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Anime lamps 

Looking for something to complement your anime inspired room decor? We’ve got you covered! You will enjoy our Anime lamp. Our anime led light lamps are ideal for use as a lamp in your home. as well as a table setting The colors are versatile and enjoyable to work with. Aside from that, our anime lights feature characters from your favorite anime and video game series, like one piece, Naruto, attack on titan, DBZ, Hunter X Hunter…. Choose from characters such as Vegeta, Appa, Hisoka, and Levi Ackerman. Our inventory is also changed on a regular basis, so keep an eye out for the ones you like or let us know.

Beautiful otaku lamps:

Zero two led light

Hisoka lamp

Anime Lamps

Avatar Lamp


Anime Lamps

Dragon Ball Z Lamp

Original price was: 56.47$.Current price is: 45.95$.

Anime Lamps

Itachi Uchiha Lamp


Anime Lamps

Jiji Cat Lamp

Original price was: 23.80$.Current price is: 19.90$.

Anime Lamps

Kirby Lamp


Anime Lamps

Light Bakugo


Our anime neon light lamps are Original fully licensed, collectible anime LED lights and lighting accessories available at Anime Store. We create lights of all your favorite anime characters that will look great in your bedroom, living room, workstation, workplace, or creative space! Bring your area to life and let your inner otaku out! And let the anime light guide your path! Amen. 

Can our anime lights be used as regular lamps? 

No, our anime lights are for decor purposes, the point is to bring your favorite character into your daily life with lights all over its borders. 

What kind of led light lamps have we? 

Besides featuring all the known characters, our anime lamps collection features classic led lights for readers such as our original Spirited away reading lamp and wallpaper-like lamps for decorative purposes.