Best Short Anime Series

Best Short Anime Series
In today’s fast paced life, if you are an anime fan, then sparring time to watch one could be taxing, specially, if the anime has too many episodes.  This is where short anime with l3 or less episodes can be entertaining as well as time saving. To save you time and effort, presented below is a selection of best short anime series worthy of your precious time

1. Another (2012)

another best short anime series

Episodes: 12
Genre: Ghost Story/Horror Mystery
Avg. Episode Runtime: 26 minutes
Time to watch 12 episodes:5 hrs 12 min
Another is a thrilling horror drama, full of suspense that will keep you glued to your screen. It is the true definition of what is the best anime series.
The story is set in 1998, when a transfer student, Koichi Sakakibara, at a Junior High School sees a girl in the class he had seen before.
He finds it strange that neither his class mates nor the teacher seem to notice the girl
The girl is Mei Misaki, a popular student of class 3-3 who died in 1972 midway through the year.
Since 1972, each year there have been deaths of students and their relatives.
In spite of the warnings from his class mates, Koici starts to get closer to Mei.
Oblivious to the difficulties ahead, Koichi aims to find the dark truth about the girl and the mystery behind the deaths

2. The Promised Neverland

Episodes: 12
Genre: Dark Fantasy/Thriller/Science Fiction
Avg. Episode Runtime: 14 minutes
Time to watch 12 episodes:2 hrs 50 min
A brilliant horror anime. First season is slow horror while the second season is fast action. It is the best  short anime to watch in a day.
The story is set in the year 2045, with humans and the demons living together in peace.
Humans free from the fear of demons and demons with their human breeding farms to provide them with human flesh as food.
In the demon world orphan children are bred in human farms under the supervision of a human mother.
Without any knowledge of the outside world the children are bred in the best possible environment to become ultimately, the food for the demons.
One night when Emma and Ray come to know that in the name of adoption their fellow mates are taken away only to be fed to the demons
Now Emma and Ray must find a way to get all the children in the Orphanage, free from the grisly environment

3. Violet Evergarden (2018)

Episodes: 13
Genre: Anime/Drama
Avg. Episode Runtime: 25 minutes
Time to watch 13 episodes:25 hrs 41 min
Standout, heart-wrenching story plot combined with colorful animation,    awesome background music and deep emotions make this anime a treat to watch.
The story follows a young girl who was trained to decimate enemy lines in the just ended 4-year long war.
 With no memory of herself and her past, the girl is given a chance to start her life all over when she is brought back by a Navy commander from a remote Island.
Recovering from the wounds of the war, she first gets a job at the post Office, where a Professor hires her as memory doll to write for his bed ridden wife as tells her life story.
This opens up new career of memory doll for the young girl, who now puts to word the feelings and emotions of numerous people who cannot do so.

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4. Devil is a part timer (2013)

Episodes: 13
Genre: Fantasy/Comedy
Avg. Episode Runtime: 24 minutes
Time to watch 13 episodes:5 hrs 12 min
An anime with light-hearted comedy and some action in between. Very different anime for a change. Best short anime for beginners.
This anime is about the demon Lord Satan who after his failure to conquer the world of Ante Esla through a doorway escapes with one of his generals and lands in modern-day Tokyo.
His nemesis from Ante Esla, Emilia also follows the Satan
The Satan, his general and Emilia take human form for survival in human world.
The story unfolds into clash between these three characters and other characters that keep coming from Ante Esla, exposing their personalities and values.

5. No game No life

Episodes: 12
Genre: Fantasy/Science Fiction
Avg. Episode Runtime: 25 minutes
Time to watch 12 episodes:5 hrs
Amazing artwork, hilarious and action packed. All the ingredients of an exciting anime. Great to watch.
The story is about two hikikomori step sisters known as the Blank, the undefeated champion group.
One day after defeating the god of game in a game of chess, the sisters are invited by the god to the world of dish board.
In the world of dish board every matter in the lives of the sixteen species, including humans, is decided not by war, but only games
The sisters win the throne of the human species by winning a game to decide the new ruler.
The sister now after winning the kingdoms of the other fifteen species

6. Baccano(2007)

Episodes: 16
Genre: Mystery/Adventure Fiction
Avg. Episode Runtime: 25 minutes
Time to watch 16 episodes:6 hrs 40
A great anime with sensible plot, great dialogs, memorable characters, superb animation and awesome music. A must-watch anime.
A collection of seemingly unrelated stories that converge in the end to a thrilling finish to a complex set of events.
One greedy alchemist seeking Elixir of immortality in spite the opposition of his fellow alchemists, which would involve devouring each other. .
The greedy alchemist obtains the Elixir by devouring his fellow alchemist. But the alchemist losses the Elixir as well as his life while saving it.
Seemingly unconnected gang war ensues which would later focus mainly on getting the Elixir.

7. Dead-man Wonderland

Episodes: 12
Genre: Action/Fiction
Avg. Episode Runtime: 26 minutes
Time to watch 12 episodes:5 hrs 12
Action packed with gore and abusive language. Certainly not the kid stuff, but fun for action lovers. The anime is fast paced and doesn’t have a boring moment.
The story revolves around School kid Ganta, who being the only witness to the murder of his entire class by the Red Man, is wrongly accused and convicted for the murders.
He is sent to a prison which looks more like a theme park for the outsiders but in reality it is a very brutal place.
All the prisoners are on death row with a collar around their neck which injects lethal poison in their bodies.
To neutralize the venom, each prisoner must consume a special candy after every three days. To get the candies they must have the cast points which they have to earn by winning brutal fights with other inmates.
Now Ganta must survive and trace the Red Man to prove his innocence and get out of the hell called Dead-man Wonderland

8. Bunny Drop

Episodes: 11
Genre: Comedy/Drama
Avg. Episode Runtime: 25 minutes
Time to watch 11 episodes:4 hrs 32
A mild, emotionally realistic, easy-paced anime that is soothing to the senses.
The anime follows a young single man who, at his grandfather’s funeral, adopts a little girl who is the illegitimate child of his grandfather from an un-known women.
The man raises the little girl with care and love. He also finds the girl’s real mother but after getting an indifferent response from the women he decides to keep the girl
The emotions of the little girl have been artistically portrayed.
 While growing up she develops a liking for his childhood school friend, but the end is very surprising.

9. The flower we saw that day(2011)

Episodes: 11
Genre: Slice of life/Drama/Adventure
Avg. Episode Runtime: 21 minutes
Time to watch 11 episodes:4 hrs
The anime is inspirational, simplistic, humorous, emotional and a great portrayal of interpersonal relationships. Seeing is believing.
The anime is about a group of five sixth grade students which breaks up after the accidental death of one of its member, Meiko.
The leader of the group Jinta, having an unadmitted crush on Meiko becomes reclusive after her death.
Initially he discards it as imagination, when one day he is confronted by Meiko’s ghost.
But when confronted by the ghost again he shares the incident with his other friends
Meiko asks her friends to fulfill her unknown wish, so that she can move on to the hereafter.
This leads to some exciting chain of events as Jinta and his friend embark on a mission to fulfill Meiko’s wish.

10. Made in Abyss(2017)

Episodes: 13
Genre: Adventure/Science Fiction
Avg. Episode Runtime: 30 minutes
Time to watch 13 episodes:6 hrs 30 min
This anime has a touching story line full of emotions and adventure. A bit dark and gory sometime, but overall an entertaining short anime series
It is about a town located around a big deep hole that goes deep into the earth and is called The Abyss.
The Abyss which contains relics from lost civilization and many wonders attracts many enthusiasts who dive deep in the abyss to explore it, but few have lived to tell their tale.
Some legendary enthusiasts are called White whistlers, Lyza, mother of a young girl Rikko’s was one of them.
Rikko along with her friends descends into the abyss to follow the footsteps of her mother.
In the abyss Rikko finds messages written by her mother about her discoveries. One such message reveals that Lyza is at the bottom of the abyss.
Now Rikko is on a mission to find and rescue her mother.

11. Kaiba(2008)

Episodes: 12
Genre: Science Fiction
Avg. Episode Runtime: 30 minutes
Time to watch 12 episodes:6 hrs
The plot of the anime is unique. The story line is very creative and fascinating. Great to watch.
Kaiba, the main character of the story awakens one day in a universe where a person/s memory can be stolen and transferred to another body.
Kaiba has no memory, nothing but some weird objects pierced into his chest and stomach and a pendant with an unknown girls picture in it.
 Memory can be transferred on a memory chip which can be produced, stolen and traded by those who can afford it.
Kaiba is on a mission to find his memory and identity.

12. A place farther than the Universe (2018)

Episodes: 13
Genre: Adventure
Avg. Episode Runtime: 24 minutes
Time to watch 13 episodes:5hrs 12 min
The anime is un-inhibiting, inspiring, wholesome, captivating and heartwarming adventure. A must watch
The story follows a high school girl who wishes to live life to its fullest but she is inhibited by unknown fears following her mother’s death in Antarctica.
Now when there is an opportunity to go to a Antarctica expedition, she jumps on it along with four other girls.
Besides the adventure, she is seeking to find about the resting place of her mother.

13. No. 6(2011)

Episodes: 11
Genre: Mystry/Science Fiction
Avg. Episode Runtime: 30 minutes
Time to watch 11 episodes:4 hrs 13 min
Great short anime to watch. Good story line and fast paced. However, the end leaves much to be desired.
The story revolves around a high society sixteen- year old boy Shion and another sixteen-year old Nezumi.
One night Nezumi while running away from the police in the city of No. 6 takes refuge in Shion’s house
Wounded and dripping wet, Nezumi is well looked after by Shion.
While Nezumi runs away, Shion is captured by the police and sent to a correction facility, for hiding a fugitive.
Nezumi now has to free Schion from the correction facility and confess his love for Shion.

14. Charlotte(2015)

Episodes: 13
Genre; Comedy/Supernatural Fiction
Avg. Episode Runtime: 24 minutes
Time to watch 13 episodes:5 hrs 12 min
This is a wonderful, but highly underrated anime. The story has lots of twists and turns and attracts attention till the end.
The anime is about a group of children who possess various special abilities as a result of being showered with a comet, Charlotte’s dust.
One of the member of the group possesses the ability to control anyone for five seconds.
Another girl of the group can make herself invisible
The girl asks all the ability users to transfer to Hoshinoumi Academy and join its student council of which she is the president.
The student council’s main objective is to protect all the ability user falling prey to rough organizations.
The boy and the girl are at the forefront in this cause.

15. Wandering Witch- The journey of Eliana (2020)

Episodes: 13
Genre: Adventure/Fantasy/Fiction
Average runtime per Episode:24 min
Time to watch 13 episodes:5 hrs 12 min
It is dynamic anime whereby the story is changing in each episode. One of the best anime coming out in recent times
This anime is the story of a girl who inspired by a famous witch, trains herself to be a witch, travelling around the world.
With each travel she makes new friends and has stories to tell about various countries and people.

16. Hinamatsuri (2018)

Episodes: 12
Genre: Comedy/Slice of life
Average runtime per Episode:24 min
Time to watch 12 episodes:4hrs 50 min
It is a hilarious and entertaining anime. The plot is unique and the character development is strong.
It is the story of a little girl from the future who ends up in the house of a man who accepts her as a daughter.
The man knows nothing about the girl, except that her name is Hina and she has special psychokinetic powers.
Hina’s arrival set in motion a chain of events which affects everyone in the city.
More girls arrive from the future to take Hina back.

17. How heavy are the dumbbells you lift”

Episodes: 12
Genre: Comedy/Slice of life
Average runtime per Episode:24 min
Time to watch 12 episodes:4hrs 50 min
It is a very informative anime with a bit of humor related to gym exercises.
When told by her friend that she has gained weight, and also the fact that her school uniforms were getting tighter by the day, a high school student decides to join a gym.
Soon her teacher and other friends from her academy join the gym and the atmosphere becomes very friendly.
From warming up to doing exercise each episode is very informative for gym goers.

18. Talentless Nana

Episodes: 13
Genre: Psychological thriller
Average runtime per Episode:24 min
Time to watch 13 episodes:4hrs 50 min
It is psychological thriller in which the killer only uses his observation and experience to determine who will be killed
Children with special abilities are sent to a remote school to train them for the fight against mysterious monsters
The children are forbidden to communicate with the outside world until they graduate.
The Government suspects that some of the children are the enemies of Humanity.
The Government sends a talentless assassin Nana in the academy to kill the enemies. Since she is talentless therefore she has to use her wits to kill the enemies


The best short anime series list has been compiled carefully sifting lots of series available online.

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