Best Anime Girls

best anime girls

Every year, all of the honours, rankings, and wrap-up lists are released in various media formats. Sugoi ga Kono Light Novel! One of the most awaited light novel lists is Guidebook. 


Light novels, comics, illustrators, and characters are among the topics discussed. A list of shows from the decade seems to be available as well.


 It’s unclear if some of these titles have yet been translated as anime, and some don’t even have manga. Today’s character list features one of the best anime girls.


Vladilena Milize

Vladilena Milize best anime girls

Lena Vladilena Milizé, a young soldier, is from 86. Despite being raised in a noble household, she is an independent and self-disciplined young lady. 


She enlisted in the military at a young age, having already missed several stages, and graduated at the top of her class. 


Despite her youth, it takes her a long time and a lot of work to mature into the person she is today. People have looked up to her for a long time as one of the Eighty-Sixers. 


In contrast to those of comparable rank, she honours those under her authority and believes they should not be considered as traitors. 


Lena’s complex character exhibits a solid, authoritarian nature at times, but also a timidi one.


Her friends usually call her Lena and her subordinates regarded her as a Handler. Lena is an elite republican soldier who worked hard in early age and ranked as Major in just 16 years of her age. While performing her duties at a longer distance, she communicates via device known as Pare-Raid. She is the head of Shin and Spearhead Squadron.


Mafuyu Kirisu 

We’ll show you a Cute and a best Anime girl Teacher Character in this collection. 


She may seem cold and reserved, but she is respected by both peers and students throughout the series. 


Kirisu is often regarded as one of the greatest girls of all time by anime and manga fans. 


Mafuyu is a beautiful woman with green eyes and pink hair. She is 20 years old and she is a professional figure skater. Due to her extensive years of training she has a slender figure and strong body.

At school her dressing code includes dark red high heels and black stockings.


Mafuyu is a lazy person who delays her chores and dont clean her room for days. Her clumsy nature often makes her commit blunders and she hurt herself sometimes. This personality often puts her under undesirable situations.


She believes people should focus more on talent rather than drifting their judgments by emotions thus making it the best anime for girls. 


Shoko Makinohara (Seishun Buta Yarou Series)

Shoko Makinohara is one of the main characters in Aobuta, and she, like the others in the novel, goes through something that may seem strange to outsiders; but may seem natural to their close friends. 


The grown up version of Shoko is comparatively taller and beautiful girl with blue eyes and dark hair. Her dressing sense includes a uniform of Minegahra High School Uniform with a red tie and brown vest. 


Shoko has gone through heart surgery and the mark is visible on her chest through her dress.


Shoko has faced the face of disease since childhood and she can no longer think about her future goals. Because she is unsure about her life. When she was assigned to write down future plans with classmates she couldn’t write anything on diary due to her disease.


Young Shoko suffers from puberty syndrome as a result of her inability to consider her condition, while older Shoko does not. 


Despite this, she has a very kind and compassionate spirit, as shown by the many times she supported and inspired Sakuta during their first meeting, when she rescued and cared for an orphan kitten, and in general. 


Her nature is quite charming because she is a kind hearted girl and tries to be more gentle every other day. Moreover, she also teaches Sakuta to be kind and compassionate. 


Elizabeth Liones 

Elizabeth, the lead character in the Japanese action anime and manga series Nanatsu no Taizai, is one of the world’s cutest females. 

Elizabeth is quite an attractive young woman with curvaceous figure and regular height. She has large blue eyes that quickly turn into orange ones through triscale trick. She has silky long hair that stretches to her waist thus adding more to her personality.

Her personality is grateful, caring and hospitable as she deals with care, peaceful and diplomatically with others.

She is so welcoming toward others and often offers her home to strangers. She pays a lot of trust and respect towards seven deadly sins. She is so helpful towards others and assists them in attaining their goals and ambitions.

In the storey, this adorable anime character serves as Britannia’s third princess, and they are both on a mission to discover the truth behind the Seven Deadly Sins, which, if discovered, would allow them to regain their kingdom.

She can be regarded as one of the best anime girl because of her accepting nature and helping others.


Chiho Sasaki

Anime and manga lovers will enjoy this series, which is both a classic and one of my personal favourites.


Chiho is an average teenage girl with short stature and height although she is cute and kawaii. Her hair slides down to both sides of her shoulders and they are tied beautifully with blue ribbons into simple bows. 

Her figure is big with large breasts and this makes her charming more than other girls. Her fellows are jealous of her due to her attractive body.

Maou is an anime character who is romantically involved with Chiho, a gorgeous and adorable anime girl.

She’s one of the cutest anime girls I’ve seen, and she also happens to be one of Maou sama’s coworkers at MgRonald.

She is also a friendly girl who seems to be cheerful and outgoing much of the time, but she can be sloppy at times.

Chiho is shaken and frantic at the prospect of Maou even being next to another girl, to the point that she becomes shaken by the thought.


Mahiru Shiina

We found very little detail about this book or its characters, but we did learn a few things. 


Mahiru Shiina is the female protagonist in the video, and her neighbour Amane Fujimiya is the main protagonist. 


Mahiru Shiina is a pale skinned girl wearing long hair reaching her vest, and also has blue eyes. Her school uniform is mostly her dress which is red tie, light magenta shirt, white collared shirt and brown shoes.


Since Mahiro is an artist, she doesn’t have common sense at any other simple matters of life. She talks dreamy and lives in her imagination and is completely devoid of emotion. 


She finds it difficult to focus and sometimes unsure of what to think. These traits of Mahiro regarded her as an autistic child. She talks only limited words in a soft voice.


She is portrayed as having the beauty of an angel. She is also gifted academically and physically, but she shows herself to have a very frank personality that is not for all. 


Amane is well aware that, behind her outspokenness, she is a loving individual who watches out for him.


Balsa Yonsa

Moribito is a Japanese anime and manga series about the roaming spear-wielding Balsa Yonsa.

Her excellent drawing abilities combine to make her one of the most appealing anime girls in her early thirties. 

Her seriousness and elegance make her something we respect, even though she may seem cold to others at times; nevertheless, there is an explanation for this.

Balsa is also the kind of powerful, smart, and resourceful person who can deal with circumstances in which her life is in danger.


Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden, a fantastic Japanese fantasy and drama TV show, is one you can watch as soon as possible!

It is identical to a doll-like beauty in the anime Violet in that she is stunning, charming, and cute.

Violet is a beautiful doll like a young woman with fair complexion, slender body and blue eyes. Her hair is heavy and long that stretches till her vest, and set with locks that frame her face.

As a soldier of the army, she had her hair untied, but pulled them later after becoming the doll, into braided buns with red ribbons.

However, she is a new Auto Memory Doll at the CH postal service. These anime girls have lovely light blue eyes and golden locks.

She doesn’t know her parents and she grew up as a soldier and was treated as a tool for warfare. She was ignorant of human feelings and did not understand common emotional clues and behaviours. 

If she, somehow, feels anything then she is unable to express them or respond to them. For this reason, everybody regarded her as an apathetic, careless and emotionless girl.

Violet only understands orders of killing and bombing at enemies. Her sense of making decisions between right and wrong was zero so she merely chases officers for orders.

Since “those words” she got from Gilbert when she was a soldier are important and carry back memories for her, this Cute Girl is only interested in the significance of certain words in the Anime and Manga cartoons.


Erina Nakiri – Food Wars

She is considered to have the greatest palette of all of the series’ heroines. She also has long honey-blonde hair that reaches her lower back. 


Her beauty is special, with purple-pink eyes and honey-blonde hair that extends all the way to her lower back. According to the other characters’ views, Erina is the most attractive girl and definitely  one of the best anime girls.


Erina seems to be spoiled and fortunate since she comes from a wealthy and noble background. Because of her talent and appearance, this purple-eyed beauty wields considerable power over others. 


Because of her haughty nature, she has a difficult time making friends. She finds it tough to do her job since she comes from a rich family.


Elaina (Majo No Tabitabi)

Elaina’s trip around the world is central to the storey of Majo no Tabitabi. 


She enjoyed hearing about adventures as a child and promised herself that when she grew up, she would go on her own adventures. 


Elaina, who lives in a different imagination as compared to her peers, is fascinated by the stories of Nike. Nike is a witch who explored the whole world and Elaina is ready to follow her path.


Her dedication and effort increases every other day as she reads books and stories. As a result, she becomes the youngest apprentice witch to pass the sorcery exam. 


But, she faces a lot of rejection in her path to become the most expert witch. Elaina is rejected many times due to her exceptional talent until she meets Fran. Fran is a stardust witch who accepts her as a student. 


After putting in a lot of efforts, she earns the title of Asian Witch. After that, she travels around the every coroner of the world and learns from new experiences and meets new people.


The woman works tirelessly to become a witch, going to far-flung places in search of various monsters. Nature is her inspiration, and when she travels the globe, she is always open to everything it has to bring.


 She greets anyone she encounters with a smile and offers assistance anytime she is able.


Irina Shidou – Highschool DXD

The list of Highschool DXD’s various female protagonists is lengthy. Among others on the list is Irina Shidou. 


She is a young lady with violet eyes who is a “Ace of Spades.” Her long chestnut hair, wrapped in a knot, enhances her beauty and charisma even more. 


Her flawless appearance is due not only to her extraordinarily curvy figure, but also to her very normal disposition. 


Along with her stunning appearance, this lady has a charming personality. 


She is a very upbeat, cheerful girl who moves quickly and is fun to get along with.


Minami Nanami (Jaku-Chara Tomozaki-Kun)

Minami is a cute, young girl with long blue (black) hair tied in a ponytail and has sparkling blue eyes. In her summer uniform, a sweater is wrapped and tied around her waist while in her winter uniform, she wears the sweater layered by a uniform blazer.


Her hair is normally pulled back into a ponytail, and she has blue eyes. 


She is one of Jaku-Chara Tomozaki-major kun’s heroines. She is a high-energy track and field team athlete who sticks out in the crowd. 


Though she is generally upbeat, in reality she is very insecure about herself, which explains why she would just succumb to her desires if it meant ruining the mood.


Another attribute known to Hanabi is her persistence, as she has been known to go out of her way to become Hanabi’s friend.


Her response reveals the lightheartedness of Tomozaki’s first attempt to converse with her. 


Some thought it particularly amusing, while others cringed at his remarks, which she found quite amusing.


Sakurajima Mai (Seishun Buta Yarou Series)

Mai is an attractive individual with waist-length black hair that has bangs hanging on the left side with a bunny-shaped barrette in the back, blue-purple eyes and a slender, well defined body. She’s fairly tall for a Japanese girl.


She can be considered as a type B tsundere: she isn’t harsh by default, but she can be easily annoyed and come across as somewhat snappy or violent when Sakuta does or says something lewd. She usually responds to Sakuta’s openly lewd remarks about her by punching him, slapping him, or stepping on his foot, but can also be flustered just as easily and her tsundere act fails. Mai tends to ignore and stuff unpleasant feelings down rather than deal with them.


Mai has added a recent case of teenage syndrome to Aobuta. 


She is an actress and model who becomes increasingly invisible to a growing number of people as she learns she has been viewed as a cash cow. 


She demonstrated her maturity and politeness when she enthusiastically gave her nephew, Kaede, a dress to wear. re-enters the outside world Her reactions to Sakuta’s lewd remarks reveal her innocence and timidity. 



We have shared our list of the best anime girls that make you fall in love with imaginary characters. It’s either their power or their cuteness that keeps us stuck in the show. Share your best anime girl characters and tell us why you love them? anime store support will reach you back


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