​​Best One Piece Moments

​​Best One Piece Moments

A series’ durability serves as a yardstick for quality. Since the release of the first One Piece volume in 1997, the series’ popularity has only grown.

A devoted and growing fandom of One Piece exists, and they are consistently awed by the past, present, and future of the narrative.

One Piece is unique because of its moments, no matter how big or tiny, which can be seen and relived repeatedly.

Despite using a scoring system to be as objective as possible, I think everyone’s true order of these can vary. We can all agree that they are the greatest of the best, though.

One Piece has more than a thousand chapters and episodes, so it’s safe to say that a single list can’t possibly capture all of its greatest moments. If you missed the first installment

so in this article, we will start a hunting party, all in pursuit of finding your unique best One Piece scene.

About One Piece

Eiichiro Oda created the Japanese manga series One Piece. Since July 22, 1997, it has been published in serial form in Shueisha’s Weekly Shnen Jump magazine.

Gol D. Roger, the Pirate King, was the one who owned everything in this realm. His last words before being executed were, “My treasures? I’ll give it to you if you ask for it. Search there for it; I left everything there. Many were inspired by these words to take to the seas in pursuit of One Piece, sailing in the direction of the Grand Line. Therefore, a new era started!

Young Monkey D. Luffy also travels to the Grand Line in search of One Piece to become the best pirate in the world. This will be a memorable journey with his eclectic company, which includes a swordsman, marksman, navigator, cook, doctor, archaeologist, and cyborg-shipwright.


18 Best One Piece Moments 

18: Luffy vs. Katakuri

Episode: 851

Luffy vs Katakuri

Many people anticipated that Luffy would get into a major altercation with Big Mama when he first arrived on Whole Cake Island. Few anticipated that his big fight would feature her oldest son, and even fewer anticipated that it would turn out to be one of the most memorable matches in the series.

A significant contributor to this is Charlotte Katakuri, who made her acting debut as one of the scariest yet coolest villains ever, combining deadly might with the absurdity of jellybeans and doughnuts. Although the series has included numerous haki fights, none have had the same dramatic effect as the fight between Big Mom’s vanguard and Luffy.


17: Luffy… Help me.  

Episode: 37

Luffy... Help me

This was the turning point for many fans’ relationship with One Piece. One Piece was still figuring out its artistic and tonal direction prior to the Arlong Park Arc. Many people today can easily look back and identify a couple of the series’ growing pains. The generational divide that signified One Piece’s real development as a series, on the other hand, was broken by Nami’s cries for assistance and Luffy’s offering of his cap to console her.

This scene not only served as one of the darkest moments in the franchise, but it also helped fans identify with the Straw Hats and regard Luffy as a charismatic leader.


16: BlackBeard Speech in Jaya Island

Episode 146

BlackBeard Speech in Jaya Island

Puffy and Zero were assaulted by Bellamy because Bellamy had made fun of them for being dream pirates. Luffy likely also understood that there was no danger to their life because he and Zoro are resilient. He, therefore, skipped the fight. But if Nami had been touched, the situation would have been different. And despite his friend’s advice to back off when he was ambushed by Bellamy and his team, Luffy got into a battle.

This is also the reason that before every battle, Luffy always establishes relationships with the local community to put more than just his pride on the line.

Ace might still be alive today if he had understood this lesson, as the only reason he engaged in combat with Akainu was that Whitebeard’s pride had been wounded.


15: Sabo gets the Mera Mera no Mi

Episode – 678

Chapter – 744

Arc – Dressrosa Arc

Sabo gets the Mera Mera no Mi

This one’s inclusion on my list is apparent. After Ace’s passing, Oda figuratively hands Sabo the torch. The fact that they are brothers just intensifies the emotional nature of the situation.

The scene occurs during the Corrida Colosseum’s Battle for Mera Mera no Mi, which was held to reclaim the Devil Fruit following Ace’s death.

Since he didn’t want the Ace fruit to end up in the wrong hands, Luffy originally wanted to enter the tournament. The Shichibukai, however, diverts Luffy’s attention, and Sabo, posing as “Lucy,” enters his place.

As Sabo ruins the Colosseum, the Flame-Flame Demon Fruit is found and eaten in the subsequent mayhem.

He removes his mask and identifies himself as the Revolutionary Army’s second-in-command, behind Luffy’s father, Monkey D. Dragon.

The entire fandom was entirely relieved to see Sabo take the flame fruit. It was a wonderful method for Oda to remember Ace while keeping Luffy out of the spotlight.


14: Yasuie’s Execution

Episode – 940

Chapter – 943

Arc – Wano Country Arc

Yasuie’s Execution

One Piece has some of the most heartbreaking deaths. Shimotsuki Yasuie is put to death because he took credit for continuing the uprising against Orochi.

Kinemon’s covert message was intercepted, but Yasuie gives his life to protect Oden’s scabbards.

The most horrifying aspect of it is that Yasuie was shot by Orochi’s troops, and the residents of Ebisu town were cursed with the SMILE fruits and had to “laugh” at him.

His daughter Otoko is seen running in his direction, grinning while her cheeks are streaked with tears.


13: Ace’s Execution

Episode – 483

Chapter – 574

Arc – Marineford Arc

Ace’s Execution

We’re probably not entirely done with this one yet.

Many emotions are evident in this situation, including brotherhood, love, sacrifice, devotion, fear, bravery, and melancholy. The crowd wasn’t prepared for Ace to pass away, which made the situation even more upsetting.

To prevent his execution, the Straw Hats and Luffy did everything they could. And they succeed! Nevertheless, Ace, being Ace, leaps between Luffy and Akainu’s flaming fist to shield his brother.

The passing of Ace marks a turning moment for Luffy. After that day, Luffy truly transitioned from a boy to a man. The story’s pace also changed, and things got very serious.

One Piece history should include a tribute to the Pirate King’s late son.


12: Mihawk Defeating Zoro

Episode – 46

Chapter – 51

Arc – Enies Lobby Arc

Mihawk Defeating Zoro

Chapter 51 of Episode 46 and the Enies Lobby Arc

I recollect being so confident that Zoro would triumph over Mihawk. The scene occurs rather early in the series, and until then, we have seen how incredibly cool and powerful Zoro is as a character.

We understand that there are characters far stronger than our main characters when Zoro fails to defeat the finest swordsman in the world. Zoro’s setback also gave him a goal to strive for.

Even when he leaves a permanent scar on Zoro’s chest, Mihawk thinks of the bravery and tenacity of the character. Mihawk respects Zoro and promises to keep his name in mind.


11: Law and Kid defeating Big Mom

Chapter – 1040

Arc – Wano Country Arc

Law and Kid defeating Big Mom

I was convinced that no one would be able to vanquish the terrifying Charlotte Linlin for a very long time, but Eustass “Captain” Child and “Surgeon of Death” Trafalgar Law succeeded.

Since Whitebeard, a Yonko hasn’t been slammed before, and even though we know Big Mom will return in the Elbaf arc, I must commend Law and Kid for showcasing their skills to her.

Child and Law are not afraid of Big Mom, so when she uses her Soul Pocus on them, it does not affect them. Law actually locks her in a silent room when Kid repeatedly blasts her, preventing her from calling Prometheus and Hera for assistance.

She silently descends the hole into the Wano mainland, detonating many bombs along the route.

One of the best battles we’ve witnessed in a while, it solidified Kid and Law as Luffy’s contemporaries.

The One Piece is mentioned in both Yonko Big Mama and Yonko Whitebeard’s falls, which is one thing they have in common.

While Big Mama claims that One Piece isn’t “one” piece at all and that part of it is in Wano, Whitebeards confirms its existence.


10: Farewell To The Going Merry

Episode – 312

Chapter – 430

Arc – Enies Lobby Arc

Farewell To The Going Merry

Nobody I know who likes One Piece wasn’t moved by this scene. None of us anticipated experiencing grief at the death of an inanimate thing.

The Going Merry, the Straw Hats’ first vessel, was used as their main means of transportation over East Blue until Water 7.

That was also our introduction to the One Piece universe; we joined the Straw Hats on board the Merry for various seafaring adventures as members of Luffy’s crew.

The Merry may have been an inanimate object, but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t alive. This has been hinted at on occasion.

Ussop overhears Merry telling the Straw Hats to leap into the water as they are being encircled by Marines after they leave Enies Lobby with Robin. This effectively saves them time.

Merry had already reached her absolute breaking point before that event, but she had asked Iceberg to cure her so she could go rescue her crew.

The Merry’s crew ultimately accepts that she has passed away and decides to give her a Viking funeral by having her cremated at sea.

Every crew member relives their favorite experiences aboard the Merry.

Everyone can hear her voice as she passes away, apologizing for not being able to take them any further. We absolutely understand Luffy’s sadness for losing his first ship as he breaks down and apologizes instead.

An era is coming to an end with the loss of Merry. One Piece becomes a little more serious now; if the Straw Hats are to take on the Grand Line, they need a new ship.


9: Luffy Gives Nami His Straw Hat

Episode – 37

Chapter – 81

Arc – Arlong Park Arc

Luffy Gives Nami His Straw Hat

At this point, we gain insight into the true character of the series and the reasons for Luffy’s selection as the lead character.

Nami steals the treasure, and the Straw Hat crew goes after her. The words “Warlord” and “Fishman,” which have major roles later in the novel, are also introduced at this point.

Nami pokes at the tattoo that identifies her as a member of Arlong’s gang and is located on her shoulder. She is prevented from further injuring herself by Luffy. Nami pushes him away but begs for assistance while crying.

When Luffy places his beloved straw hat on her head, the bond between these two characters is immediately evident. Of course, I will!” he screams, promising to defeat Arlong.

The Straw Hats essentially save the whole village, demonstrating the power of our beloved group. One of the most recognizable scenes from the first One Piece is when they walk to Arlong; it is beautifully rendered.


8: Whitebeard’s Last Stand

Episode – 485

Chapter – 576

Arc – Marineford Arc

Whitebeard's Last Stand

The One Piece storyline is defined by Whitebeard and Blackbeard’s last conflict.

This is the first time we have seen a Yonko die. One of history’s greatest pirates, Whitebeard was also the world’s strongest man and, after Gol D. Roger, the person most closely associated with the One Piece.

The persona of Whitebeard gives the spectator a glimpse of what a brave pirate looks like. This is how we imagine our favourite pirates: unflappable, brave, and real champions.

Although the Blackbeard Pirates continue to attack him, Akainu’s Magma eventually wears him out. But did he pass away like a typical pirate? Not!

Before passing away, Whitebeard declares that the One Piece is real before passing away while still upright.


7: Luffy’s Gear 2 Intro

Episode – 272

Chapter – 387

Arc – Enies Lobby Arc

Luffy’s Gear 2 Intro

Despite the fact that Luffy appears to be successfully defending Blueno’s Rankyaku, he eventually realizes that he isn’t powerful enough to win the fight at this point.

He recalls how Aokiji defeated him. Luffy needs to strengthen himself so that he can defend his companions as well as defeat his foes.

He tells Blueno that his techniques have advanced one level further as his body begins to steam. Incredibly, Luffy gains strength to protect the people he cares about.


6: Zoro’s Sacrifice

Episode – 377

Chapter – 485

Arc – Thriller Bark Arc

Zoro’s Sacrifice

The world over, this heartbreaking scenario is hailed as one of One Piece’s finest moments.

The World Government gives Bartholomew Kuma of the Shichibukai Pacifista organization the authority to eliminate every witness of Gecko Moria’s defeat.

Except for Zoro, all the Straw Hats are rendered unconscious when Kuma blows up the Thriller Bark with a bomb.

Just as Kuma is about to remove Luffy’s head, Zoro kneels and begs Kuma to take his head instead of Luffy’s and spare the rest of the crew.

Sanji must be mentioned since he also momentarily regains consciousness and declares that he would be willing to donate his head in exchange for Luffy and Zoro’s safety. Zoro, however, who is willing to give his life for his comrades, knocks him unconscious once more.

Instead of simply killing Zoro and moving on, Kuma informs him that to replace him honestly. He would have to endure all of Luffy’s suffering and wounds.

Zoro gladly places his hands in the enormous pain bubble, or hell as Kuma refers to it, created when Kuma uses his Devil Fruit talents to extract Luffy’s agony.

Zoro manages to survive despite no one expecting him to. Afterwards, Sanji discovers him proudly standing while dripping with blood. Zoro simply responds, “Nothing happened,” when the man inquires about what transpired. To the highest degree, iconic.


5: The Minks Saving Raizo

Episode – 767

Chapter – 816

Arc – Zou Arc

The Minks Saving Raizo

Many don’t understand the significance of Raizo being deemed safe by Inuarashi, Nekomamushi, and the other members of the Mink Tribe.

The Minks endangered their entire civilization for the benefit of one person due to their dedication and promise, but the incident also further solidified the idea of nobility in One Piece.

The viewer believes Raizo is dead at that point, which adds to the scene’s gravity.

Jack and the Beasts Pirates fought the Mokomo Dukedom’s Minks during the Pre-Zou arc. Jack was seeking Raizo because he wanted to confirm the existence of Oden’s 9 Red Scabbards.

Jack crucified the strongest members of the Mink Tribe, including Inu, and then tortured, gassed, and killed several others. But, not one of the thousands of members of that race came forward and revealed Raizo.


4: Shanks Stops The Marineford War

Episode – 489

Chapter – 580

Arc – Marineford Arc

Shanks Stops The Marineford War

Any sequence that features Shanks is unquestionably epic. Yet, this one tops them all.

Both sides at Marineford have incurred losses due to many injuries. Shanks and his men engage in the conflict and force the Marines and Pirates to flee to end the conflict.

He orders Marco and Teaches to disperse their troops, and Mihawk follows suit because he doesn’t want to engage the Red-Haired Pirates in battle.

With Shanks’ assistance, Luffy and the other pirates can flee, and his simple presence ends the greatest conflict in history. Legendary.


3: Oden’s Death

Episode – 974

Chapter – 972

Arc – Wano Country Arc

Oden’s Death

Tragically, Oden was put to death in the middle of Flower Capital in front of his supporters. Because it marks the end of an era, this scene is crucial to the overall plot of the series. That is truly dubbed the Famous Hour when he is put to death.

Orochi’s forces entirely occupy Wano. After his passing, Oden gives his retainers the order to make Wano accessible to the outside world.

Oden falls into the boiling water and dies with a smile on his face as the firing squad fires at him and his troops.


2: Luffy Punching a Celestial Dragon

Episode – 396

Chapter – 502

Arc – Sabaody Archipelago Arc

Luffy Punching a Celestial Dragon

One of One Piece’s most rewarding scenes is probably when Luffy slaps a strong World Government official and brings him to the ground.

This moment is distinct from the others on my list in that it is motivated only by rage.

It’s not sentimental; Luffy isn’t trying to console his grieving brother or protect Nami; he’s just smacking Charlos for being the trash he is.

Charlos stands for all that is wrong with One Piece, including the unfairness that the common man must endure and the corruption of those in positions of authority.

This scene is particularly gratifying because it is the first time we have witnessed someone defying political authority despite the possibility that doing so could result in their death.

The World Government’s dread and tyranny are what actually cause piracy in the One Piece universe, and we see how Luffy wants to change the system with his goal to become Pirate King.


1: Luffy Declaring War on World Government

Episode – 278

Chapter – 398

Arc – Enies Lobby Arc

Luffy Declaring War on World Government

This scene contains many epic events, including the disclosure of Robin’s tragic past, the background of Ohara and the Poneglphs, the establishment of the World Government’s brutality, the Straw Hats’ declaration of war on the World Government, and Robin’s final declaration that she wants to live despite Spandam.

The fact that Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Ussop, Chopper, and Nami are all there in one frame practically gives us all the information we need to comprehend the crew’s relationships and their shared hatred of the evil World Government officials.

When Robin is taken prisoner by the CP9 and is put to death, Luffy is ready to tarnish the reputation of his crew and challenge the supreme power to save his friend.

That was spectacular when he instructed Sogeking/Ussop to set fire to the World Government flag.


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