This movie is really just an expert take on this sentence, stretched into multiple dialogues and situations, but done with a level of verbal beauty and expertise that would leave your jaw dropped and your heart filled with joy.

This movie is a visual representation of how everyone likes everyone but everyone sucks at elaborating it. But the writing part of this movie is so well taken care of that even the 20th confession makes my heart warm. At first, this movie seems like a typical high school romance, but trust me, it is not what it seems like.



Weathering With You (2019)

Weathering With You

More anime movies love stories, everyone!! This movie is quite exceptional, I give it that, and the plot of it is quite unique that even a heavy anime watcher like me hasn’t seen it before this movie… well, it all circles around two souls who are barely surviving on the financial plane, they are as close as it gets from being broke. The female lead character lives in Tokyo, and this version of Tokyo is always having some rain, the sky in Tokyo is constantly crying indeed.. but here’s where it gets fun, whenever our female lead prays, the rain stops, and a beautiful warm sun pokes out from behind the gloomy clouds… will this turn her financial situation upside down? Will it be a business….?

Well, you’ll have to find that out yourself.


Honey and Clover (2005)

Honey and Clover

In short, this anime was expertly designed to take you back to your college years, it will have you pointing your finger at the characters and screaming “ SAAAME” on multiple occasions because it is so well written that it will make you relate to every sort of way.

Well the story circles around our group of protagonists who struggle with college life, they all have a passion for the arts. Each one of them shows this passion in a different way, a unique sort of way. There’s drama, romance, some chill vibes, and some really loud vibes as well. In short, this anime is a true masterpiece and a full pack that contains all the reasons that contribute to why we watch anime in the first place.


Special A (2008)

Special A

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re watching a movie and you wish that the rivals just kiss already… well this anime is exactly about that, it will have you on your toes waiting for that glorious kiss to happen… but will it happen at all?

Well, we have our two brilliant main characters Hikari Hanazono and Kei Takishima who are just the best in everything they do… but Kei is always a tiny bit better which makes Hikari’s blood boil, its sort of like the vibe that is constantly going on with Goku and Vegeta, but in a romantic sort of way. \and just like Vegeta, the hiker will try her absolute best to match him, meanwhile, Kei is absolutely blown away by her beauty and is secretly has a colossal crush on her, well the rivalry will indeed turn romantic, but first, there’s some dust to take off the way.


Tamako Love Story (2014)

Tamako Love Story

Well, we have Tamako. Tamako is a laid-back character that just wants to enjoy life and make the most of every moment.. She’s sort of like uncle Iroh but in a more teenage sort of way… if that makes any sense at all, well, the hiker has a nice spot at her family’s restaurant and her ambition is to nail her baton role.

Well, okay, we know Tamako now, but what’s romance?

Well, there’s a childhood friend who really likes her, but he has two main struggles.. one; he has his mindset on studying in Tokyo and hell does everything could go there, even if it means living his love behind. And second, he’s too scared to confess his overwhelming love to her.

Well, there’s only one way to figure out how this ends, which is by watching the movie.



Kaichō Wa Meido-Sama! (2010)

Kaichō Wa Meido-Sama

Before watching this show, you’ll need to be prepared to blush, because you’ll do that a lot while watching it. And the plot of the story will explain why…

Well, it all starts when a high school for boys only decides to mix things up, yup, a boys-only high school that is overloaded with testosterone and male energy suddenly becomes a mixed high school. And it only gets better when a female character gets elected as the school president. And that specific female being a sassy tight and extreme leader, the boys will not be pleased with all. Well after reading the title you might be wondering… where are the maids?

Well, here’s where it gets even better; our friend president also works as a maid and one of the boys will discover this little fun fact… so buckle up and grab some snacks… It is about to get messy.





Spice and Wolf (2008)

Spice and Wolf

If you’ve had enough of anime romances that are played inside the walls of a high school then spice and wolf is the thing for ya!

It’s more of a Lord of the Rings kinda thing, to be honest, the plot is that our main guy, the brave Lawrence, crosses paths with a beautiful young lady with features that resemble a wolf, she’s named holo. Holo is nice… be like holo. The whole idea of the anime is for holo to get home, but the trick is in the journey, not the destination, therefore, we will have a wonderful set of


dialogues where holo is nice, adorable, and sort of stubborn. We will enjoy the beauty of nature and life on the road. Like seriously, I didn’t realize how much I’ve learned about the life of a mere merchant back in the days until I finished the show… holo is quite a great character tho.


Hotarubi no Mori e (2011)

Hotarubi no Mori e

This movie will fill your heart with an overwhelming sensation of joy that will still be with you for years to come. Hotarubi no Mori e is just the perfect combination of the fairy tale vibe and the crushing true showcase of reality. It is joyful yet so precise when it comes to the human senses. It’s all about a young human who crosses paths with a spirit inside a forest. The catch is that a human cannot touch a spirit or the spirit will cease to exist momentarily.

So put yourself in the position of this young girl, being in love with an entity that she cannot touch, and all they have to show for it is conversations… and let me tell you, the conversations are quite heavenly.



Ore Monogatari!! (2015)

Ore Monogatari

One of the things that I do favor in the world of anime is that huge bear protagonist, but with a big loving heart, that material is just beautiful to witness, especially in a romance! Which is the case of Ore Monogatari, the center of this anime. Takeo Gouda is a giant man with a sweetheart and is just out there being loving, making people as happy as they can, and searching for love. Takeo has the body of a Greek god, he’s kind and forgiving, and most importantly… he does in fact care!

If you fall in love with Takeo then take a ticket and join the line lol… Seriously tho, you’ll love this anime. Because it truly is a classic anime love story.


Well, friends.. our search has ended, and the journey has come to an end, I hope you found enjoyment and value in what you just read. And most importantly, I hope you have discovered a hidden gem that you’ll recommend for years to come.

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