Samurai Anime Girls

Samurai Anime Girls

Have you ever heard of a samurai anime girl? A girl from a particular anime that held the sword and used it as good as the male samurai, sometimes

Well, first things first, when you hear the word samurai, you for sure think about those legendary paragons of virtue, exemplars of Honor, beacons of
integrity, and masters of warfare. They are the Knights of the East. They are men like none else.

This is what we generally think about when we hear the word samurai, men of integrity, skill, and honor. But what about female samurai…? Well, to your surprise, history is paved with phenomenal female samurai who held the sword with strength and integrity that is equal to the male ones, sometimes even more. Female samurai who understood the code of honor intelligently and bent it to their will, are the women that hide beneath the cloak of history and legends.

This article will be all about those legendary women who are rarely spoken about, but here’s the funny catch. WE are going to talk about the female
samurai legends in the world of anime, so this article is for you, dear otakus and anime lovers everywhere.

-After thousands of years of scouting through the countless archives, After our army of anime lovers shed sweat and blood for the one pursuit,
-After the great sacrifices had been made.

We finally have it, a list of the most distinguishable samurai females there is,and in the end, we will share our elected most extraordinary samurai anime girl with you. So buckle up, sit tight and watch the fruit of our search unfold
before you…
But beware, there’s going to be a lot of katanas swinging, left and right…lol

– Jiyu NanohanaJiyu Nanohana

The first nominee in our list of samurai anime girls is “Jiya Nanohana” from the anime “Jubei – Chan Lovely Gantai no Himitsu.”
Jiyu, also known as Jubei, was a regular fourteen-year-old teenager leading a regular life before stumbled upon the old seasoned warrior Koinosuke Adagio.
Who sees so much potential in her and decides to name her as his successor.
Although Jiyu might look intimidating in a spectacular way, she is a kindred spirit with a soft, tender heart, which makes her loved by all her friends,
especially the Ruffians gang. She also is admired by her enemies.
However, when she gins the powers of Yagyu Jubei, she becomes more of a calm, calculating character, a swordsman with tunnel vision.

– Tsukikage Ran

Tsukikage Ran

Another brilliant anime female samurai that is worth mentioning is Tsukikage Ran from the anime “Kazemakase” is a samurai that chooses galivanting around the earth as a lifestyle which makes her a Ronin, wandering around Japan wherever the wind takes her, she sometimes depicts herself as “lovely lady,” however, do not let this name fool you for she is very talented with the Katana, her defense is invincible, and her style is unparalleled.

She is a master of the method of the blade, thanks to a skillful samurai named Junzaburo Shiina who did teach her the ways of the blade, she is craving for sake and Junzaburo Shiina gave her a taste of it which made them bound and even have a relationship. Still, life decided otherwise as to put them apart from each other, each choosing a different path.

Her love for sake (rice wine) is what perhaps makes her a layer-back samurai,often not caring about people’s problems or suffering. Her main concern is maintaining her peace, sake, and money to buy sake. However, that does not mean that she is a heartless ronin, for when people’s problems and suffering are too much to ignore, she gets involved in the attempt to help them out, she is known to say “utterly inexcusable” whenever something annoys her, either is it circumstances, other people, or just the fact that she is broke?

– Ouka SayamaOuka Sayama

The fabulous Ouka Sayama From “Manyuu Hikenchou” is a black-haired, very good-looking killer; she is a Manyu seasoned killer. She is fearless and
relentless; she shows no emotions whatsoever when faced with an enemy.

Her sword abilities are overwhelmingly better than anyone she encounters; she is very gifted and intelligent. She is on the pursuit of Chifusa to get back the many scrolls and overcome the flaws of her bosoms which saw the light during the battle with chifusa when they both were young and reckless; however, Chifusa will figure out how to give ouka her blossoms back.

She wears a pink kimono with dark purple details, dark purple bands on her forearms, and purple cloths on her shoulders; she wears dark arm guards,
which match her long black hair with square bangs. She is one fabulous-looking swordsman.

Just think of a character that combines these looks with a headless attitude and a background story that we know so little about, it’s like pouring the
gasoline of excitement on fire of amazement, leaving all our jaws droppedwhenever she appears on the screen; she really is one heck of a samurai.

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– Etou Kanami

Etou Kanami

This cheerful anime female samurai is perhaps the most joyful samurai that made it to our list, Etou is one of the main characters from the anime “katana maidens.” Her lifted soul and joyful spirit made her a delightful and likable character.
She loves kenjutsu so much that her eyes sparkle when the subject is being brought up, and she can talk about it for hours; she loves sword duels and matches; she likes to pay attention and try to make sense of how the opponents lay down their techniques and strategies.

But the one flaw she has is that she loves swordsmanship so much that she becomes impulsive when it comes to a sword fight with a worthy opponent, but worry not about her, she can take care of herself pretty nicely against every opponent she faces, one way or another, she always prevails.

– Chiba Erika

Chiba Erika

From the anime “The Irregular Magic Highschool,” Chiba Erika is a third-year high schooler and the youngest one of the Chiba family; she likes to portray herself as a loner, as someone who’d spent the better parts of her high school years in time and energy in a state of aloneness. However, she has a charming personality and can, without a doubt, coexist with other people in harmony. Yet, she grows weary of connections pretty rapidly and always ends up in her comfort spot, which is being alone.

Chiba Erika is described to be a beautiful short young lady whose hair is orange, worn as a ponytail, and her lively facial expressions make it easy to
see through her mood swings. However, she is a cheerful fellow that hides a tremendous skill with the Katana beneath the harmless facial features most of the time.

Chiba Erika has been training her skills ever since a young age, which resulted in her having very sharp reflexes. Even during a Halloween game,
she was the only girl who kept up with the boys’ physical abilities but outplayed them too; she is said to be the fastest in her family. Therefore, she
is the only one in her family with the ability to use certain secret techniques.

The intense training that she had been through for almost all her life allowed her to develop a “swordsman’s eye,” which allows her to literally look through her opponent and predict their moves, and by adding this very special ability to her already existing great skills, you can only imagine how well this pretty girl can fight

– Sakura ShingujiSakura Shinguji

As a master of Hokushin Itto Ryu, Sakura Shinguji From the anime “Sakura Taisen” was born into the world in Sendai, as the daughter of Kazuma
Shinguji, her talent in swordsmanship was very hard to miss ever since she was a young child, which later made her the successor of the force of Shingujji family.
At some point in her life, she was summoned to Tokyo after the arrangement of Hanagumi, the fact that she had to move from Sendai, she had to carry her the old way of life with into the new world that she was facing, she had to battle for her place among the individuals from the Hanagumi.

Sakura is a stunning young lady with long bluish dark hair tied in a ponytail, somewhat pale skin, and brown eyes; she wears a purple sash around her
waist, keeping her pink kimono together; she wears white socks with classic black shoes and fingerless gloves.
Although she’s a great samurai, Sakura remains kind and gentle, polite and compassionate to a point where she can even be naive. But her bright
personality and her natural sense of justice are qualities to be praised in her. However, she occasionally gets jealous whenever she sees Ichiro Oggmi with another girl.
As the inexperienced, naive girl that she was, Sakura had to fight as hard as she could so she could gain the respect and acceptance of her comrades of the Flower division, which she was the latest one to join. However, her efforts paid off because she was indeed recognized as a loyal and important asset to the division. Both on the stage and on the battlefield.

– Chizuru YukimuraChizuru Yukimura

“Even if you did break all my bones, I will never submit!” Said the gentle,caring, and well-mannered Chizuru Yukimura From the anime “Hakuouki”…
She is the main character in the show; Chizuru is a pure-blooded oni which stands for a demon; she is a multitasking samurai who is also a surgeon, a
cook, and a messenger for the association. Chizuru is perhaps the kindest samurai anime girl on our list, for she is very kind, timid, well mannered, and very rarely speaks her opinion, she only does when it is absolutely necessary, she’s a young woman with brown\green short hair, a tender smile that seldom leaves her face, and wide brown exuberant eyes, she dresses as a boy as an act of prevention of disruption amid the
organization, she wears an azalea pink top with oversized grey pants and wraps her head in a ponytail…

Chizuru has a solid knowledge of medicine, thanks to the fact that she is the daughter of a doctor. This knowledge would serve her well when she helps Yamazaki treats wounded and ill soldiers; she’s a reliable messenger and an excellent cook.
As a pure-blood demon, she has the extraordinary ability to heal from wounds very fast. She also has a sixth sense, she’s very skilled with kadachi short sword, yet she rarely uses it.
In summary, CHIZURU is a kindred spirit; she is the perfect combination of humble and skillful; she is very shy and gentle, yet when she does something, she does it perfectly; he is a great warrior and a great great great warrior person.

– Kyuubei Yagyuu

Kyuubei Yagyuu

Kyuubi Yagyuu from the anime “chan from Gintama” is a cold-hearted samurai that can do heroic acts when needed; she has one eye due to the fact that she
lost her eye as a result of her attempt to save Shinpachi and Shimura Tae from debt collectors, she lost her mother at a young age and was raised by
her single father as a man. Therefore, she can act in a masculine way at times and she dislikes it when men try to touch her or flirt with her.

She is the heir of the Yagyuu family, and perhaps this is one of the reasons why she was raised as a boy and following the code of samurai; she
is a virtuous samurai that outclasses regular fighters in skill and tactics and is able to hold her ground firmly against seasoned fighters.
She is a genius anime samurai girl who was described as the most brilliant samurai the Yagyuu family has ever trained, surpassing some of her more
seasoned opponents in strength and skill. However, when faced with Sakata Gintoki, her overconfidence led her to lose that duo against the more
experienced fighter.

She is famous for there blazing-fast sword swings and has mastered the Yagyuu. Ryu sword technique after a long training camp.
The reason why Kyuubei made it to our list is that a samurai isn’t only their skill with the sword but also, the size of their heart and the strength of their
character, which we did find in Kyuubei who had a difficult childhood, had been raised as the opposite sex, lost an eye. However, still, she manages to
carry on with vigor and certainty for a better tomorrow.

And there you have it, folks, a list of some samurai anime girl warriors who, with their strength of character, firmness against difficulties, and tenderness of their heart, could shape our understanding of the concept of the samurai as a whole. with their action, not words, they did teach us that being a samurai isn’t specific only to men. However, it acquires a strong heart and a lot of hard work and patience.

Did we help you discover a hidden gem in our list of samurai anime girl warriors…?

Or did you know all the samurais mentioned in this article?

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