Best Shounen Manga

Best Shounen Manga

Manga has since evolved and flourished into many genres, such as shojo, seinen and shounen, having existed for so long. Shounen manga is extremely popular by itself, mainly based on boys, over the years it has spawned great series such as Astro Boy, Dragon Ball and One Piece. But there are several manga that are the very best for many to feel. 


We have compiled the list of mouthwatering and best shounen manga for you. Let’s see why they have a huge fanbase.





It stars the aforementioned Eikichi Onizuka, who is a former yakuza turned teacher, an abbreviation which means Great Teacher Onizuka.

 It is totally funny, to say the least, following the wacky tales of the titular character as a teacher.

It is also a heart-ridden tale as he teaches the true meaning of life to his students. The implications of using idiotic but profoundly important lessons that his students are about to go through. 

He keeps helping his students, even though he is against the rest of the school and his old biker gang. It’s one of the best shounen series to consider right now!


Ashita No Joe

Ashita No Joe is a boxing tale about Joe Yabuki, a young offender.

 It was only after a fateful encounter with former boxing coach Danpei that he learned about the true meaning behind the sport, even though he was initially just a simple brawler.

The manga explains his entire life as it reveals both the love and admiration of the game. But it also reveals the metaphysical and absolute risks that come with it as well. 

It is highly recommended to any lover of sequential art as the best shounen manga. However, readers can have trouble locating online English copies.


Slam Dunk

Takehiko Inoue’s Slam Dunk manga is probably the best basketball book ever written, one of the most beautiful manga to grace the medium. 

Hanamichi Sakuragi, who is tougher than most teenagers his age, is the main character.

Although initially disinterested in the sport, after trying and failing to do a slam dunk, he reveals his physical aptitude. 

This moment spirals into a basketball story that reflects both the sport’s passion and the immense respect that goes with it.

Koe No Katachi

Koe No Katachi or A Silent Voice, one of the most emotional mangas ever to grace the medium, is all about salvation. He leaves school after teasing a young girl who suffered from being deaf at a young age, and he also becomes a victim of bullying.


Shoya Ishida, traumatized, becomes a quiet high schooler who wants to make amends with the girl he once hurt. 

A deep story that reflects compassion, joy, and the desire to move forward. This is one of the most rewarding mangas of all time.



Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Steel Ball Run is the 7th part in this long-running series, also considered the best work that Hirohiko Araki has ever done. Taking place outside of the one anime audiences are familiar with in an alternative world, it’s the wild west as a horse race continues across the country.


Packed with all the fans of the tropes, along with intensely grey characters and incredible artwork that has been mastered as a mangaka over Araki’s long tenure. This is a book that is highly respected by fans and outsiders alike.



Inspired by the legend of volleyball known as the “Little Giant,” young Shoyo Hinata is trying his hardest to become his high school year’s best volleyball player. 

But when the person who killed him during his junior high year becomes his ally in high school, his plans start changing.

This is a good sports manga that not only highlights the passion of the volleyball sport, but also the value of camaraderie in the sports world, seeking to preserve his team while putting aside his differences with Tobio Kageyama.


Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

For many manga lovers, Fullmetal Alchemist, one of the best shounen manga ever made, is completely legendary. In order to get their bodies back, Fullmetal Alchemist is a tale about the 

Elric brothers as they search for the philosopher’s stone.

Fullmetal Alchemist is full of emotional heart and has a wonderful ending that is nothing short of immensely pleasing, packed with great action, clean sequential art, and a government conspiracy that makes the story more complicated than it seems.


Platinum End

The series follows Mirai Kakehashi, a young student tired of a life of mistreatment and abuse from his uncle and aunt, who became his guardians after his parents died, from Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata, the makers of Death Note. He is saved by Nasse, a Guardian Angel, from an attempted suicide.

Mirai practices the powers she gives him to oppose them and exact revenge after discovering from Nasse that his aunt and uncle were responsible for his parents dying.

 Nevertheless, the tribulations of Mirai are only beginning as Nasse informs him that in 999 days, God will step down and thirteen candidates have been nominated to succeed him… including Mirai himself.


Seraph of the End

This manga follows Yūichirō Hyakuya, a young boy who dedicated his life to eradicating vampires four years ago, in order to seek revenge for a series of events.

In 2012, the planet was drained of populations above the age of 13 years due to a human-made virus.

Vampires were able to emerge from the depths and overpower mankind, with only a handful of people receiving “protection” by providing blood to the vampires. 

Yūichirō (at 12) barely fled with his life and witnessed his parents being killed in an attempt to run from the orphanage in which he lived with his friends. Seraph of the End mixes the vampire and the genres of apocalypse beautifully.



Dr Stone was awarded the 64th Shogakukan Manga Award in the shōnen category, another fantastic one in the end-of-times subgenre, in 2019. Opening in April 5738 A.D. 

Over 3,700 years have passed since nearly all human life was turned to stone by an enigmatic burst of light.

Senkū Ishigami, a 16-year-old prodigy, is suddenly revitalized to find himself on a planet where all the remains of human culture have been transported over time. 

Senkū establishes a simple laboratory and starts to investigate rigidized humans in order to ascertain the cause of the incident as well as the treatment. 

You will get glimpses of how modern day life came into existence making the one of the best shounen manga.

Black Clover

Black Clover’s plot follows Asta and Yuno, two orphans and friends raised together in the village of Hage in an orphanage. 

Everyone can use supernatural powers in this universe, except for Asta, a thing that is totally unheard and he aims to obtain supernatural powers.

Yuno, on the other hand, is inherently a prodigy with tremendous magical authority and the gift of manipulating wind magic. 

The two young men grow amicable competitiveness and encounter several adventures as they compete for the name of Wizard King, motivated by a yearning to become the good Wizard King, a title only second to the King of Clover Kingdom.


Blue Exorcist

There are two dimensions in the world of the shounen anime Blue Exorcist: the actual world in which humans live, Assiah, and Gehenna, the domain of demons ruled by Satan. 

By possessing a living creature from it, any demon may fly to the realm of Assiah. There are those people called Exorcists, people who work in Assiah to bring an end to demons who work in a harmful way.

Rin Okumura, raised by Father Shiro (an exorcist), who finds out that he is Satan’s offspring, is the protagonist of the story. Rin draws the demon-slayer sword Kurikara, which confines his demonic powers, when he sees Shiro sacrificing to protect him. 

Rin is empowered to burn blue and annihilate almost everything that he touches. To become an Exorcist and defeat Satan, Rin enrolls in the Real Cross Academy.


Boruto_Naruto’s Next Generation

Set decades after the Naruto: Shippuden activities, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations acts as the formal promotion of the Naruto franchise. 

It took Boruto’s plot: Naruto the Movie, and then later expanded the story. The manga begins with Boruto Uzumaki facing an adversary during the obliteration of his group named Kawaki.

Boruto was angry at his father, being the son of Hokage Naruto Uzumaki, for prioritizing the village over his family. 

At that time, along with Sarada Uchiha, the daughter of Sasuke and Sakura, Boruto became a member of a ninja squad headed by Naruto’s apprentice, Konohamaru. Boruto convinces the Uchihas to coach him upon Sasuke’s return to the township to warn Naruto of an imminent threat.


Attack on Titans

The Attack on Titan Anime is based on Shingeki no Kyojin, a Japanese manga series written and drawn by Hajime Isayama, the mastermind and poet.

There are 27 volumes of this manga series (as of December 2018) (each containing four episodes each) and with 86 million copies printed with just under 9 percent of that printed globally, it is the largest manga in print.

Credited for supporting the anime boom of the 2010s, with 100 million copies sold, Attack on Titan became one of the world’s most successful titles. It has an intricately detailed and mystical backstory that really sets it apart from other manga. 

The story is set in a universe in which humanity lives inside cities surrounded by vast walls protecting them from gigantic titans that eat man.

The protagonist is Eren Yeager, who, after a Titan ruins his home town and kills his mother, swears to reclaim the planet. As he learns he has his own Titan powers, Eren decides to enroll in the military, a risky move.

This is one the best shounen manga series that reveals dark plot twists as it moves further.


Hunter X Hunter


Welcome to the Hunter X Hunter universe, where people are aspiring to become Hunters. But one must take the Hunter Exam to become one. This test is attended by thousands of individuals.

Yoshihiro Togashi is the same guy who wrote a successful long running shounen, YuYu Hakusho, a 1994 hit. And no exception is this manga.

Hunter X Hunter has been around for a very long time with a couple of anime to its credit, but is irregularly serialized and has gone through several hiatuses, resulting in just 390 chapters being published in a period of 22 years. It has an interesting and exciting premise, however, and is worth reading.

It focuses on a boy named Gon Freecss, who discovers that his father, who left him when he was a child, is truly a world-famous Hunter: a skilled professional trained in fantastic quests, such as tracing rare or unknown animals, chasing treasure, mapping unfamiliar lands, or bringing criminals to justice. 

Gon embarks on a quest to become a hunter and finally to meet his father.


My Hero Academia

An important feature of the anime and manga culture has become Shonen combat manga. The mainstream anime scene has always been a staple for warriors who brutally fight to the death for respect, glory, love or friendship.

My Hero Academia, known as Boku No Hero Academia in Japan, has become the next big rave for eastern and western audiences both for anime and manga. It has become immensely successful since its launch, with new volumes increasing with each new release. Manga sales continued to increase over the first few years of publication, enough to warrant an anime adaptation of the manga.

My Hero Academia, a Japanese retelling of the American superhero story, is set in a world where the superpowers called Quirks have created almost the entire human population Each is a special one but Quirks are loosely divided into three categories: Emitters, Transformations, and Mutants.

Some have taken sides, depending on how they use their quirks: for good or bad, being either heroes or villains. Despite missing a quirk, the protagonist, Izuku Midoriya (aka Deku), longs to become a hero. He idolizes one of the supreme heroes of the planet even knowing of a serious injury. 


One Piece

One Piece, with over 430 million copies in print as of 2017, is the highest-selling manga series of all time. Currently holds the record for the highest first print run of any manga (including books) of all time in Japan with Volume 67 of the series. From 2000 to 2002, the series was a finalist for the Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize three years in a row.


The series is the best-selling manga in history, and with an anime, fourteen feature films, video games, and plenty of merchandise have spawned a major media franchise. The plot follows Monkey D. Luffy, the young Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, as you probably already know, set out with his crew to discover the fabled One Piece treasure and be crowned King of the Pirates. 

The World Government is scheduled to execute Gol D. Roger, a man referred to as the “Pirate King,” But he confirms the presence of a great treasure just before his death, One Piece, hidden somewhere in the vast ocean known as the Grand Line. The Pirate King is executed by declaring that One Piece can be taken by anyone worthy enough to enter it, and the Great Age of Piracy begins.

Twenty-two years later, a young man named Monkey D.Luffy is ready to embark on his own adventure, looking for One Piece and attempting to become the next Pirate King. Armed with only a straw hat, a small sail, and an elastic body, he embarks on a spectacular quest to assemble his own crew and a worthy ship that will take them across the Grand Line to claim the highest status on the high seas. 



The list of best shounen manga series and anime ends here. Let us know in the comment section which one is your best and why!


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