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Many people are familiar with manga and anime, but they may be surprised to learn how deeply this genre is rooted in Japanese tradition and culture—or how frequently manga features strong, intelligent female protagonists, in our collection, we provide books that capture manga and anime as art and cathartic reworkings of Japanese history.

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Death Note Notebook

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 Do you want to buy anime books and pens? You've arrived to the right location. In our gift anime shop we have a large selection of anime books and pens. Check out our selection of anime pens, all of which are created and printed with distinctive anime figures and characters.

A great gift for your Otaku Friend

If the person for whom you are purchasing a gift is not a major collector, consider more useful gifts such as notebooks. This is a present that practically everyone can receive. You are unlikely to lose if you purchase a notebook with an outstanding anime character.

Why Anime Notebook? 

Personalized notebooks almost usually show up while looking for anime related presents or book fetish items. An enticing object to write in can undoubtedly aid with daily journaling practice. Smaller notebooks can be used as themed diaries for travel, poetry, or any other topic you want to keep in a single longhand journal.