Payment Methods

We offer PayPal and Stripe. Both of these methods are safe and secure. However, we would recommend you to use PayPal.

Here is what to do on the check out page:
Once your items are loaded you can click check out with PayPal
You will be directed to PayPal’s website.

  • Sign in your PayPal account
    Follow the on-screen instructions and make the payment
    It will at least three to five business days for PayPal to confirm your payment.
  • We recommend this because it is a traceable method of payment.
  • Once you use your account you can track your payment status.
    The best part is that you can just transfer money directly from your bank account to us instead of using your card. This minimizes security risk as you will not have to provide your card information.
    Rest assured, our payment methods are safe and secure so you can have the best experience with us. All your details are private because we understand that payment information is sensitive and we take measures to ensure the safety of our customer’s information.
    You can also use Stripe to make payment through your VISA or MasterCard, the choice is yours. We provide these options so you can have variety no matter where you are in the world and you can pay without any hassle.

If you want more information on our payment methods then you can contact us via email. We will assist you as soon as we possibly can.