Bloody Anime  

The Most 14 Terrifying Bloody Anime

Horror has progressed from simple bloody cartoons to intricate action scenes with quick motions and ferocious strikes. 

 throughout the years. Anime Impulse has compiled a list that animes that are gritty, genuine to heart, and animations of gore, action, and horror, ranging from old school anime that was controversial at the time to new school anime that are lively and rich in content. 

 It is intended that this alphabetical list of brutal anime will satiate your hunger for murder, sadness, and most likely hacking people up. 

Well, without further ado, here’s a list of bloody anime picks that would turn your legs into jelly… 

Here’s a list of the bloodiest anime that we’ve collected for you in 2023. 

1: Deadman wonderland  

Deadman wonderland 

Following the murder of 29 pupils at a middle school, fellow classmate Ganta Igarashi was found guilty of all counts of murder and condemned to life in the Deadman Wonderland, a prison amusement park. “Deadman Wonderland” is an action-adventure horror series about Ganta’s quest for survival at the fabled Deadman Wonderland. To stay alive in jail, one must compete in and win the event that has been assigned to them. However, like with any privately operated jail, the infrastructure contains compromised officials and conspiracies. Ganta must put his life on the line to discover why he was framed to be a slave of entertainment in this institution. 

2: Fist of the north star

Fist of the north star  

The second masterpiece in our list of Top bloody anime 2023 is the first of the north…In 1984, “Fist of the North Star,” also known as Hokuto no Ken, was a popular martial arts series. “Fist of the North Star,” which has 109 episodes, is set in a post-apocalyptic world where Kenshirou is on the quest for Shin, the guy who kidnapped his fiancee, Yuria. Kenshiro must first battle his way over the obstacles with Hokuto Shinken, his lethal fighting form, in order to continue his hunt for his future wife. With so many barriers in his way, blood will be poured and Kenshirou will emerge victorious. But he must never lose sight of his ultimate goal: to vanquish Shin and recover Yuria’s affection. 

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3: Another  

Another  anime

“Another” is a supernatural thriller that follows Kouichi Sakakibara, a new transfer student at Yomiyama North Middle School, as he adjusts to his new environment. The solemn aura that pervades Kouichi’s unfamiliar 3-3 class immediately disturbs him. He subsequently develops feelings for Mei Misaki, a strange, outcast girl who is shunned by the rest of the class. As Kouichi grows closer to Mei, he gradually learns about the tragic past of Yomiyama North Middle School’s class 3-3’s 1972 death of a girl called Misaki and is thrust into a spiral of catastrophes that threaten his classmates’ and even his own life. 



“Berserk” is an anime based on a manga series that follows Guts, the Black Swordsman, on his quest to defeat giant monsters with a blade that is even bigger than he is. Guts confront various circumstances in his exploits where he must save someone from corruption. When Guts first enters a town pub, he discovers a gang of bandits torturing an elf named Puck. He kills them all and protects Puck, who subsequently joins Guts on his mysterious mission. Will Guts be harmed in the long term by the additions to his team? Is he out on a mission to track down someone? 

5: Claymore 


“Claymore” is a supernatural tale about Raki, a little boy who lost his family to Yoma, and Clare, a half-human half-Yoma Claymore who was ordered to find and destroy Yoma inside a given region. Yomas are evil animals who eat people’s insides and may even disguise themselves as their victims. Yoma can reproduce their memories and mental processes thanks to their ability to fit in as humans. Clare is a Claymore who used to be a human before she was transformed into a Claymore. Clare is willing to go to any length to complete her particular purpose, especially with Raki by her side. 

6: Blood-C 


“Blood-C” is a horror-action series and it’s one of the scariest anime bloody on the list. It is about a shrine lady who is carrying a heavy load. By day, Saya Kisaragi is your typical awkward high school adolescent. Saya Kisaragi has more on her mind than homework at night. Saya pledged to destroy all the creatures that threaten her little hamlet with a heavenly sword entrusted to her by her Priest Father. Saya is plagued by flashbacks and migraines concerning her lost memories while more monsters assault the community. One day, a little dog approaches Saya and inquires as to whom she vowed to guard. She pauses, unable to respond to the inquiry. And the truth about her origins soon emerges… 

7: Gantz 


Kei Kurono found himself in a circumstance where a homeless guy had fallen onto the subway rails. His boyhood acquaintance emerges unexpectedly at the same metro station and chooses to assist this homeless man. Masarou Katou, one of his friends, yells Kurono’s name. All eyes are on Kurono because if he doesn’t aid his buddy and the homeless guy, he would be judged selfish for his own life; yet, if he does help, he and his friend may perish. He and his companion are eventually decapitated in the middle of the train platform, and they are ushered into eternity with a room full of people and a large, black ball playing God. 

8: Hellsing OVA 

Hellsing OVA 

In today’s mainstream culture, the name “Hellsing” is nearly synonymous with the word vampire. Vampires and other supernatural entities appear in a variety of horror films, from Van Helsing in the United States to Hellsing OVA in Japan. The Hellsing Organization, a covert division of the British government, was established in “Hellsing OVA” to secure the population’s safety from supernatural monsters. Alucard, the most well-known and dependable assassin, embarks on specialized missions to deal with vampires, as he is a vampire himself. With his top hat, tuxedo, and tie, Alucard is a genuine badass, but nothing screams beast like his two semi-automatic hand cannons when it comes to slaying werewolves, vampires, creatures of God, and anything else in his way. If you’re looking for some blood-curdling cruelty, the Hellsing OVA has ten episodes that last around an hour each. 

9:  Ninja scroll 

Ninja scroll 

Jubei Kibagami is an itinerant swordsman-for-hire who travels around medieval Japan. He has no sympathy for competing political factions and their ambitions after a prior betrayal left him powerless. Unfortunately, when he encounters and protects a girl ninja named Kagero from a guy who can turn his body into stone, his history and political intrigue intersect. 

Kagero, the lone surviving member of a ninja clan, continues her team’s final mission: to investigate a mystery virus that has wiped off an entire town. Jubei doesn’t want anything to do with it, but the stone-like man’s companions, the Devils of Kimon, a gang of ninjas with magical abilities, make that tough. 

10:  Murder princess 

Murder princess

A coup d’etat happens in the kingdom of Forland, resulting in the death of the King. The King sends Princess Alita Forland, his second child, to flee in the final moments of his life. Unfortunately, a life-or-death confrontation between Alita and the violent bounty hunter Falis leads to the two of them switching bodies while fleeing. Alita, desperate for the Kingdom’s protection, begs Falis to return and safeguard it, giving herself as collateral. Falis reclaims the title of Princess of Forland after a fast defeat of the rebel troops, giving birth to the “Murder Princess,” the most savage princess in their land 


11: Shojo Tsubaki: Mr. Arashi’s amazing freak show  

Shojo Tsubaki

Shojo Tsubaki was a popular kamishibai character during the rebirth of the genre in early Showa Japan. The character and her narrative are typically assigned to a creator known as Seiun, although the character’s genuine origin is unknown due to copying and recounting in many forms that were the standard for popular-proving tales. The protagonist is a conventional teenage or pre-adolescent ingenue, the daughter of a poor family who went from selling camellias on the streets to being sold to appear in a revue performance. 

The graphic novel is regarded as a classic of Suehiro Maruo’s ero guro style, which was influenced by the 1920s. In May 2016, a live-action film version of the manga was released. 

12: Hellsing Ultimate 

Hellsing Ultimate

There are creatures of darkness and evil who stalk the night, eating any human unlucky enough to fall into their clutches. Hellsing, on the other hand, is an organization committed to eradicating these supernatural powers that threaten humanity’s very survival. Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, who leads a formidable military and spends her life combating the undead, is at the helm of the organization. 


Integra’s massive army, on the other hand, pales in contrast to her ultimate weapon: the vampire Alucard, who serves as an exterminator for Hellsing against his own kind. Alucard must fight not only monsters but all those who stand in Hellsing’s way, whether good or evil, with his new vampire servant Seras Victoria by his side. 

13: Mnemosyne  


Rin Asougi, an immortal private detective, has met a gruesome death on several occasions throughout the millennia. But she comes back to life as if nothing had occurred each time. 

Rin meets Kouki Maeno, a guy who believes his memories are incorrect, in 1990 while hunting for a lost cat. Rin agrees to aid him, only to find out that Kouki isn’t who he seems to be, bringing her closer to her actual foe. This foe is all too familiar with Rin and her type, and if she dies at his hands, she might perish for good. 

14: Genocyber 


As the world’s countries rise, the private armies of individual firms pose a threat to world peace. The Kuryu Group has just found a weapon that will help them gain world domination. The Genocyber is a hybrid of cybernetics and psychic ability. Many people want to manage this creature, but can it be tamed? The battle begins, and the future cyberpunk world is set to erupt in the carnage. And yes there are some pretty freaky Bloody anime fights in this one. 



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