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high school anime

Aah High School, who doesn’t miss it, that great era where making a mess was totally forgivable because you know… teenagers.

Since the beginning of time, the high school anime concept has been the material for great books, manga, movies, and of course… our beloved anime series. It’s a concept that cannot get old no matter how many anime series circles around it. And since many of our viewers are high schoolers themselves, then we are more than sure that this list will not go unnoticed. In the following we will be sharing with you some hidden gems that you might not know existed, we will go over some of the most underrated anime series as well as the most successful, one thing they have in common is that they are all great stuff for binge-watching. But beware though, there is going to be a lot of teenage energy. And without further ado, let’s dive right into it

Magical Sempai

Magical Sempai

The first mention in our list of high school animes is magical sempai…During the Crunchyroll summer anime season, this brief but wonderful magical anime saw light, being a relatively tiny anime, Magical Sempai only needed 12 mins an episode to showcase the mesmerizing magic that we all love to see on screen time.

The story goes that a senpai (upper-classman) starts recruiting under-classmen to help her in her recently launched stage magic club at the school. But as the anime tradition has it… things have to go sideways. so, our young good-looking protagonist suffers from severe stage fright, and in her pursuit to overcome that fear and showcase some impressive tricks to the crowd, we will see her as she grows as a person and a magician.

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We all fantasized about the possibilities that would reveal themselves if we could just go back in time. Well, ReLIFE is all about that and more!

During the 12 episodes of this anime, we follow the story of a guy named Arata Kaizaki who’s desperate to find a job so he can get by. As a strike of unbelievable luck or a divine comedy case, our young protagonist will meet a mysterious guy that would offer him a pill that would make him 10 years younger, upon swallowing the pill, our Arata will go back to his high school years, learn a few lessons and reveal some secrets that his friends kept from him



Angel Beats

Angel Beats 

Before deciding to free up an afternoon and watch this anime, you will have to forget every single information you have about angels because the angels you’re about to watch in this anime are like nothing you’ve ever seen, they have the looks, the charisma, but definitely not the gentle hearts that you’re used to n fairy tales. The premise of the anime as it that the young Otonashi wakes up in the afterlife after he dies. And before he gets the chance to gather his thoughts and realize what the heck is happening, things go south. A girl that goes by the name Yuri shows up out of the blue and baby steps him into his current situation, he will get to understand that he isn’t only indeed in the afterlife. But also entangles in a war against a god and his henchwomen… This show is a perfect combination of the mesmerizing supernatural aspect and the brilliant storytelling and conversations material, it just can’t get any better than this. On one hand, you have got a story to comprehend as it slowly and gradually unfolds before your eyes, and on the other, you’ve got some bizarre beings showing off their power gradually as well. The character build is excellent. The conversations are out of this world but beware… the ending is as far from being angelic as it can be. Well it is true that this particular anime has some angels in it… but the events will render it as far from angelic as it can be, all we can say is that this is a great Supernatural Anime to binge-watch with some popcorn and a blanket.


Oresuki: Are You The Only One Who Loves Me?


What a strong contender to the throne of best high school anime! This anime might just be the perfect combination of hilarious, exciting, and enjoyable overall.

Well, if you thought that high school love affairs and triangles were complex, then wait until you see Oresuki! Our story follows a high schooler that goes by the name Joro. this latter was appointed to speak privately with different attractive girls in hopes of getting a love confession. But things go south when we find out that the girls were actually in love with his popular friend Oga, but our Joro keeps their spirits high and hopes to date whoever Oga rejects.

Out of nowhere, we get to figure out that a quiet library girl named Sumeriko was in love with Jora, and Oga has a crush on Sumeriko, tables turn and things get better and more complex! So if you want to fry your last brain cell with some classic high school drama then this one’s for ya.


We Never Learn: BOKUBEN

 We Never Learn

If you talk about a charged chemistry between super-intelligent students and the guy in charge of tutoring them, then you’re talking about Bokuben.

Our guy Nariyuki Yuiga, an intelligent nice person who’s in charge of tutoring 3 girls, but things will go beyond the realm of teaching, stretching all the way up to the realm of feeling, it’s a whole heartwarming mess that you need to check out to satisfy your romance craving. And oh boy… what a true academy anime





This anime is an action, and unlike much other anime on this list, it’s not just a high school fashion trend. Instead, we go to an elite school where students are the kids of wealthy families and businesses … and they are registered to learn the game of gambling

These teenagers are the baldest, most cunning, and smartest high schoolers we’ve ever seen in the world of anime. And when you put a bunch of rich smart kids together under the same roof, things happen!


After The Rain

 After The Rain

We meet Akira, a high schooler who loves running tracks, and she does it quite expertly too, one day she fell and injured herself only to be taken care of by her middle-aged boss and his son.

On some levels, this series will turn into a romance between Akira and her boss who and his son offer her unlimited attention and great care in hopes of seeing her run like the wind

again. You might think of this short anime as a romance or a thriller… but all in all, it’s a great watch and a heartwarming showcase of support and compassion.



Great Teacher Onizuka

 Great Teacher Onizuka

The fact that this series falls under the fold of old ones means only that it is a timeless classic, and not very usual one too, this time we will step not the shoes of a street gangster named Eikichi Onizuka, a blunt gangster who decides to become a high school teacher so he can have some drama with the ladies. It does sound like a horrible motif and a bad idea to start with, but the one thing that the anime world has taught us is that. Things always go sideways, and the Onizuka version of sideways is that our friend Eikichi will soon become a model for friendship and mentorship as a teacher and a friend to many of his students. Well, let’s not get carried away with this, because our friend will soon be fed up with the strict and blunt rules of the high school so he decides to teach his students his own way, well, will he succeed or not… this is a question you will have to figure out the answer to.


A Silent Voice

 A Silent Voice

A list of drama anime cannot and will not be complete without mentioning this tear shedder included in it. A silent voice is a realistic drama that deals with bullying without a filter, you will see it just like you see it in real life, although we hope none of our dear viewers or anyone at all find themselves in such a situation.

We initially follow the storyline of a deaf 6th grader named Shoko Nishimiya, she has just moved into the school and her classmate Shota Ishida starts mercilessly bullying her on a daily basis.

Years passed and people changer and here we are left with Shota Ishida as a young adult who was left with an overwhelming amount of guilt that almost teared his soul apart, but he refuses to give up and goes in the pursuit of finding her and apologizing for his disgusting deeds, it is about forgiveness, growing up and changing one’s view about life as the years pass by.. so if you are in the mood for an emotional roller coaster then this anime is definitely the one for ya!




This one is for those of you who are prepared to crack a couple of laughs! This high school series will start will the storyline of a short, tiny, but tough girl who goes by the name Taiga Aisaka, she has a great reputation as a badass and a butt-kicker, on the other hand, we have Ryuji, a guy who looks even tougher than Taiga Aisaka, but in reality, this dude is as harmless as a lamb and he cannot hurt a fly, our two friends will find themselves in a surprising friendship where they will make an agreement, a win-win agreement where they both have crushes on each other’s friends and will work together to fulfill this rather common and noble goal.

But as we know, in the nine world nothing goes according to plan, and yea, you guessed it! Ryuji and Taiga will come closer and closer until the spark of affection arises and they decide to run away with each other and figure out their own paths together.


Tsuredure children

 Tsuredure children

This anime is more of a coming-of-age story than romance but the romance is the main plot.

The show focuses on the couples, their struggles, their personal life their, ambitions, and all that stuff. It is mainly about how love can transform a human being and thus we will get to see how it transforms these children. slowly get to mature, to see what it is like to feel love for the first time and what are the obstacles that come along the way.

These are the questions that the anime focuses on, another thing that helps the show be more unique is the cast of characters even though there’s a whole lot of them compared to the normal high school romance anime. Each of them has complex personalities and even you can find someone you can relate to among them.

oh did I mention these episodes are only 12 minutes yeah that’s tragic nevertheless it’s going to be an enjoyable love story? It’s a great watch for anime high school lovers.


Blue spring ride

 Blue spring ride

a girl getting a crutch for a boy hasn’t been done before, yes it is a ride repeating the same formula, yes but hold up don’t leave the aspect you’ll truly love about this anime, are its characters and the situations they are thrown in do you need to know the premise… there’s a girl who likes a boy but the boy leaves the town the girl is now sad and acts like a tomboy, but then she meets the boy again but guess what he has changed a lot of blue spring ride isn’t going to give you a roller coaster of emotions like other anime but it knows how to hit harder during its emotional moments it’s about two characters trying to adapt new

personalities only to realize wearing masks isn’t as easy as they think the anime doesn’t give you a lot to think but it will award you with one of the

best love stories ever told are really really good. You should check it out, in fact, this anime is the complement of she in this list.

Well. It has been a pleasure, we’ve reached the end of our high school anime list. We hope you enjoyed it and we hope we helped you dig out a hidden gem.

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