Best Dark Anime

The concept of dark anime could be different for different people. Many people consider [psychological anime as the best dark anime while others believe the list is incomplete without monsters, killings, and blood. Some of our unique audience may consider sexy anime and violence as the darkest anime series.
In our list, we have compiled a few dark animes rated by different platforms as the darkest anime. You will be surprised by a few names on the list because you just didn’t think it could be categorized as a dark one.
Let’s hope onto the list and find out for yourself!


He had everything, including a lovely wife and a good future. Kenzou Tenma, a Japanese neurosurgeon in Germany, had exceptional skills and a fruitful future.
For years, the retired hospital chief tried hospital politics, but in the end, he decided to save the life of a young shooting survivor over that of his own mayor.
As a result, he lost his job, as well as his fiance and the hospital director’s support.
Soon after, the hospital’s owner and the doctors who replaced him were assassinated, catapulting him back to the peak.
Tenma has a tough life, including being the prime suspect in the murders. In reality, it seems that he rescued a boy who turned out to be much more than he seemed to be at first.
Tenma must now clear his identity and atone for a previous mistake, as well as uncover the facts behind these killings and other crimes, and figure out who the Monster is.


Megurikaoka High school is an amazing place for studies but especially for fun activities. A third-year student Takeya Yuki enjoys her time at school as she stays busy in her club activities.
But the truth is hidden, since this is dark anime, it cannot be so cheerful! Actually, girls are not just regular students but they are the escapees of the zombie apocalypse.
Takeya Yuki’s favorite club is the School Life Club. It’s a fantastic location for school activities, including her school’s events.
Rii-chan is the president of the club, Kurumi-chan is a fellow member, and Megu-nee is still available.
Yes, I’m going to say she adores her education in her head. Since the truth of the school and the club’s events is far too difficult for her to understand.
Along with the horror aspect of our best dark anime series, it still gives you a slice of life to ponder over great things.

Aoi Bungaku: Ningen Shikkaku

Aoi Bungaku Ningen Shikkaku

The film adapts classic Japanese literature such as No Longer Human and Run by Osamu Dazai, Kokoro by Natsume Souseki, and Hell Screen (Jigoku Hen) by Natsume Souseki.
The life of an alienated high school student follows his crumbling decline from puberty to adulthood, as well as his eventual death.
This person suffers from depression and a touch of narcissism, as well as finding it difficult, if not impossible, to connect to others.
The novel’s title, ‘No Longer Human,’ represents Ningen Shikkaku’s sense of disappointment as a human, causing him to share his story in an extremely depressing way.
A humanoid beast personifying the main character’s self-imagination is a welcome addition.


The novel is a collection of short stories about the journeys and thoughts of the talking motorbike Hermes and the human Kino.
This show is unique in terms that it portrays specific societal aspects.
Kino and Hermes visit a world where telepathy has grown and its people are forbidden from coexisting with others.
This show exhibits or more precisely exposes the stupidity and ruthlessness of mankind. However, there are still signs of hope that things will change in the future.
A country that strives to make it equal among its citizens and so on.
The Kino has an effect on the daily lives of people in different countries.
This ripple gradually has a significant effect on their lives, creating disruptions.
The show is not fast-paced so it might disappoint some people who are habitual of quick action games.

When They Cry

When They Cry

Maebara Keiichi happily spends his days in training and even playing games with his nearby peers in the peaceful town of Hinamizawa.
But, all the happiness and joy just come when characters realize they are in a complete mess. The anime series will keep you curious at every stage.
You will be shocked, surprised, and wonder why some dark things are happening! Well, don’t beat your head up when you see those cute teenagers fighting with each other and thirsty for blood.
Terrible things will happen and you will scratch your head because of its pumpable suspense.  Viewers will be like scientists or detectives who will try to understand why the cutest girl is slaughtering everyone in the class and why deaths are happening.
While appearances can be deceiving, Keiichi learns one fateful day about a murder that occurred in Hinamizawa.
Keiichi quickly discovers that he might have been wrong about his best colleagues when tragic events unfold in front of him.
The plot is told by a series of scenarios based on 7th Expansion’s amusing mystery game.


Hellsing Ultimate
Hellsing, a British government-sponsored covert agency, is here to shield the blissfully ignorant population from the disturbing fact that vampires exist.
Hellsing not only has its own army, but it also has incredibly aggressive vampires. Hellsing has been in charge of Alucard, an extremely powerful vampire, for several years.
It is uncertain if he feels at ease as a minion of the Hellsing, but it is obvious that he loves his job as a vampire exterminator.
Seras, a new vampire, is a former cop who is unable to accept her new life. She is, however, also vital to the organization.
Vampire operation has fluctuated since the last recession, but Integra Hellsing has recently been unable to meet her responsibilities.
Her disappointment at discovering what had caused this was disturbing.
Despite being thought to be dead for several years, a group continues to scheme behind the scenes more than 50 years after their presumed death.

Mirai Nikki (Future Diary)

Mirai Nikki (Future Diary)

The story revolves around the lonesome boy in the school who spends his time with imaginary friends.
He writes a diary on his cellphone while staying engaged with his imaginary friends.
Yukiteru likes to write a diary on his mobile phone in the wake of all the social invites he gets.
Writing a diary is not just a common phenomenon, in fact, it leads up to mysterious plots. This diary forces the boy to join battles with other diary holder royals.
He receives a letter from Deus Ex Machina one day, informing him that he has an imaginary friend named Deus Ex Machina. However, he discovers that the letter is from eleven other people who invite him to participate in a survival game.
It is based on the contestants writing potential diaries in order to kill one another in order to become the next Deus Ex Machina.
He joins a team with a stalker girl, Yuno, and she is dedicated to saving his life at any cost.
Yuno, a girl who has another journal, must collaborate with Yukiteru in order to save the diary from extinction.
Yuni fell in love with the boy and the story takes twists and turns as it moves forward.

Death Note

There is no wonder that Death Note is one of the best dark animes of all time, so if you haven’t seen it yet, you can do so right now.
The Death Note is a diary in which a shinigami, or death God, keeps his thoughts. Yagami sun, an excellent student with outstanding characteristics, discovers that secret one day.
An ideal universe is one in which there is no violence or criminals. Light, armed with Death Note sets out to create just a beautiful future.
But when criminals start taking their own lives, the authorities send the legendary Yagami Light to the scene.
Yagami Light is a brilliant student with exceptional qualities who has grown bored out of his head.
Nonetheless, as suspects begin to commit their crimes one by one, the police dispatch famous detective L to find out who is responsible for these murders.
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Several strange deaths occur during a scorching summer in the tranquil village of Sotoba, home to 1300 inhabitants. The deaths occur unexpectedly.
In addition, a mysterious family moves into a nearby mansion that has been empty for years.
Toshio Ozaki, the hospital’s dean, first believed that the deceased died as a result of an outbreak.
As inquiries between the hospital staff and the village’s inhabitants continue, it suggests that the village has been attacked by vampires.
Shiki is definitely a horror anime but it takes time to completely dive into the scary part and build the tension around the plot.
Shiki is related to murder mystery and to break the suspense you need to think hard until every piece of the puzzle makes sense.
Ozaki is the main hero of our best dark fantasy anime who tries to find the cure for illness. He is just a simple doctor with the resilience and purpose to find the antidote to pandemics.
In short, the anime tests the patience of characters and sees how they survive through tough situations.


Ten thousand years since, the world has changed dramatically, with creatures wandering the land openly and people living in poverty but with high-tech weapons and cybernetic ponies.
For thousands of years, Count Magnus Lee has dominated the little hamlet, rampaging monsters along its streets.
When the Count bites a little girl and takes her as his new plaything, she becomes his prey. D, a silent wanderer then offers her assistance.
Since D is highly trained to track down vampires, he puts his talents to use and takes care of the Count and his numerous subordinates thus putting an end to the Count’s order.

Zankyou no Terror (Terror in Resonance)

Zankyou no Terror is truly a masterpiece that handles anti-heroism and moral ambiguity with grace. It beautifully highlights all the sides of a picture: exposing the ugly side, expressing the dark side, and highlighting the beautiful side of the story.
On a hot summer day, a massive terrorist bomb detonated Tokyo.
They were just two boys who committed the act that awoke this slumbering country.
Japan is now engulfed in a huge game started by the culprits known as Sphinx.
Nothing is more illuminating about the possibility of crime than a traditional piece of fiction.
Zankyou no Terror is a dark anime that addresses the themes of nature and nurture from the lens of its “protagonists,” who aspire to be unique people in a society devoted to covering up its errors.
Fear, terrorism, and disorder are among their tactics. There is no “good man” or “evil guy,” and punishment is skewed in their favor.


Gastrea, a parasite that causes a virulent infectious illness, has subjugated humanity.
The French exiled them from civilization after they lived in despair side by side in fear in a tiny domain.
Rentalo, a boy living near Tokyo, is used to coping with precarious circumstances as a part of Civil Security, an organization committed to fighting against the Gastrea—a planet locked in darkness.
Enju, a precocious young girl, is his girlfriend. The two of them battle each other with their peculiar abilities before the government sends them on a special mission.
A top-secret project has been tasked to keep Tokyo from being destroyed… It’s an engrossing adventure set in the near future of Tokyo.


There is a rumor. The board is only accessible at midnight on a message board called Jigoku Tsushin.
People often write down their grievances against others, and then Jigoku Shoujo arrives and transports them to Hell.
The idea of “an eye for an eye” takes on new meaning in Jigoku Shoujo, where you can either curse others to Hell or condemn yourself to Hell as a result of your behavior.
One of the topics discussed in the anime is why anyone will want to curse another human, whether they are their oppressor or a bitter rival.
It shows the dark side of human nature by discussing various forms of morally incorrect actions in each episode.


tokyo ghoul
In Tokyo, strange ghouls are devouring humans.
For over a century, people have been frightened by these ghouls whose names are unknown.
Kaneki encounters Rize, an avid reader like himself, at the café he frequents.
Kaneki finds himself in a world he cannot manipulate, oblivious to the fact that his fate will change overnight.
Blood, guts, and horrors abound in Tokyo Ghoul. It’s a traditional plot, but with a twist.
This anime not only examines loss, bigotry, bias in the literal sense, and questionable morality, but it also examines loss, bias, racism, and questionable theory and morals.
What makes someone a mutineer if they would kill to survive?
What makes someone a killer if they have to kill to survive? This is in stark contrast to the human standard of murdering another human versus killing an animal.
Despite the lack of dramatic psychological surprises, the film is enjoyable.


Misaki, a prominent student in Yomiyama North Middle School’s class 3-3, died during the 1972-73 school year.
Yomiyama has been shrouded in a foreboding haze since then, as the town conceals its dark secrets.
Two decades later, as a 15-year-old, Kouichi Sakakibara joins classes 3-3 in Yomiyama North and discovers a peculiar depressed atmosphere among the pupils.
Even though she happens to be the center of focus, the other students and teachers seem to neglect the menacing, eyepatch-wearing student Mei Misaki.
Despite everyone’s alarms, Kouichi investigates not only the reality behind the unexplained events plaguing Yomiyama North’s class 3-3 but also the real essence of the mystery itself.
Another tells the story of Kouichi, Mei, and their classmates as they hear of a horrific series of events that are coming to a head, but uncovering the truth may cost them their lives.


Anime is definitely food for an otaku but only some of us have a bigger taste. Dark anime exposes the realities of life or just increases your imagination on how far the human mind will go. Some of the best dark anime series are definitely food for a craving mind who enjoys suspense, thriller, and mystery. Oh, the blood and killing part too!

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