Supernatural Anime

Supernatural Anime

We all get excited about supernatural stories, and when you add some awesome action to that, you get an anime that’s perfect for binge-watching without ever getting bored.

Anime has a really cool way of making supernatural shows, whether it’s through amazing world and character building, stunning visuals and powers, or even just clever dialogues that make the show a must-watch.

Since you’re reading this article, you’re probably looking for a list of the best supernatural anime.

And that’s exactly what we’re going to give you. So, get comfy and get ready to dive into the amazing world of supernatural anime!

PS: this is not a best to worst list, it is simply our team’s attempt to bring some hidden gems to you dear readers.




Let’s start the list with a supernatural high school drama, which takes place in the technologically advanced Shizume city. Yashiro izana is a boy who wants to live a simple ordinary high school life, but before long he gets dragged into the murder of Tatara Tatsuka; Tatara was a member of a highly intimidating and influential gang who calls themselves the Hamura, and now, Yashiro had found himself in between two fires, in one hand he is trying to survive the wraith of the Gang and in the other, he is trying to figure out who the real killer is at first glance Yashiro may be a normal boy with a lot of friends, but soon the anime starts revealing shady quirks that make us think whether he was the actual person who murdered Tatara. K has its mystery and action mixed in with its supernatural elements that can make you definitely binge-watch its 13 episodes in one day, which is a secret pleasure we are all guilty of as anime lovers. Initially, Yashiro might as well seem a regular fellow with his ups and downs, nothing new or unnatural, he’s got a high school life and a few friends of his own, but the more we watch, the more quirks we get to see about him, shady ones, ones that make us rethink whether that Yashiro is the really the person we think he is.




Proceeding with our top supernatural anime, we have got Baccano! If you feel like tackling your brain with a little dose of mystery within a supernatural context, then Picano is yours for the taking.

What distinguishes this show; asides from the great character building, of course, is the fact that instead of following a linear order of events, you will have multiple threads and plots to focus on, and ultimately, they will all merge together revealing a larger mystery. you’ve got everything related to alchemy survival and immortality all begins in the 1930s in the tight halls of a


a train that travels from one continent to another, the events and vague murders of many characters will soon start the troubles, including the activities of an ambitious scientist who goes by the name Zillard, and the war between mafia gangs. You may think that the anime’s complexity will be a bummer for its success, but the truth is, it is exactly what distinguishes it and makes it all the more enjoyable.

So if you want to spin the gears in your brain a little bit by following a thin thread throughout the episodes, then this Boccano is definitely the one.


seraph of the end

seraph of the end

There are still many good supernatural animes like Seraph of the end. If you thought that the vampire category was already overcrowded with great shows like housing, then think again because the seraph of the end is more crowded with vampires than the vampire category is with great shows. It all takes place in a dystopian future, we know… isn’t it kind of odd? Vampires exist in the far past, not the far future… but bear with me, in this version of the future, the scientists invented a virus that killed most of the population only to awaken them later as vampires. What’s amazing here is that kids at the age of 13 are left unharmed by the vamps.

one of the children named Yuichiro Hiyakuya gathers his courage and joins the liberal resistance against the vampires in the pursuit of saving his friend Mikaela Yakuya. If you like vampires and friendship then you need to give this stunner a glimpse


Angel beatsAngel beats

Before diving headfirst into this great anime, you have to drop all knowledge you have about angels, because the angels you will encounter in this tv show are like nothing you have ever seen, and they are definitely not the ones you have seen in fairy tales. The anime starts with the death of a young boy named Otonosahi who wakes up in the afterlife, and before he gets the chance to comprehend his current situation, it even gets better.

A girl named Yuri shows up with her rifle and explains to him that he isn’t only indeed in the realm of the afterlife but also, he is in a war against a god and his henchwomen.

This show is a great mix of the world of mythical supernaturalism and the wonderful style of storytelling, mixing all up with a great set of action scenes, I is indeed a dose of absurdity we all need every now and then.

On one hand, you have a mystery that is slowly unfolding before your eyes, and on the other; you’ve got some of the most mysterious beings unveilings


their power slowly, the character built in this show is top-notch and the conversations are just excellent. And the end is everything but angelic.

It is true that this anime deals with angel stuff, but trust me… it is everything but angelic, it is a great supernatural anime to watch, to say the least.





this anime started off as a light novel, then after realizing that it deserved a bit more than being just a novel, it turned into a manga… soon after it was converted to an anime. If you just contemplate on the fact that this anime was converted more than once and it did see success in both the novel wolf and the manga world is mind-blowing, it is an anime that you will want to

binge-watch. It is a great supernatural delight, with a good doze of action as well.

It all starts when Mikado Riogamine moved to Ikebukuro in order to attend an academy called Raira with his best friend, but the city was a sin city… what mikado thought the city wasn’t true, for it had its mysterious secrets lurking in the alleys, like people with superpowers and gangs.

The events of the series will all lead to a single major plot that would unveil before you in a spectacular fashion, one plot would decide the faiths of all characters involved.

The show will not bore you with well-crafted mystery, it also will provide a dose of action to keep things going as smoothly as possible. And as we said in the beginning, this show was initially converted from a novel, which means you will be watching some great verbal content as well.


Attack on titan

Attack on titan

Well, the fact that this anime contains humans who literally turn into mad giants grants it a solid seat in the supernatural list. In fact, the whole idea of this great anime circles around humans turning into giants and the history behind that… We really can’t talk about great animes without mentioning this absolute piece of art, if you haven’t watched attack already… then what around waiting for? This show singlehandedly converted many anime haters into anime lovers, yup.. it is that great, and if you doubt it, just watch the first episode and you’ll know exactly what we mean… it is a thing of beauty indeed. Its story has it that our 3 main characters, Eren, his adopted sister Mikasa, and their childhood friend armed, join an army that has only one purpose, which is to lay a race of giants that threaten the existence of humanity, and in their noble pursuit that will get to unfold some really disturbing truths about the whole situation, make some friends and some enemies as well, and most importantly… you will get to see them as they grow and mature.

jujutsu kaizen

jujutsu kaizen

This show saw massive success since the day it was released, so that fact itself would tell you a thing or two about the anime. What makes it be listed here, or who makes it be listed here is a boy named Yuji Itadori who is unnaturally talented. He lives with his grandfather. Desire the fact that Yuji has a supernatural talent for sports and physical activities in general, he joins the occult club to have some enjoyment in his spare time.

But things will quickly go sideways when he meets a sorcerer named Megumi Fushiguro who would warn him of the dangers of a spell that he’s carrying, or a talisman to be more accurate, but the talisman would appear to be bigger and more dangerous than he had anticipated and the only way to protect his friends from it is by swallowing it… so guess what he did swallow it.

And now he becomes a target to all the sorcerers around, all wanting to exercise him and benefit from the power he has within. jujutsu Kaizen is supernatural suspense that would definitely give you a good time at home




Well, we were skeptical about putting this show on this particular list, because isn’t exactly supernatural, but the fact that the whole plot of it is combining cheer human strength with robotic parts in order to enhance their combat ability seems pretty supernatural to us, and besides… it is a great sho to binge-watch over some snacks, it will leave your jaw dropped and your eyes tearing by the time you reach the final episode. The plot of the story circles around highly skilled boxers who enhance their athletic abilities by adding robotic parts to their bodies, which results in some really great fight scenes. When the Megalonia tournament will decide to crown one fighter as the absolute best fighter in the world, fighters from all the corners of the earth will gather in the pursuit of claiming this honor… one fight, however “Gearless Joe” will decide to join the tournament but with no mechanical enhancement of any kind whatsoever. Just imagine the bravery that Joe has, fighting super-strong humanoid robots with his naked body. Joe is a mad genius who always refuses to give up, he will rank himself up from the lower fighting pits to the most prestigious arenas in the Megalonia tournaments… you all see bones breaking, muscles shattering, and most importantly, some really mesmerizing fight scenes that will leave you speechless.


And that’s it for our list of best supernatural anime. that was quite the trip wasn’t it… we saw animes about vampires, about kids with talents, about giant humanoid monsters, we hope we helped you discover a hidden gem, although, we are quite certain that all these animes are gems.

There’s so much good content coming up in the future… best comedies, best romances… and you will for sure be discovering so many hidden gems with this series of articles. Thank you for reading and see ya in the next read!

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