Best Drama Anime

best drama anime

The anime world could be many things, but one thing it can not be, is innocent. Here’s the best drama anime series list 2023.

The world of anime is an oasis of drama, romance, heartbreak… But most importantly, and what keeps millions of people interested in it for years and years, such as myself, is the realistic and stunning character building and the flow of events that seems to be flawless and shockingly, as real as our world.

Well, this is a list of arguably the best drama anime series in the last decade. And of course, there are no facts, only interpretations, therefore, this is but a humble opinion of a team of people that love anime as bad as they breathe!

In this list we are going to ride a roller coaster of emotions, heartbreak, spirit lifting moments, and tragedies, with some action drama anime. So buckle up, sit back, relax, and take this little journey with us.

( disclaimer: there might be some spoilers in the following paragraphs, also, this isn’t a *best to worst* list, it is only a top drama anime list ) with that being said, let’s hop into it! )


We can’t talk about the anime world without mentioning this masterpiece, this show has been a sensation that has mowed its way through pop culture for a while, even sneaking into a Simpsons cameo at some point. the show that single handedly converted many critics into anime fanboys, all around the world, and this fact speaks for itself on how good this show is.

During the totality of it, we follow the adventures of a protagonist named Eren yeager, his adopted sister Mikasa Ackerman, and his childhood friend Armin, in a lifelong journey of slaying a race of giant human-like creatures that threaten the existence of humanity as we know it, and in the pursuit of unfolding the secrets of these giants, friendships will be formed, loved ones will be lost and hearts will be broken.

The new season is expected to launch in the first quarter of 2023, so if you’re looking for an emotional kick, this show is waiting for you.

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This show might be a little bit less popular than the shows we briefly introduced, but let me tell you, boy oh boy! It is one heck of an art piece!

Airing for the first time in summer 2021 this show follows the story of two girls: Kukuru Misakino in the pursuit of her chasing her dream of working at an aquarium, and Fuka Miyazawa, who is an Ido from Tokyo who have tasted success in her life journey, but decided to give it up and start chasing something new.

The Gama Gama Aquarium, which is a small aquarium, has a reputation of some strange activities that lurk about in the darkness,

One day Kukuru stumbles upon Fuuka, standing still and facing a water tank, her hair is flowing and a tear is creeping down her cheek, this is perhaps the best scene in the show. It is a poetic reincarnation of a romance that is rare to find anywhere but in a classic anime

Fuuka has let go of her dream of becoming an idol and ran away to Tokyo. Wanting to find a place to call home, Fuuka earnestly asks to work at the aquarium.

The show follows the beautiful story of Fuuka and Kukuru in their pursuit of working in the aquarium, turning from strangers to friends, and facing the possible threat of closing the aquarium.

It is fun, it will make a tear shed from your eye, but most importantly, it will make you enjoy every last moment of its screen time!



This show left my jaw dropped! With its brilliant attention to details and the amazing plot that consists of human boxers combining their strength with gears and technology. which resulted in an amazing set of visual effects throughout every fight.

During the show, the Megalonia tournament will decide who’s the best fighter in the world, fighters all around the globe gather and use their enhanced abilities through engineering to fight their way to the top, but there’s one fighter that refuses to use any technology in the ring, his name is “Gearless Joe”. And the name speaks for itself, he is a fearless fighter that would be brave enough to fight opponents with all sorts of gears with the ability of his naked body

Joe is a mad genius when it comes to fighting, who in just 90 days went from the lowest fight pits in the Megalonia tournament, to score a miraculous win against all odds, a win that would put his name among the greats, capturing the hearts and attention of countless people around the globe, myself included.

Seven years later, we would drag his wounded body back to the tournament, but this time he will use gears, and change his name from Gearless Joe, to Nomad.

If you are a martial arts fan, looking for a show that would satisfy your craving for drama within the contest of martial arts, I suggest you start this show, and you will thank us later.

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The name of this show speaks for itself, it is indeed an ODD show, but not at all in a bad way, the reason I’m saying it is odd, is thanks to its brilliant graphic design that isn’t very popular amongst the anime world, the city in which the events roll down seems vaguely familiar, and its habitants are…. ODD to say the least.

The story follows the journey of a very humble and lovable taxi driver that looks a lot like some combination of a seal and a bulldog haha, I myself do love this character.

After a highs cool girl went missing, all the evidence would lead to point fingers on mr Odokawa, the taxi driver, he is innocent but how would he prove that to the Yakuza gang and the couple of corrupt cops that are after him, and what adventures would he have to go through to prove his innocence?

This show is dear to me, binge watching it felt like 2 seconds, and when you will watch it you will understand what I mean, so, if you’re looking for suspense, drama, crime, and a friendly taxi driver, this show will absolutely do the job nicely.



Airing for the first time in January 2021, this show would capture the attention of anime fans all around the globe.

Well, if the show we mentioned earlier ( MEGLO BOX ) was about fighting, this one will be all around skateboarding, HARDCORE skateboarding. The show follows the story of a group of friends that love skateboarding…obviously lol.

In a town called Okinawa, a a group of strangers that have skateboarding in common would go on to create a ritual, or more like a secret society called *S*, they gather after midnight, and in their gathering beneath the flag of the *S*, the skaters would go on to race each other in a skateboarding competition down an abandoned mine, rivalries will be formed, friends will be made and skates will be tested!

Reki, a teenager sophomore and a skater would take a new kid in town named Langa to the *S* one night, the latter would quickly fall in love with the ritual and soon to be a skateboarder.

I guess, at this point you already know what this show is about lol, so If you love skateboarding and are on the hunt for some drama, this show is yours.


Well, we’ve seen anime shows about skating, boxing, crime, its time to settle down for some music, which is what this show is all about.

It is a beautiful journey, full of music, kindness, love, and a lot of relaxing scenes where nothing goes on but the beautiful music played by the characters, as I said, this show is a beautiful drama that rolls down its events around music.

The story rolls down around a kindled spirited person who’s name is Setsu, who after the death of his beloved grandfather, would drag his broken heart to Tokyo in the pursuit of his dream in becoming a great musician, in there he will stumble upon a model named Yuna, who sees in him what others could not see, a kind heart and a kindred spirit.

At first sight, Setsu and Yuna seem to be completely different, but beneath the clock of physical appearances and social statues, the share the same thing, the same nagging urge, the yearning and striving towards fulfilling their goals, as a professional actress and a professional musician, and in the pursuit of their dreams, a very touching story will take place.


Number 7 is a lucky number in this article, lucky enough to get this anime under it lol, SONNY BOY might not be the greatest or the most appealing anime, but, it is for sure one that sticks, speaking from personal experience with it.

It deals with sci-fi stuff, yup, so buck up and keep up with me.

The story rolls down in a very dull school, the classrooms are gloomy and empty, the days are long, soundless and utterly dull, nothing is going on, it was supposed to be just another slow vacation. But faith seems to have another plan for this school and its habitants.

As the school seemingly drifts to another dimension, 36 schoolmates will be stuck in there, which results in a shift in their energy, making way for some pretty cool supernatural powers to take place, everybody is confused, and questions are everywhere, but surviving seems to have a priority.

If you like meta shows, ones that make the gears of your brain turn a little, whelp, this one’s for ya! It will confuse you quite expertly, and don’t worry, it is. delightful anime


This one is a little bleak, but enjoyable nonetheless, it depicts the ugliness of a life where one is left with nothing but to contemplate their failures in life.

The story takes place in a shitty apartment where Takemichi Hanagaki learns about the sudden death of his lifelong girlfriend Hinata Tachibana, she was killed by a mob group known as the Tokyo Manji Gang, when his life seemed to get to the worst places, it got a little worse.

Drawing in despair and self pity, submerged in his failure, Takemichi gets time-lapsed to twelve years back to his middle school days, it seems like faith had given him one last chance to fix things, to do better, to do right by himself and be saved from the rock-bottom life he was living, a chance to save his beloved Hinata.

This show at first, would strike a watcher as a show about despair and hardships, whereas, it is about hope and second chances.



This one’s all about water polo! Splash splash!

The story takes place in third year of middle school, our protagonist Minato loves water polo as bad as he breaths, but unfortunately, due to an injury, he had to quit the sport for a while, and leave the team he was playing for, but some time passes and Minato seems to not get over his love for water polo, so he decides to give in one more shot, he then joins another team after healing from his injury.

It’s about chasing dreams and doing whatever it takes to see them through!

10: SSSS.Dynazenon

And here it is ladies and gents, the last anime show in our list.

The story follows an ordinary high school boy named Yomogi Asanaka, on his way home, he stumbles upon a young lad named Gauma, who claims to be a *monster tamer*, and when the city is attacked by kanji, the Gauma dude will summon a giant robot that he can control and proceeds to save the city.

That’s all I can say without spoiling, and there you have it folks, our list of 10 Best Drama Anime Series List 2023, hidden gems that would renew your faith in the anime world.

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Thank you for reading.

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