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Best Samurai Anime

Best samurai anime

Samurai are a significant part of the history and culture of Japan, and they are also the most identifiable representatives of mediaeval and early-modern Japan’s military, considered to be very noble and professional swordsmen. We are going to cover some of the most common and best samurai anime in this article, which differs significantly in […]

Best Shounen Anime

Best Shounen Anime

Before we dive in, we have to answer this question first…what is shounen anime? Well, A shounen anime is basically an anime that has all the good stuff! Friendship, hardship, comedy, adventures, and is usually targeting the teenage side of the spectrum. the word shounen literally means “young boy”. So in summary, a shounen is […]

Animes Like Naruto

Animes Like Naruto

 Trying to find anime like Naruto can be tricky. Naruto Uzumaki’s transformation from a beginner shinobi to the Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village is legendary. Despite the series’ critical praise, Naruto narrates the main character’s escapades throughout 770 episodes, which is still a task to watch. Regardless, Naruto is a shining example of shounen […]

Orange Hair Anime Characters

orange hair anime characters

Orange hard characters are rare coins. It’s a hair color that is also quite aesthetically pleasing. To start, there aren’t many orange-haired anime characters. It isn’t the color you’ll encounter the most frequently. Anime characters can choose from a wide variety of odd hair colors! This is why it will be amusing to take inspiration […]