Best Vampire Anime List In 2023

best vampire anime
Over the past few decades, the lore of vampires has been so insistent and so widespread, continuously growing in popularity, that more and more impressive supernatural are hitting the trends.
Here is the list of best vampire anime in 2023 to add to your watchlist if you love vampires.

Noblesse: Awakening 2015

Noblesse best vampire anime

We just wish Hellsing Ultimate would be on top of something, but nothing can affect how accurate this series is of a vampire series! Main character who is a vampire with Hellsing Supreme has amazing healing powers, demon summoning powers, drinks blood, gritty, and has so much more to his personality.
This half-hour long OVA is based on Noblesse, written by Son Jeho, a South Korean web manhwa (digital comic). The “nobles,” an old race of undying mythical human-like beings admired as sovereigns and gods, thrive centuries ago.
The “Noblesse,” a powerful person shrouded in anonymity, called Cadis Etrama di Raizel, or “Rai.” was among the nobles.
After an 820-year-long slumber in South Korea, Rai starts to track down his loyal and devoted servant, Frankenstein, whom he sees as the new Ye Ran High School director. In the contemporary world, Rai registers as a student to understand life.
Noblesse awakening is among top vampire anime. Thanks to its creators who have worked out something cool for vampire lovers.

Black Blood Brothers

The light novels by Kōhei Azano were the basis of this series. It narrates the story of the brothers Mochizuki, Jirou and Kotaro.
They are Old Blood, the only and final descendants of a formidable vampire dynasty. Jirou was the Holy War hero, the man who defeated the Kowloon Children single-handedly (powerful vampires).
When the couple discover that some of the Kowloon children have escaped and want to enter the “Special Zone” (a prosperous town protected by a secret barricade), they decide to re-enter the war.
When Kotaro is captured by the Kowloon, things become even more difficult and Jirou would go to any lengths to save his brother.
Try this out for some spice of fantasy thriller anime.

Trinity Blood

Trinity Blood
Abel Nightroad is followed by this twenty-four-episode anime, based on the light novels by Sunao Yoshida. Abel is Crusnik, a witch living on the blood of vampires.
The planet has been split into two fronts, nine centuries after a brutal battle between vampires and humans, and they continue to participate, albeit in the Cold War between the Vatican and the Modern Human Empire.
Nonetheless, most yearn for a balanced coexistence between people and vampires. Though opposing the Rosenkreuz Orden, a gang of fanatics who exploit the two blocs for their own objectives, Abel battles on the Vatican side.
If you can digest bloodshed and dark series then infinity blood would serve you as the best action adventure anime.

Seraph of the End

Seraph of the End vampire anime
The 24-episode anime was based on Takaya Kagami’s homonymous manga series. Yūichirō, a 16-year-old boy, devoted his life to killing vampires to gain revenge for some events four years earlier.
In 2012, a manufactured virus from populations above 13 depleted the planet and allowed vampires to emerge from the depths of the earth and subjugate humanity, with only a few receiving “protection” by supplying blood to the vampires. Yūichirō (at 12) stayed with his friends in an effort to escape from the orphanage, narrowly escaped with his life and saw his friends being murdered before his eyes.

Sirius the Jaeger

Set in Japan after WWI in the 1930s, the nation itself is increasingly expanding, but it also suggests that seedy beings have come to live as well, seeking to fit in with the people around them.
At the same time, however, entities known as Jaegers are looking for vampires who are finding something in Japan and fitting in while taking it.
Jaegers arrive at Tokyo Station holding instruments that look like cases, but are actually full of weapons. They’re here to take the vampires down. But in time, will they do it? And what do the vampires want to do with Sirius’ Arc?
The Jaeger Sirius really took us off balance. We imagined it to be a lot like Stray Dogs from Bungou and face all the comparable pitfalls. The art is magnificent, the plot is fascinating, and all the characters are multifaceted, making this a fantastic series.
The vampires here play the antagonists and it is very fascinating to learn what they are after when they strike and transform.
However, more is lurking in the darkness and we can’t disclose anything.
Needless to say, if you want a great vampire action series like the bad guys, a good plot, and great art:  a good bet is Sirius the Jaeger.

Rosario to Vampire

It’s such a wonderful show, Rosario to Vampire, and ten years later, we still have to include it in the top 10! It tells the story of an ordinary teenager, Tsukune Aono, who just bombed the entrance exams for high school and wants to go somewhere.
 His parents are enrolling him in a school called the Youkai Academy, and hope for the best.
It turns out, however, that at this academy, people are killed on the spot because the school is full of supernatural beings!
This school is attended by vampires, angels, witches, spirits, and more. Also, on the first day, Tsukune just happens to meet the most famous girl, Moka Akashiya, and she wants to be his friend. Somehow, while dealing with girls, Tsukune must manage to deal with all of this.
This supernatural romcom fits well right into the middle of the list as Moka is the series’ main female lead. Cute and innocent with her pink hair, when the choker on her neck comes off, her vampire side really comes out.
Deadly and strong, all the classic vampire characteristics are on the other side of her: turning into bats, sucking blood, immense strength, and more.


This brilliant and fantastic gore-and-action film, and the original Netflix, is based on Konami’s game of the same name.
When Dracula’s human wife is burned at the stake for suspected witchcraft, to exact his vengeance, Dracula unleashes demons upon Romania. Sypha Belnades, a formidable magician and speaker, joins forces with Trevor Belmont, an excommunicated and disgraced monster hunter.
The odds seem stacked against the three protagonists as Dracula raises his army of strong vampire warlords, but who knows who will emerge as the victor in the ultimate showdown between vampires and humanity?
One of the best vampire anime that really has dark thrilling events for your taste buds.

Tokyo Ghoul

Well, maybe this isn’t exactly a vampire anime, but it’s fair to say that Ghouls are actually vampires who sometimes eat human flesh instead of just drinking blood.
 Ken Kaneki is a teenage boy who has been chosen to satisfy the appetite of a female ghoul, unbeknownst to himself.
Her organs are transplanted to him after her revelation and a horrific accident that leaves her dead and him on the verge of death, rendering him a peculiar one-eyed ghoul: half-human, half-ghoul.
In Ghoul culture, he must learn how to assimilate while shielding his new abilities and existence from humans.
Anime is full of emotions and upbeat. So are you ready to join the adventure?

Vampire Knight

This 26-episode anime was based on the shōjo manga written by Matsuri Hino (meaning supposedly targeted at young women as opposed to shōnen, targeted at young men). The tale follows Yuki Cross, the protagonist, a vampire guardian, a Cross Academy grad, and Kaien Cross, the daughter of her headmaster.
This 26-episode anime was based on the shōjo manga written by Matsuri Hino (meaning supposedly targeted at young women as opposed to shōnen, targeted at young men).
The tale follows Yuki Cross, the protagonist, a vampire guardian, a Cross Academy grad, and Kaien Cross, the daughter of her headmaster.

Dance in Vampire Bund

The 12-episode anime was an adaptation of Nozomu Tamaki’s manga of the same name. The Bund, an artificial island off the coast of Tokyo constructed by the Japanese government for vampires to live peacefully, their life concealed from humans, was created by Mina ‘epe’, Princess-Ruler of all vampires.
Mina expresses her desire for harmonious, even peaceful, co-existence after a talk show that exposes their existence, but prejudiced humans and radical vampires get in the way of resolution between the races.
Mina must protect the Bund from enemies, and she must continue to fight for justice and peace.
A perfect show that equally involves humans and vampires in a scene definitely comes under top vampire anime.

Dance with Devils

The typical girl who goes to a good school is Ritsuka Tachibana. However, her grades are good, so she is shell-shocked when she is called by the student council one day.
She goes home after a very strange meeting with them, but discovers that her mother has been abducted. It is none other than the Student Council, fearing for her own safety, who comes to her rescue.
Dancing with the Devils is going to catch you off balance. It appears to be another vampire anime, but this is a fine, quirky anime that ends up being a great watch due to the reverse harem elements combined with musicals and characterization.
 Here we begin to see, in a more conventional context, vampires. They are more gloomy, they talk less, they are rude, and they have special abilities, of course, which they readily use.
The best part is that we even get a package of devils with it, too. Although the show is a reverse harem, one doesn’t fall victim to one’s usual traps and tells a fantastic tale.


Her village is saddened when a young girl named Megumi Shimizu dies. It is then exacerbated by the fact that the village is now being wiped out by an outbreak.
 It’s up to Toshio, a young doctor, and Natsuno, another youth, to solve the mystery and find out what’s influencing everyone. But should they do that?
 Nothing is secure with vampires freely roaming.
Shiki brings us back to the form of a classic vampire where elements of classic vampires ring true.
Some of the elements packed into this thriller/horror anime are fangs, blood everywhere, a relentless declaration that God has forsaken them, an unwillingness to embrace sunshine and a mysterious aura.
This is a must-watch whether you’re a vampire anime fan or just a vampire fan in general.

Lunar Legend Tsukihime

Now that his apparent father is dead, Shiki Toono has just moved into a new home. His sister, Akiha, just ordered him to move into a mansion in their western style.
There is one thing, though, that Shiki can see people’s death lines and just about anything and everything. People will instantly be shredded and die if he reaches the right line. So, with the help of special lenses, he decides to conceal it.
That’s until one day when he encounters a vampire named Arcueid Brunestud, where he almost instantly kills her. When she gets around the next day? What’s going on here??
Together, the two are now working together to repair the transgressions of time and open the past of Shiki.
Tsukihime is a more subtle vampire series, also revered as the precursor to the Fate series, as it is set in the universe of fate and created by Type-Moon. We’re not going to describe anything and lay it out, but by not overtly complicating matters
, Tsukihime helps to keep it simpler.
However, instead of chasing vampires, a popular theme in anime, we may assume that this time the main character supports vampires as they are right against Roa’s antagonist. Similar to Shiki, it does have a slower start, but the reward is just as exciting.


For good reason, Bakemonogatari comes under the best action adventure on our chart. Koyomi Araragi has just succeeded in surviving a vampire attack. A strange man named Meme Oshino helped him.
He also has vampire skills like healing and outstanding vision, even though he is no longer one. He still believes, however, that he is healthy now.
On the surface, Bakemonogatari is similar to Demi-chan wa Kataritai in that the primary male character begins to want to aid others with supernatural afflictions. The idealist and the truth are contrasted as their romance develops.
Even, because of all the supernatural elements and entities inside the film, if you want variety, then Bakemonogatari is a great show.

Hellsing Ultimate

Our first place is inevitably taken by Hellsing Ultimate because there is nothing quite like it! The tale is of the one and only Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing owned by the Hellsing Group. As a whole, Hellsing battles against the undead, but a being known as Alucard is her most powerful weapon.
Our recommendation’s important place is inevitably taken by Hellsing Ultimate because there is nothing quite like it! The tale is of the one and only Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing owned by the Hellsing Group. As a whole, Hellsing battles against the undead, but a being known as Alucard is her most powerful weapon.
We just wish Hellsing Ultimate would be on top of something, but nothing can affect how accurate this series is of a vampire series!
You have your brooding main character who is a vampire with Hellsing Supreme, amazing healing powers, demon summoning, blood drinking, gritty, dark combat, blood everywhere and more.

Interviews with Monster Girls

At a nearby high school, Tetsuo Takahashi teaches astronomy. His true interest lies in the study and research of Ajin or demi-humans, even though he is a great teacher.
There are vampires, dullahans, women of the snow, and succubi living among human beings. To support them, Japan has taken several steps forward and is seeking to help them live normal lives every day.
He is delighted when a blonde girl reveals to him that she herself is a vampire. He then discovers that there are two other students and an instructor.
He’s trying to help them mitigate living in a world where everyone is the same except for them, listening to their stories.
Demi-chan wa Kataritai is another series that, when it comes to vampire anime, is a little left-field because it delivers a vampire with a twist.
She does her utmost to light the world of those around her, as opposed to anything that would be turned off, a brilliant ball of energy.


The top vampire anime can not be touched overall. We have tried to inject enough variety for the best vampire anime into the list this time so that fans who want hyper-violence can get it, while those who may want something more light-hearted and fun can get it without seeing someone’s head cut off.
Do share your views in the comment section so we know how your taste buds are!
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