Best Bleach Characters

Best Bleach Characters

To find the Best Bleach Characters is proven to be a very difficult mission, the reason is that bleach is one of the longest-running anime TV series, having more than 350 episodes. But unexpectedly, even after so many episodes, the show keeps introducing new characters, each of whom uses powers that are greater than others. In addition, the current characters keep getting better over time.


In 2016, Bleach’s last arc, Thousand Year Blood War, brought the manga to a close. The series provided us with some of the most powerful anime characters ever. Nonetheless, some Bleach fans are still curious about which are the Most Popular Bleach Characters & Most Powerful Bleach Characters. In this list, we will rank 27 of the best bleach characters, and after that, we will try to answer some of our most frequently asked questions! So sit back and take this journey with us!


27 Best Bleach Characters

27: Riruka Dokugamine

Riruka Dokugamine

Riruka is a lively, fun individual with a love for all things sweet and frilly. She’s not one to take things too seriously and typically tackles life with a lighthearted attitude. Nevertheless, underneath her cheery demeanor lurks a deep core of fear and self-doubt, which may occasionally prompt her to lash out at people around her. Despite this, she’s incredibly protective of the people she loves, and would do whatever it takes to keep them safe

26: Kensei Muguruma

Kensei Muguruma

Kensei is a gruff, no-nonsense man with a sharp tongue and a keen sense of discipline. He’s a seasoned warrior with a plethora of fighting experience and understands how to get the job done no matter what. But, his straightforward approach may occasionally make him come across as harsh or even nasty, and he’s not one to suffer fools lightly. Despite this, he’s passionately dedicated to his teammates and would do everything it takes to defend them, even if it means putting his own life on the line.

25: Shuhei Hisagi 

Shuhei Hisagi

Although Lieutenant Shuhei Hisagi of squad 9 is merely a fair Soul Reaper, he at least makes the job appear cool. Beginning with his sleeveless Soul Reaper outfit, his pointed dark hair, and his facial insignia, he exudes an overall impression of coolness.

Shuhei has a calm demeanor for a character like him since he is assured, stern, and self-assured. He also adheres to a somber but astute philosophy: fighters can only exercise power if they appreciate their own power and fear it. Anyone who views war as a game will suffer the consequences.

24: Tier Harribel

Tier Harribel

Tier Harribel, the third Espada, exemplifies the phrase “powerful and silent.” This kuudere Espada doesn’t speak much, but she is a big sister figure to her three minions and is always able to reassure them. She now resembles a hero more than most Espadas do.

Fans of Bleach were amazed with Tier Harribel’s cool demeanor as well as her lethal fighting technique. She is able to exchange blows with skilled swordsmen like Toshiro Hitsugaya and even infuse the energy of a cero blast into her hollow zanpakuto. She transforms into a lean, vicious shark-themed predator when she releases her form, Tiburon.

23: Renji Abarai 

Renji Abarai 

Lieutenant Renji Abarai from squad 6 was an adversary in the early episodes of Bleach with the goal to send Rukia back to her native country to face justice for her crimes. Renji experienced a change of heart after their conflict in the Soul Society arc. He turned into a true hero, and things only got better from there.

Renji may come off as a little too simple, but he’s still a nice, unique Soul Reaper that does the job. He sports chic black tattoos from his squad 11 days, a tough guy demeanor without being a jerk, and a powerful energy-blasting snake skeleton bankai he calls Hihio Zabimaru.

22: Rukia Kuchiki 

Rukia Kuchiki

Fans of Ichigo and Bleach first encountered Rukia Kuchiki, and she has since become one of their favorite Soul Reapers. Although Rukia lacks the “cool and aloof” aura that some people associate with cool people, there are still many things to enjoy about her.

Rukia is awesome because, despite her many losses and trials, she continues to fight and never lets them define who she is. Rukia provided a fantastic example by discovering new ways to fight for the right and get stronger, such as getting her amazing bankai, Hakka no Togame.

21:  Kaname Tosen 

Kaname Tosen 

Squad 9 was under the direction of the stern and solemn Soul Reaper Kaname Tosen, a former captain who adhered tenaciously to his beliefs. Kaname publicly despised violence and instead used his pacifistic shikai to carry out his own idea of justice.

Kaname Tosen wore stylish attire that included a zanpakuto with a big ring on it, a visor, glossy boots, and a scarf that resembled a rope. Although a traitor like Aizen, he nevertheless possessed a cold, distant demeanor and tremendous trust in his own worldview. Nonetheless, his Hollow form was more ludicrous than cool.

20: Yasutora “Chad” Sado 

 Yasutora "Chad" Sado 

Although being comparatively weak, Yasutora Sado, popularly known as Chad, has been a close buddy of Ichigo for a long time and is still a fantastic Bleach character. When Chad was a little boy living with his grandfather in Mexico, he was so miserable and lonely that he tormented the neighborhood kids until he discovered what true strength is.

Now that he is back in Japan, Chad uses his strength wisely to defend the vulnerable and never initiates contact. Above his years, Chad is strong, wise, and noble. He also has a hip appearance and an astonishingly deep voice. With his powerful fists and Hollow-like abilities, he can also obliterate opponents.

19: Sosuke Aizen 

Sosuke Aizen 

It’s understandable why Captain Sosuke Aizen is regarded as one of the most formidable, astute, and cool anime villains ever to have existed. He boasts in a menacing and arrogant manner that makes spectators shiver because he is so sure of his plans.

That’s very fantastic, and Aizen can support it with memorable moments like the time he exposed himself as a villain while changing his appearance by slicking back his hair. He is also known for planning for every eventuality while holding everyone in his palm. He also exhibits bizarre illusions.

18: Coyote Starrk 

Coyote Starrk

Coyote Starrk, the First Espada, is an unusual person. This sleepy, brown-haired man would much rather nap than battle, but if forced, he will defend Aizen and demonstrate his true prowess as the best Arrancar. He also has a sharp attire and an even sharper transformed figure, giving him the appearance of a sort of dream cowboy.

Fans of Bleach were won over by Starrk’s cool, collected demeanor, which contrasted intriguingly with his sluggishness. He is aware of his strength, but he will only obliquely boast about it—a welcome difference from boasters like Nnoitora and Yammy.

17: Ulquiorra Schiffer 

Ulquiorra Schiffer 

The fourth Espada, Ulquiorra Schiffer, has little time for games. This evil but cool villain possesses a stern, frightening air that oozes evil coolness, and when he releases his zanpakuto, he becomes even cooler and scarier. He has bat-like features and grows incredibly strong.

With his frightening comments about hopelessness and emptiness, Ulquiorra can intimidate any character, and when Ulquiorra beats Ichigo in battle, his words ring even louder. He is cool in all the worst ways due to his cold, detached demeanor and casual disregard for people.

16: Gerard Valkyrie

Gerard Valkyrie

This is another one with the moniker “M” The Miracle from Yawach’s army, which includes some of the toughest Quincies. Gerard is a brazen individual who takes great pride in his abilities. When numerous captains and Lieutenants approached him, Gerard ordered them to come right away because they wouldn’t be able to defeat him in a one-on-one fight.

Gerard can give shape to his own and other people’s ideas, feelings, and wants by using The Miracles’ power. Another one of his amazing skills that can help him change the odds in his favor is probability manipulation.

15: Kisuke Urahara

Kisuke Urahara

Although Kisuke Urahara is a kido expert, there are other fascinating things about him as well. Similar to Coyote Starrk, Kisuke is an elegant, fascinating blend of silly and deadly serious, which in many ways is what makes him so cool. Being a former Captain, he possesses enormous power and is extremely brilliant.

Kisuke has accomplished a lot, including organizing Aizen’s retaliation, mentoring Ichigo, and assisting Ichigo’s crew in joining the Soul Society and Hueco Mundo. He possesses a brazen, blustery attitude in a battle that is readily justified. He has also engaged in direct combat with Aizen a few times.

14: Grimmjow


Grimmjow Jeagerjaques, the sixth Espada, is a favorite of the audience. He is a fierce and passionate warrior who only wants to compete against the greatest to establish himself as the best, and that is actually somewhat acceptable. Later on in the manga, he even turned out to be Ichigo’s reluctant ally.

From his clean haircut to his jawbone mask fragment and lean, deadly panther figure, Grimmjow has a pretty cool appearance. The best part is that he has a strong sense of honor to counteract all of his other traits, including his bravado, humor, and desire for conflict. He’s not your typical thug; Ichigo will like fighting him.

13: Uryu Ishida 

Uryu Ishida 

Uryu Ishida, a close friend of Ichigo’s, is a Quincy, a spiritual archer with the ability to use a bow and arrow to obliterate Hollows. Uryu has a cute tsundere side when it comes to Ichigo and Orihime, but overall he comes across as cool rather than corny. He truly takes himself seriously when he is. Fans of Bleach were awestruck by Uryu’s effortless charisma and cool, strategic combat tactics. Even with boastful speech that exaggerates his prowess, he always has the evidence to back it up. In addition, Uryu dresses nicely outside of battle and dons a chic Quincy attire.

12: Yoruichi Shihoin 

Yoruichi Shihoin 

Yoruichi Shihoin, an ex-Captain who lost practically everything, is similar to Kisuke in that she didn’t let it depress her. Bleach fans adore her for continuing to put up a valiant battle as a charming rogue at the top of her game. She is actually thriving in her role as Ichigo’s ally.

In battle, Yoruichi is witty, brash, and self-assured; depending on the opponent she is facing, she may tease them or give them a cold gaze. Yoruichi is a skilled martial artist and has unique mobility that no other Bleach character has ever possessed.

11: Orihime Inoue

Orihime Inoue

One of Ichigo Kurosaki’s closest friends is Orihime, who is also a classmate. Orihime has endured considerable difficulty as a result of her parental estrangement and the loss of her brother Sora, yet she hardly ever exhibits signs of depression as a result of her decision to remain upbeat even in trying circumstances. Ichigo has frequently found relief from her cheery outlook.

Many Bleach readers first had a negative opinion of Orihime since she appeared to be just another generic companion who had conflicting feelings for the protagonist. Fans adore Orihime and consider her to be one of Bleach’s bravest characters because of the concern she has for her friends and her willingness to put herself in danger to help them.

10: Byakuya Kuchiki 

Byakuya Kuchiki 

The coolest Bleach character of them all is Captain Byakuya Kuchiki of squad 6, despite the fact that he was a stone-cold antagonist late in Season 1. He possesses everything, including the icy good looks of a noble-born Soul Reaper, a stunning but deadly bankai, calm combat assurance, and much more.

After Byakuya atoned for his wrongdoing and vowed to defend Rukia rather than use the law to harm her, he became even cooler. He also didn’t compromise who or what he is in the process. He still fights for what is right and is a cool, self-assured aristocrat warrior, but he is no longer callous in his approach.

9: Kenpachi Zaraki 

Kenpachi Zaraki 

Squad 11’s vicious Captain Kenpachi Zaraki is more than just a thug. He has numerous unique beliefs and personality traits that add to his allure, such as his hesitation to kill wounded enemies. He chooses to let them live so they can confront him again. For Kenpachi, the excitement of combat is more important than killing.

In his role as Yachiru’s unofficial foster father, Kenpachi strikes a delicate balance between his rabid bloodlust, sense of responsibility, and tsundere personality. He also has some incredibly cool moments to his credit, such as when he defeated Nnoitora by using kendo alone without the use of any elaborate techniques.

8: Shunsui Kyōraku

Shunsui Kyōraku

Everyone agrees that those wearing eye patches are the greatest. Don’t research it.

Also, this individual has a flair for the dramatic.

I’ve never experienced fear of shadows before, and I’ll never be able to go to a cinema again.

On a more serious point, he stands out well from the rest of Soul society because he isn’t always eager to engage in life-or-death combat.

He’s simply hanging around here and seeking someone to sip tea with.

7: Yamamoto Shigekuni Yamamoto

Yamamoto Shigekuni Yamamoto

Who doesn’t enjoy the occasional fierce grandfather?

Will he fling you into the shadow world or throw you out his back? The unknown.

Also, you have to wonder how in the world this man connected fire to a compass.

Oh well, at least he is completely outclassed.

Please remember that he has a sensitive side as well; don’t let all the charred bodies fool you.

I say “sensitive,” but what I really mean is that later in the series he finally let go of his rule-only mindset.

small steps

6: Gin Ichimaru

Gin Ichimaru

The captain of the 3rd Division of the Gotei 13, Gin Ichimaru, presents a significant challenge for Ichigo and his team. His sneaky demeanor and sardonic style of speaking, which frequently cast his character into doubt, cause even his sincere actions to acquire an air of suspicion.

According to the way Gin is portrayed, he is equally likely to put his life in danger to save someone else as he is to be the one to stab them in the back. Yet as the Soul Society’s secrets come to light, his personality is exposed to be a cunning ploy, confusing both allies and enemies.

5: Toshiro Hitsugaya

Toshiro Hitsugaya

Toshiro is a young guy with a serious manner, who constantly seems to wear the weight of duty on his shoulders. As a captain in the Soul Society, he’s passionately committed to his responsibilities and boasts a keen mind that matches his chilly talents.

Despite his calm appearance, he really cares about his friends and allies and would go to great measures to defend them, even if it means putting himself in harm’s path. Nonetheless, his no-nonsense manner may often be off-putting to people around him, making him look distant or even scary. Yet, he’s a trustworthy friend and a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

4: Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck

Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck

Nelliel is a kind-hearted, kind soul who emits a peaceful strength. She’s intensely protective of the people she loves, and is prepared to go to tremendous measures to keep them safe. Although being a former Espada, she’s not one to relish in violence or killing, and typically seeks to resolve issues quietly whenever feasible.

Her pleasant, motherly manner hides her powerful powers, making her a formidable friend and a terrifying opponent.

3: Ichigo Kurasaki

Ichigo Kurasaki

In Bleach, Ichigo “Strawberry” Kurosaki plays the lead role. Ichigo sets off on world-saving missions in both the Soul Society and the actual world once Rukia unlocks his Spirit Abilities. Being a member of the Big Three, which also includes Bleach, Naruto, and One Piece, he has emerged as one of the most recognizable characters in all of manga and anime.

Ichigo, one of the Big Three, has amassed an enormous number of awakened abilities over the course of Bleach, earning him both fame and notoriety. As a relative newcomer to the Soul Society, Ichigo is frequently perplexed by the traditions and world of the Soul Reaper, which frequently results in the slapstick humor that makes Bleach such a fun and adored show.

2: Lille Barro

Lille Barro

Lille Barro has demonstrated that Quincies have just as much potential as Soul Reapers in Bleach. He is the commander of Yhwach’s Schutzstaffel and the powerful Yhwach’s henchman. Lille is an egotistical man who considers himself to be the closest thing to God.

He is the most well-known rifleman in the series, never missing his mark, and no amount of defensive strategy can really stop his attacks. Lille Barro’s powers become so strong in his second Vollstandig that he almost disappears, and the only way he can be wounded is by using them against himself.

1: Kugo Ginjo

Kugo Ginjo

Kugo is a charismatic and charming man, with a silver tongue that can talk his way out of practically any problem. He’s confident in his ability and isn’t hesitant to take chances or break the rules if it means attaining his goals. Nevertheless, underneath his smooth appearance lies a complex and traumatic history, which has left him with a strong feeling of suspicion towards authority authorities.

Despite this, he’s incredibly devoted to his friends and colleagues and would stop at nothing to defend them.


In this section of the article, we will do our best to make the answers as snappy and direct as they can be.


Who is the best character in Bleach?

It’s subjective, but many fans consider Ichigo Kurosaki to be the best character in Bleach due to his development, unique abilities, and heroic nature.


Who is the craziest Bleach character?

Mayuri Kurotsuchi is widely considered to be the craziest character in Bleach due to his sadistic nature and unorthodox methods.


Who is the strongest character in bleach?

Again, it’s subjective, but many fans consider Yhwach to be the strongest character in Bleach due to his immense power, abilities, and manipulation of reality itself.


Who is the main character in bleach?

The main character in Bleach is Ichigo Kurosaki, a high school student who gains the power of a Soul Reaper and uses it to protect the living world from evil spirits and other threats.


best characters in bleach brave souls?

In Bleach Brave Souls, popular characters include Ichigo, Rukia, Byakuya, and Aizen due to their unique abilities, designs, and popularity in the anime and manga. However, each player’s favorite character may differ based on their individual playstyle and preferences.


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