Best Dark Fantasy Anime

Best Dark Fantasy Anime
The best dark fantasy anime is molded with deep characters in a world of fiction, beauty and magic while the storyline usually revolves around the concept of morality and its impact on the human condition. Differentiating between good and evil, the characters usually walk through realistic experiences of complex situations by absorbing the negativity of the world. The best dark fantasy anime is broadcasted with elegant themes and a phenomenal atmosphere to grasp viewers’ attention however each person has a different perception of the word dark.
For me, dark fantasy anime is violent with deep emotions that also bring psychological impact on the viewer’s mind.  Dark fantasy animes are ideal to learn about relationships, hardships, teamwork, and even Japanese culture. For most people, watching animes is their hobby rather than a casual watch and therefore, I will take you through some of the best and evergreen dark fantasy anime:

Death Note

This top dark fantasy anime is loaded with thriller and fantasy. It features a mysterious magical item ‘the death note’ that could kill anyone when its owner writes his/her name on it. It is one of the top-rated manga series that does not spare the main character and gradually sinks him into insanity. Light Yagami, the protagonist of the Death Note series discovers the magical item and aims to eliminate all the criminals from the world and develops ruthless behavior while L, another main character struggles to stop him from his madness.
L plays a major role in the death note series with his top-notch detective qualities. The series is liked for his secretive personality and he rarely shows his face to the world. What I like about the series is the personality of L that is absolutely worn out and nobody can easily guess his intelligence as his looks and personality are contrary to each other.
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Berserk is an extraordinary Japanese Manga series that is filled with the continued struggles of the black swordsman Guts, the main character of the anime who tries to find the answer to all his questions and specifically the purpose of his life. Loaded with adventure, dragons and horrifying scenarios-the dark fantasy has to offer all in one go. Berserk has a strong storyline that plays with the emotions of the viewers and engages them with the constant struggles and complexities of a warrior’s life.
Berserk at one time joins the Band of Falcon when he finds the purpose of his life in it but soon gets dissatisfied and quits the band in search of his inner satisfaction. Facing the enmity of Griffith, Guts indulges in a two-year war against apostles and others but soon he realizes the need to protect his loved ones. The show’s extraordinary characterization and graphics are just up to the mark and will engage you enough to come back.


Ajin is another top-rated dark fantasy anime that displays the darkest side of humanity. The storyline revolves around the immortal beings who were known as Ajin having superior powers and skills. These creatures appeared in Africa and were punished hardly wherever they were found. All of them were kept in isolation after being arrested by the government.
The main character of the dark fantasy anime Kei Nagai is a high school student who aims to work hard for succeeding in his life. All of a sudden, he faces a horrible accident and discovers that he is also an Ajin. Kei is faced with unlikeable behavior from the people as Ajins are not considered humans by them. The dark fantasy anime attracts the viewers by Kei’s mind-blowing strengths like screaming to paralyze his enemies and creating a huge number of black ghosts. The story takes a twist when the ghosts get beyond his control.
Kaito is one of the other important characters from the Ajin series. He is the childhood friend of Nagai who is willing to help his friend after Kei tells him that he is an ajin. He is a cool personality who shows off in school with his outclass motorbike. The character of Kaito is indeed a true depiction of a friend in need as a friend indeed’ as he is quick enough to rescue friend Kei whenever he needed him despite a break-through in their friendship.
The series has a lot of interesting scenes and characters that keep its viewers engaged in the storyline and increase the lust for watching more episodes.

Vinland Saga:

The Vinland Saga anime is a truly dedicated series for explorers and battle lovers. As its name indicates, the series is inspired by a popular Icelandic explorer, Thorfinn Karlsefni who gained fame for exploring a country called Vinland. The initial episodes are set up in England in 1013 AD where Danish King Sweyn Forkbeard ruled a larger part of the country.
Thorfinn grew up in an environment where the stories of old sailors speculated who explored a mind-blowing place; The Vinland. Inspired by these stories, Thorfinn’s personality is shown as an innocent boy who keeps on searching for some kind of adventure.
The best part of dark fantasy anime is Thorfinn’s relationship and strong bonding with his father. This bonding is shown in an episode when he decides to go after the Thors by riding on his father’s boat to follow him. This becomes the ultimate plot of the series to begin Thorfinn’s drive to avenge his father. Lately, Thorfinn joins the mercenary band of his father’s murderer with an intention to kill the murderer of his father. Then he finds a perfect opportunity to kill Askeladd while he is busy plotting politics against his enemies. Looking for suspense, thriller, and horror all in one go, then don’t miss the exciting series this time.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
The story revolves around a young and genius alchemist Edward Elric who attempted superior things beyond his control at twelve years of age and lost many things. He and his brother Alphonse tried to bring back their dead mother through the prohibited act of human transmutation that brings negative consequences in his life. He loses his two limbs and the forbidden act also results in the death of this brother.
Edward does not lose hope and by utilizing his supreme alchemy skills, he binds his brother’s soul with a big suit of armor. After a year, Edward succeeds in ranking Fullmetal alchemist of the state from where he begins his journey to acquire a philosopher’s stone along with his brother. The mythical object is allegedly considered as a catalyst to the alchemist’s abilities.
Edward tries to find an opportunity to go through the military resources to find the precious fabled stone to restore their bodies but they are faced with an unexpected darker battle than they would never have imagined.

Yuki Yuna is a Hero

The dark magic anime begins with the Era of the Gods where Vertex; some weird creatures are determined to destroy humanity. Yuki Yuna, the main character of the story is a kind-hearted girl who is always willing to help others. She is devoted to protecting her loved ones and plays a major role in the Hero Club. Yuki Yuna endangers her life to protect her loved ones.
Yuna’s first fairly Gyunki grants her power to condense energy and release it with pressure in a punch. Similarly, her second fairy Kasha enables her to gather all the energy in her foot and release it with a bombastic explosion. She calls both her skills Hero Punch and Hero Kick. Yuki Yuna develops a team of helpers to protect people from the wrongdoings of Vertex. They overcome many drastic situations but do not give up in any way. The series features a mix of emotions, friendships, mysteries, and battles. A must-watch for school-going kids and teenagers.


The original version Fate/Stay Night and its alternative displays an impeccable amount of darkness that takes the anime to the next level. The anime features brilliant action scenes along with battlefields that look so realistic. The story revolves around the Einzbern family that faces continuous defeats in wars for Holy Grail. This time the family is working hard to win at any cost. For this purpose, they hire Kiritsugu Emiya as their representative who is known for his merciless behavior and killings.
The family gives so many lives and betrays many close friends to get The Holy Grail. Although he is the true representative of the Einzbern family, he did not come in front during the conflict and operated in the background.

Land of the Lustrous (Houseki No Kuni)

Land of Lustrous is a mature anime adaptation and uses CG animation for a perfect display. Awarded several times, the show is probably one of the best adventurous dark fantasy anime.
The plot of the story is based on a world densely populated by Gems, an incredible life form that began after the earth strikes a range of meteorites and diminished a majority of the biological organism. Phosphophyllite is the protagonist of the story and is one of the youngest Gem at the start of the story. These are immature and weak and cannot be used for battles. Initially, they were granted the job of developing an encyclopedia based on natural history. They showed very little progress on the task.
Phos features a drastic change of personality as the series move on. The reason behind the immense change was trauma, level of matureness, and outside impacts because Gems never possessed the quality to handle trauma. The ongoing plot of the series is focused on the continuous change of Phos’ mental state which deteriorates over the period of time and welcomes destruction for all.

Made in Abyss

Made in Abyss features a little girl named Riko who accompanies a humanoid cyborg Reg to explore the depths of the Abyss which is a huge hole of approximately 1000-diameter located in the mid of a town on high hills.
The Abyss has a huge depth and comprises many ill-effects to the human body as they come closer to it. The storyline gets engaging when Riko’s mother, a former White-Whistle by profession gets disappeared. Riko and Reg suspect that her mother is at the bottom of the Abyss. Here the adventure begins! The series features beautiful art and awesome soundtracks.
A perfect animated series with flying creatures, monstrous appearance fills the Abyss with continuous entertainment and suspense, the story features the hidden truth about the Abyss. Looking for an emotional, friendly, and easy-to-digest dark fantasy anime, then this series is much lighter in itself.


Gungrave series is filled with extreme violence and dark scenes. The brutal killings, murders, tragedies are emotionally depressing. The plot of the series begins after thirteen years of betrayal when Brandon Heat is killed by his closest friend Harry MacDowell. Here the journey of reborn and revenge begins.
Gungrave features a city loaded with violent crimes where Brandon Heat and MacDowell possess a supreme monopoly over the city. Harry, after killing Brandon thinks that no power can undo his supremacy while the story takes a sudden turn when Dr. Takioka brings Brandon back to life. The story revolves around the ways of organized crime and mafias. The story is centered on the use of extreme violence aimed for financial gains only. The series is not recommended for small kids as the violence in it may bring negative impacts on their personalities.

Final Thoughts:

All the above-mentioned dark fantasy animes are out-class and you will not regret it whenever you watch them. From thriller to romance, battlefields to mature content, these have to offer all in one go.  A majority of these dark fantasy animes are getting live-action treatment in upcoming movies. So, if you are interested in watching the best dark fantasy animes, so it’s the best time to do so because you are surely going to learn about dynamic personalities, vibrant characters, and much more.

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