What is a Himedere

What is a Himedere

A “Himedere” is a character in anime who acts like a princess or queen, even if they’re not real royalty. They want to be treated super special by the person they love.

Himedere characters think they’re better than others and expect to be treated that way, especially by their loved ones. They usually don’t do their own work and tell others what to do. They often don’t care much about other people’s feelings and put themselves first. But, they do have a soft spot for the person they love.

Sometimes, a Himedere acts this way because of tough things they’ve gone through in the past, like feeling left out or betrayed. Understanding their past can help explain why they want to feel powerful and important.

In this article, we’ll look at the main ways to recognize a Himedere, the different types of Himedere personalities, and some of the best Himedere characters in anime.


I. Most Obvious Himedere Character Traits 

Himedere Character

Along with tsundere and Kuudere characters, anime lovers should keep an eye out for Himedere characters like Erina Nakiri from Food Wars and Beatrice from Re: Zero.

Many colorful and distinctive characters populate the world of anime, and fans frequently use handy labels and categories to keep track of recurring types and themes. Examples include the “himbo,” a cute dunce, or a big-sister character like Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket. Also, traditional -dere character traits frequently characterize ladies in particular.

Tsundere, Kuudere, and Dandere are familiar characters, but knowledgeable anime viewers may also recognize more specialized characters like the Himedere, “Hime” being the Japanese word for “princess.” Although these characters are in love, they are also enamored with their strength and dignity as would-be princesses. A few distinguishing characteristics can identify a Himedere character in an anime.

The Himedere Has A Terrible Past Of Abuse, Betrayal, Or Neglect

Her sad past, which frequently involves betrayal, rejection, neglect, or even abuse — any situation that made them feel unloved or helpless — explains why she acts like an all-powerful princess. Many Himedere characters have dark backstories.

People react in a variety of ways, both in real life and in fiction, and some decide to act royally to change this hopeless circumstance and be the powerful ones for a change. Erina Nakiri from Food Wars, for instance, witnessed her mother Mana leave the household and spent years living under her father’s controlling rule. It makes sense why she became a Himedere and a tsundere.

Himedere Characters Are Actual Or Wannabe Royalty

Wanting to be treated like royalty is A himedere’s desire. To be regarded like royalty, regardless of whether she actually is, is her most distinguishing characteristic. There are several modest and generous princesses in anime, but no Himedere. These girls tend to make everything about themselves because they want to sit on a throne and command universal awe and adoration. Characters from Himedere aren’t always nasty or harsh, but they can get furious very fast if someone doesn’t follow their princess paradigm, which can really try the patience of those around them.

As an illustration, consider Aoyama Mio from The World God Only Knows, who is not royalty but rather the decedent of a successful businessman who recently passed away.

Aoyama considered everyone around her fools and commoners, unworthy of sharing the same air as her, and aspired to live a lavish lifestyle with the money her father had left over.

Himedere Characters Are Weak Behind Their Masks

The characters in Himedere could be more self-assured. In reality, individuals frequently suffer from long-lasting insecurities that hold them back and are still there now. These fears are typically based on childhood trauma. Hence, the haughty princess character of a Himedere is frequently (though not always) a complete construct that verges on self-deception.

To prevent others from spotting signs of their hidden vulnerabilities or misgivings, they put a lot of effort into maintaining that façade, often going too far. Reikado Ayame from NouCome, a complete Himedere who uses silicone implants and secretly worries about her breast, is a good example. Similar to the aforementioned Aoyama Mio, who is aware that her family’s fortune is all but gone, she tries to trick everyone by hiding behind her Himedere persona and any demonstrations of luxury she can muster.

Himedere Characters Put So Much Work into Their Looks

A Himedere will try hard to look her best, sticking out in every way possible. Sometimes she will wear school uniforms, and other times she may wear unusual attire. If given a chance, she will wear expensive and eye-catching clothing that the “commoners” around her will never be able to purchase. She may style her hair and use accessories like clips or ribbons to look nice.

Reikado Ayame always looks her finest with her frilly clothing and immaculate hair, whereas Beatrice, the librarian from Re: Zero is like that, flaunting her fancy outfit and stylish hair. Similar to this, Erina from Food Wars has been seen dressed as a real queen on a throne on occasion in her imaginative depictions of royalty.

They Always Want To Be The Boss

Characters in Himedere are more than merely snobbish about other people. They enjoy being in charge and directing others, much like a princess in the royal court. In some instances, they possess power and influence, such as when they are a real-life princess or daughter of a prosperous business family. Some Himedere figures manipulate people as pawns through sheer force of will, charisma, or intimidation.

The Himedere would much Rather delegate all the laborious tasks than get her hands filthy, and she may be rendered impotent if her minions turn against her or become unavailable. Saiko Intelli from My Hero Academia serves as an illustration. She was the tactical leader of her team while taking on Yaoyorozu Momo’s team. She assigned all of the tasks to her pupils, and she even got a conventional princess hairstyle to go with it. Saiko, however, in the end, took matters into her own hands and, in a fit of rage, attacked Yaoyorozu.


II: Types Of Personalities 

  • Oujidere

Characters from Oujidere, also known as Himedere mal, want to be treated like a king by everyone, even close friends and family. This does not necessarily imply that they are, in fact, royalty. They can rule others lordly, expecting the outsider to be treated royally.

They typically give orders to everyone around them and have any work done by others. They prioritize themselves above all else, even if they mask it at first, caring only for the person they love. They constantly strive for excellence and achievement in themselves, others, and everything else.

  • Dandere

The character “Dandere” is socially awkward, quiet, and shy. People are reluctant to speak up because they believe that if they do, they will be in danger.

Dandere characters are typically reserved and silent, sometimes to the point of seeming soulless. When alone with the appropriate person, if they feel comfortable enough to open up and share their hearts, they will unexpectedly become conversational and amiable, indicating that they are simply shy.

  • Kuudere

A character that seems to be emotionless is referred to as Kuudere. They frequently exhibit stoicism, lack of emotion, and composure under pressure.

Kuudere characters frequently maintain the same essential features throughout a narrative, in contrast to tsundere and yandere characters, whose archetypes revolve around changes in their behavior. Additional characteristics of Kuudere characters include being distant, cool-headed, and acting as the voice of reason in tense situations.

The word combines dere, which means to become amorous, and Kuuru, which means incredible, peaceful. This word refers to one of the four well-known Japanese character types—tsundere, yandere, and Dandere. It is believed that Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion contributed significantly to the rise in popularity of Kuudere. [4]

  • Kamidere

A character with a god complex is referred to as a “Kamidere,” meaning they are self-centered and arrogant toward people they believe to be beneath them and unworthy of their time.

They will demand that everyone, including those they admire, treat them like the flawless beings they believe to be.

  • Himedere mbti

Himedere has an ESTJ personality type, one of the more stereotypically “programmed” personality types. It might be somewhat aggravating to some individuals that they frequently appear to have an instead “bulldog” outlook on life. Because of their tremendous loyalty and dependability, ESTJs make capable leaders.

ESTJs take on challenging initiatives confidently since they have a strong sense of self-assurance. They are pretty rational and frequently have a talent for making fact-based decisions.

ESTJs are dedicated workers who don’t mind getting their hands dirty. They frequently have excellent time management skills and are well organized.

ESTJs are frequently highly competitive people motivated by a desire to succeed. They are also rather frank, which can occasionally offend others.

ESTJs are typically able to make decisions and follow through on them. However, they tend to have a pretty short fuse, which can occasionally cause them problems.

Because of their intense focus, ESTJs occasionally exhibit rigidity, inflexibility, and closed-mindedness. They frequently place high demands on others and have poor listening skills.  

III: 5 Cool Himedere Characters

  • Minerva Orland  / Anime: Fairy Tail

Minerva Orland

The Sabertooth guild differs hugely from the Fairy Tail guild, where people tend to be cooperative and friendly. Sabertooth’s members were first introduced as aggressive bullies in the Grand Magic Games competition in Fairy Tail, especially Minerva Orland.

With her arrogant, haughty ambition to constantly be the strongest, Minerva has Himedere tendencies. She loves displaying her dominance and is more loyal to herself than any guild. All this is done to compensate for her abusive treatment as a child by her violent father, Jiemma.


  • Mary Saotome / Anime: Kakegurui

Mary Saotome 

In Kakegurui, students at the exclusive Hyakkou school compete in gambling with enormous quantities of money, and anyone who goes into debt is demoted to the status of a housepet, which is a degrading one to have. Ryota Suzui was first thrown into debt by the blonde Mary Saotome, who took full advantage of that situation.

The Dandere Ryota was instantly treated like a pretentious princess by Mary, who gladly ordered him around and even used him as a footrest. Mary maintained her conceit even after Yumeko eventually shamed her, and she now intends to confront the student council.


  • Ayaka Yukihiro / Anime: Mahou Sensei Negima!

Ayaka Yukihiro 

Mahou Sensei Negima! Features the blonde Ayaka Yukihiro as a Himedere and an ojou-sama anime character. With her pompous, lofty Demeanor and extremely wealthy upbringing, such as flaunting her family jet and private island, she muddles these two characters.

Ayaka adores her youthful instructor Negi and will do whatever he says, but when it comes to her pupils, the opposite is true. As the class spokesperson, Ayaka enjoys imposing her will on those around her and reprimanding them for acting irresponsibly or consistently receiving low grades.


  • Azazel Ameri  / Anime: Welcome To Demon School, Iruma-Kun!

Azazel Ameri 

Iruma-Kun, welcome to Demon School! has a second Himedere-style persona in reality, but Azazel Ameri is much more subtly assertive. Azazel Ameri, the classy demon girl who leads the student council at Babyls, is the president of the student body, while Kerori is the beast princess.

Ameri is stern, competent at issuing commands, and always concerned about propriety. She also has great self-esteem, but she’s not entirely arrogant. Ameri also has a good side; she is Iruma’s close friend and admirer and hopes to have a shojo-style romance with him.


  • Kerori Crocell / Anime: Welcome To Demon School, Iruma-Kun!

Kerori Crocell

Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-Kun! Introduced Kerori Crocell, usually spelled Keroli, as a well-known Demidol, or pop idol. Her covert existence initially defined her character arc as a pop star, but after undergoing training in Season 3, Kerori developed into a true Himedere.

Kerori and Caim put in a lot of work to learn how to control animals, and Kerori smugly claimed the title of jungle queen during the Harvest Festival. She embraced the role wholeheartedly, complete with a snobbish Demeanor, throne, and a fanciful turquoise gown with white fur trim and heels.

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