Historical Romance Anime

Historical Romance Anime

Hey there, time-traveling romantics! Are you ready to hop on a feels-filled journey through the ages? Buckle up, because we’re about to dive into the most bodice-ripping, sword-swinging, heart-throbbing anime out there – the best historical animes with romance! From feudal Japan to Victorian England, these anime will introduce you to some of the most swoon-worthy characters in all of anime-dom. So grab your tissues and prepare to have your heartstrings tugged by these 20 historical anime that is sure to leave you feeling all the feels. From samurais to wolf goddesses, this list has it all. Get ready to fall in love with these characters, travel through time, and experience all the epic love stories your heart can handle. Let’s go!

Here’s a list of the top 20 best historical romance animes 

  1. Fushigi Yuugi

Fushigi Yuugi

The 20th in our historical anime list is the soft and thrilling Fushin Yuugi.  When Miaka Yuuki and her companion Yui Hongo travel to the national library, they stumble across a mysterious book that takes them to a fantastical China-based world.

When the two run across the country’s ruler, Hotohori, who thinks Miaka is the prophesied priestess of the kingdom’s protective god Suzaku, things get out of hand.

She will be charged with locating the seven Celestial Warriors in order to call Suzaku and grant her every request.

a series that, although being out of date at this point—we’re talking 1995—can still be really good and be appealing to aficionados of the past.

The reverse harem mechanisms of Fushigi Yuugi are present, as Miaka is surrounded by potential suitors.

  1. Romeo x Juliet

Romeo x Juliet

Regarding this anime, which is based on the Romeo and Juliet narrative, a well-known Shakespearean play, a fantastic concept is not essential.

The anime takes the plot of the original play and expands on it with a fantasy setting while remaining true to the original opera.

In reality, Neo Verona is the setting, and as the two young men’s love grows, we see a collision of bloodlines.

If you enjoyed the original narrative, there is no way you can miss this specific point of view.

  1. Taisho Maiden Fairytale

Taisho Maiden Fairytale

1920s Japan After losing his mother and the use of his right arm in a horrific accident, Tamahiko, who was born into an affluent family, witnesses a shift in his destiny. His father sends him out to live far away on one of the family properties since he no longer views him as his successor.

Tamahiko closes himself up in his new home, content to die there. He finds out one day that his father has given him a wife to take care of him. Thus, young Yuzuki enters Tamahiko’s life and gradually transforms it.

A series on change and the strength of love that is highly likely to melt your heart. You shouldn’t overlook this anime because it is among the greatest ones from the Taisho era.

  1. The Story of Saiunkoku

The Story of Saiunkoku

The Story of Saiunkoku is a fictional account of ancient China that centers on Shurei, a noble family ancestor who is through hard times.

To change the situation, Shurei consents to serve as the future emperor Ryuki’s concubine in an effort to enlighten him about court life, something he has no interest in.

But with the recent hire of Seiran as the new chief of the guards, a love triangle is certain to develop. An entertaining animation that has a retro vibe.

  1. Emma: A Victorian RomanceEmma: A Victorian Romance

Aah, what better than  Female leads in great anime, especially A Seinen manga that was turned into an anime that was released in 2005?

The plot centers on Emma, a young maid working at the home of Mrs. Stowner, a now-retired governess, in late 19th-century London. Her love life will be explored together with her daily activities as part of ongoing character development.

However, we are unable to reveal Emma’s final partner since doing so would be a major spoiler. Please begin it as soon as possible if you are interested—we know we have piqued your curiosity. Now that is a proper historical anime! 

But despite the fact that the scenario may sound like a well-known romance tale, don’t be duped. The plot of Emma: A Victorian Romance is incredibly entertaining, full of surprises, and expertly produced both visually and aurally.

  1. Girl Demon Zakuro

Girl Demon Zakuro

An anime called Girl Demon Zakuro is set in the Meiji Era in Japan where humans and demons cohabit. However, coexistence is not peaceful.

The government creates a Ministry of Relations to address the regular incidents between the two races. It is made up of some fox-eared youkai ladies who will work with some young human troops in the delegation.

We shall follow Zakuro’s journey since he is the only ministry employee who is both human and demonic and has a strong demonic personality as well as a lot of empathy for other people.

In this anime with its fantastic scenario and world-building, the love element won’t be absent and will really be the perfect finishing touch.

  1. In this Corner of the World

In this Corner of the World

This Corner of the World, another 2018 Best Picture winner, depicts the tale of a family attempting to rebuild their lives in the midst of a post-war world.

Suzu Urano, the main character, is upbeat and sincere. She marries Hojo, a navy man.

Suzu is inspired by the prospect of beginning a new life with Hojo and his family, and she does so with the best of intentions. The young woman departs her hometown and settles into her new life in Kure, a tiny country town.

One of the finest anime films ever made is set in 1940 and has a fantastic graphic component. It is incredibly dark and emotional and shows us unvarnished-ly the terror and raw truth that a typical family experiences during times of war.

  1. Arte


An anime that was recently released in 2020 was adapted from the Seinen manga on which it was based.

We are in Florence, which was the center of the Renaissance in 16th-century Italy and a thriving center of art. A girl’s adventure starts in a little nook of the city.

She has an unattainable desire for a girl from an aristocratic family—to become an artist. Indeed, males now dominate the arts, and prejudice against women is pervasive.

The girl won’t give up and will keep working toward her goal, and she’ll find love along the way. This is a requirement if you enjoy paintings and the Renaissance from an artistic standpoint.

  1. Rurouni Kenshin

Rurouni Kenshin

Rurouni Kenshin, a 95-episode anime based on the same-named manga by Nobuhiro Watsuki, is unquestionably another outstanding classic when it comes to samurai-themed anime. It will make Falling in love with anime so easy.

Stories of love and strife develop in this play for fierce Japanese warriors, sure to make you respect the effort.

Kenshin Himura, a renowned warrior who assisted in overthrowing the Tokugawa shogunate, serves as the series’ main character. He spends his days defending the weak and seeking retribution.

The series’ events will begin with him meeting the stunning Kaoru Kamiya, who will assist him in this.

Since Kenshin and Kaoru make a wonderful couple, sentimental moments will be there.

One of the finest samurai animes ever produced.

  1. Earl and Fairy

Earl and Fairy

An anime with more whimsical, lighthearted undertones than typical anime with a Victorian-era England setting.

A fairy doctor by trade, Lydia Carlton is a 17-year-old English woman from the Victorian era who stands out for her unusual beauty. She utilizes her talent for seeing and speaking with supernatural beings to assist others in finding solutions to their issues.

She will eventually run upon Edgar Ashenbert, who will beg for her assistance in a puzzling and intriguing situation.

One of the greatest anime set in the Victorian era, this one offers a fantastical and vibrant environment that is illuminated by the love between the two, and it will warm your heart.

  1. The Wind Rises

The Wind Rises

The Wind Rises, a 2013 film created by Studio Ghibli, is marketed as Hayao Miyazaki’s rumored final full-length motion picture.

It is based on the dramatized autobiography of Jiro Horikoshi, a World War II fighter jet designer for the Japanese Navy.

Jiro is a little boy who wants to fly airplanes but will never be able to because of his nearsightedness.

One day, he will have dream that he will run across the renowned Italian aircraft design genius Caproni, who will help him realize that his true calling is to construct airplanes rather than to fly them.

From this point on, we shall follow Jiro throughout the majority of his life as he achieves his goals and falls in love.

The Wind Rises tells the tale of the fulfillment of a desire and the meaning of life while also highlighting the emotional bond between Jiro and his devoted wife.

  1. There Goes the Modern Girl

There Goes the Modern Girl

two new movies that were just released in a series that explores the genuine resurrection of a very ancient manga that was first published in 1975.

It depicts the tale of Benio Hanamura, a young woman who has been engaged to Lieutenant Shinobu Ijuin and is set in 1920s Japan.

Benio, however, is a contemporary woman who rejects the customs of a Japan that is long gone, and as a result, she will disprove her fiancé, her father, and everyone else who wants to mold her into a nice woman.

One of the greatest anime series set in 1920 you can discover is a contemporary version of a classic romantic series with historical settings.

  1. Gosick


Kazuya Kujo, the main character, comes to a fictional nation named Sauville in 1924. Sauville is modeled like Europe.

He recently moved in, and as he prepares to enroll in classes at St. Marguerite Academy, he meets Victorique de Blois, a fascinating girl who spends her whole day in the library reading books.

She captures Kazuya’s attention both romantically and because of her aptitude as a detective.

One of the finest anime series ever set in Europe will have a superb gothic and gloomy aura dominating the plot with incredibly evocative locales.

  1. Katanagatari


Nisio Isin’s masterpiece Katanagatari, about samurai and swords, tells the tale of a warrior and a strategist who set out to find the 12 most potent swords in Japan during the Edo era.

The main character, Shichika Yasuri, is the seventh head of the combat-styled Kyotoryu family. They engage in hand-to-hand combat while being rather successful against other sword users because they are swords themselves.

Shichika is subject to Togame’s strategic commands, one of which is to fall in love with her and guard her throughout their voyage. Soon, the two will have a relationship that transcends work.

  1. From Up On Poppy Hill

From Up On Poppy Hill

A 2011 production by Studio Ghibli, the studio most known for its Japanese cinematic masterpieces.

After World War II, From Up On Poppy Hill takes place in Japan during the economic boom of 1963. Umi Komatsuzaki, a student from the harbor city of Yokohama, is featured in the narrative. She eventually develops feelings for Shun’ya Kazama.

The two will grow to know one another better and better, but after a short while, they will also find out a secret they shared in the past, which will dramatically change the course of the narrative.

One of the greatest 1960s-set anime you can discover has a detailed tale that is highly unlikely to fail to captivate you by making you feel like a companion explorer of the two lads.

  1. Yona of the Dawn

Yona of the Dawn

Princess Yona, the main character in a tale of treachery and retribution, is betrayed and forced to flee her realm.

She’s determined to take back her position and will do whatever it takes. The Three Kingdoms period of Korean history, which lasted from around 57 BC to 668 AD, served as the model for the imaginary country in which the novel is set.

She will travel with her devoted general Son Hak, but she will encounter a vast deal of male characters and build a respectable reverse harem for herself.

Start this reputable anime if you want to find out how her retaliation turns out as well as who she ends up with.

Yona is a strong protagonist who undergoes significant character development during her experiences. Yona is an excellent example of a strong female lead in romantic anime.

  1. Snow White with the Red Hair

Snow White with the Red Hair

An acclaimed animation that openly draws inspiration from the Snow White fairy tale, as you might have guessed from the title, as well as its medieval setting.

Young herbalist Shirayuki lives a tranquil life in the Tambarun kingdom. The prince of her nation, Raji, makes the decision to take her with him as his concubine one day. Shirayuki resolves to flee this forced union since she does not want it.

She meets Prince Zen while trying to flee, and he invites her to court as a herbalist to assist her fix the problem. Of course, the two end up falling in love in a heartwarming love story.

A genuinely underappreciated romantic animation treasure with well-developed characters and many heartwarming moments.

  1. Kamisama Hajimemashita

Kamisama Hajimemashita

If you’re looking for a historic romance anime with a supernatural twist, then Kamisama Hajimemashita is the perfect choice! Follow the adventures of Nanami Momozono, a high school girl who becomes a god after inheriting a shrine from a mysterious stranger. But being a god isn’t easy – Nanami has to deal with all kinds of supernatural creatures and the challenges that come with being a deity. And then there’s Tomoe, a handsome fox familiar who becomes Nanami’s reluctant protector and potential love interest. Will Nanami be able to navigate the complex world of gods and demons and find love along the way? You’ll have to watch and find out!

  1. Akagami no Shirayuki-hime

Akagami no Shirayuki-hime

If you’re a fan of fairy tales and classic romance, then Akagami no Shirayuki-hime is the anime for you! Follow the story of Shirayuki, a beautiful young woman with bright red hair who catches the eye of a prince. But Shirayuki is no damsel in distress – she’s determined to make her own way in the world and become a skilled herbalist. Along the way, she meets Zen, a prince from a neighboring kingdom who sees Shirayuki as more than just a pretty face. But as they navigate the complex world of court intrigue and royal politics, Shirayuki and Zen will have to rely on each other to overcome their obstacles and find true love. With stunning visuals, memorable characters, and a captivating story, Akagami no Shirayuki-hime is a must-watch for any fan of historic romance anime.

  1. Spice and Wolf

Spice and Wolf

Spice and Wolf is a totally original piece that is virtually impossible to categorize. But if we did, it would be a standout among romantic anime with spirits, a master of entertaining, and a master of worldbuilding.

This is so that we can see a world without magic that is focused on trade and economy in the anime, which is based on the novels by Isuna Hasekura.

The plot centers on the actions of businessman Lawrence Kraft, who decides to assist wolf-god Holo in returning to his native land in exchange for his heavenly assistance and a number of privileges.

However, sentiments always develop, and if you live and travel together, they do so even sooner.


What’s the deal with historical romance anime?

Historical romance anime is like a fancy time-traveling adventure where you get to fall in love and learn about history at the same time. So, it’s like Back to the Future, but with less DeLoreans and more Victorian dresses.

What are some super cool historical romance anime?

Some totally rad historical romance anime include Spice and Wolf (the one with the wolf goddess), Rurouni Kenshin (the one with the sword-wielding samurai), and Yona of the Dawn (the one with the kick-ass princess). Oh, and who could forget Snow White with the Red Hair (the one with the gorgeous hair and cute romance)?

Do historical romance anime need to be historically accurate?

No way, Jose! Sometimes historical romance anime just wants to have fun and doesn’t have time for boring old accuracy. Plus, it’s more exciting to spice things up with a little creative license. Just don’t go using these anime as study materials for your history class.

Can non-anime fans enjoy historical romance anime?

Absolutely! Historical romance anime is like a gateway drug to the anime world. You don’t have to be a superfan to appreciate a good story and beautiful animation. 

Who knows, you might even end up loving it so much that you start learning Japanese to watch more anime.

What age range is historical romance anime appropriate for?

Well, it really depends on the specific anime. Some are totally kid-friendly, while others are definitely not. Just use your common sense, and maybe ask a friend who’s already watched it. If you’re still not sure, just watch it with your mom and pretend you don’t understand the awkward parts.


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