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Best Martial Arts Anime

Best Martial Arts Anime

Anime as a medium is very unconventional. Unconventional to the point of people firing lethal laser beams from their eyes or blasting an entire world to smithereens nearly became a practice. And, of course, we, the supporters, have no reservations about the way anime runs things. In fact, we appreciate the material that anime constantly […]

Best Samurai Anime List of 2021

Best samurai anime

Samurai are a significant part of the history and culture of Japan, and they are also the most identifiable representatives of mediaeval and early-modern Japan’s military, considered to be very noble and professional swordsmen. We are going to cover some of the most common and best samurai anime in this article, which differs significantly in […]

Best Isekai Manga List of 2021 for an Adventurous Time


Isekai is a subgenre that offers great tales of adventure, fantasy, and alternate universes. It has recently achieved great commercial popularity in the manga, where fiction and supernatural events are based on its plots. Are you feeling bored and want to fly to new worlds? So, let’s see what is in the best Isekai manga […]