Anime About Assassin

Anime About Assassin

Anime about assassins are super exciting and add an extra thrill to any anime series. Over the years, there have been some really cool assassin characters in anime. Each of them has their own reasons for being an assassin, like a tough past, a special mission, or sometimes they’re just naturally good at it.

We can’t help but find these mysterious and tough characters really interesting.

So, we’ve put together a list of the best assassins in anime. We’ve ranked them from cool to super cool. Get ready for lots of exciting stories, big challenges, and action-packed scenes. Let’s get started and check out these awesome anime about assassins!


Suzuya Juuzou Anime: Tokyo Ghoul

 Suzuya Juuzou Anime Tokyo Ghoul

Juuzou has always been different since she was given physiotherapy as a youngster, which left her without the ability to feel pain.

He has been a killer since a young age, and his psychological development has been stunted. large surprise

Suzuya is willing to fight no matter who he is up against. Despite knowing that things won’t go well for him.

His devotion is constantly put to the test as he wields swords and later, even more, lethal weapons, and his character development is never dull.


Johan Liebert: Monster Anime

 Johan Liebert Monster Anime

Johan is positioned so low on this list because, strictly speaking, he is not an assassin. Along with the fact that he justifies his killings. Not philosophically or politically, but rather via hedonism and the determination to survive until the end.

Johan is a terribly written serial murderer who exudes an uneasy presence and has adult overtones. His murderous techniques might be silent and swift or ruthlessly red.

However, his true strength lies in his seductive charisma and his perverted, manipulative attitude.


Akame Anime: Akame ga Kill

 Akame Anime Akame ga Kill

Young Akame was sold into slavery along with her sister, and she endured abuse before joining the Elite Seven, a group of assassins.

Akame is a skilled and lethal swordsman who carries a katana that leaves supernaturally inflatable wounds in its wake.

Akame was the lone survivor as her companions started to die off one by one. We also learn at the start of the anime that she has joined the assassination clan Night Raid in an effort to stop the generals who destroyed her former organization.


Minene Uryuu Anime: Future Diary

Minene Uryuu Anime Future Diary 

The stunning female anime assassin Minene Uryuu is the ninth diary owner and, as a result, the ninth participant in the battle royale scheme.

A bizarre, self-righteous warrior who terrorizes without thinking twice about making a statement. There aren’t many other characters that can blow up a high school with mines and explosives before slipping out from under her dress and boarding a motorcycle.

She must thus be included on our list for just that stunt.


Death weapon Anime: Sword Art Online: Phantom Bullet

 Death weapon Anime Sword Art Online Phantom Bullet

Death Gun, an in-game representation of a serial murderer, is a reaper-like character holding two firearms that appear to have been modified so that they can both instantly kill an avatar and cut the player off from reality.

Hello and welcome to SAO.

Sword Art Online’s second season follows Kirito, Asuna, and Asada as they work to put a stop to Death Gun’s wave of deliberate killing. All in a bombastic animated shounen that is enjoyable but not perfect.

If you haven’t seen SAO, you should absolutely see this one. This one is among the best assassination anime out there btw.


Motoko Kusanagi Anime: Ghost in the Shell

 Motoko Kusanagi Anime Ghost in the Shell

The legendary Major herself first appears during her assembly, when stunning graphics and creative sound design demonstrate that she is a weapon first and foremost.

She spends the majority of the Stand Alone Complex & Arise film trilogy participating in political operations for the state and deception.

Nevertheless, because of her full-body prosthesis, which is an enhanced cybernetic body and mind, she has killed a significant number of people in her time. It enables nearly flawless hacking, psychological planning, and combat abilities.

Motoko Kusanagi is, in fact, a weapon. Built by the government to carry out violent acts for profit. She is, therefore, the pinnacle of assassins in my opinion. A gun, however, is not an assassin… But isn’t that Ghost in Shell’s philosophical point? What a fantastic anime, man.


Hei Anime: Darker Than Black

 Hei Anime Darker Than Black

Hei is frequently referred to be the Batman of anime, however, when he dons his Black Reaper outfit and commits murder for pay, he deviates from the Dark Knight analogy. Fun!


Hei boasts the highest level of agility and dexterity and mostly seeks to murder for the sake of justice and to defend. Not to mention his excellent hand-to-hand fighting skills and BatBelt of tactical weapons, which he frequently employs.

He often uses the belt to swing about, electrocute, and calm people. Maybe there will be a third season at some point.


The Scarred Man Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist

 The Scarred Man Anime Fullmetal Alchemist

Although we don’t know his true name, we call him Scar. A vigilante killer set on eradicating State Alchemists in retaliation, Scar is a serial killer. and to coincide with his religious and spiritual values. He had already killed 10 high-ranking state alchemists in a row when the Elric brothers came across him at the start of the narrative.

Let’s rank him as an assassin because he certainly behaves like one! It’s one hell of an anime about assassins.


Satō Anime: Ajin

 Satō Anime Ajin

Here is an experienced, well-spoken man who pulls no punches.

He topples towers into cities, airplanes into towers, and civilization into itself when he’s not playing video games for the challenge.

for the difficulty.

He is a strategist who favors mass executions over targeted killings.

He believed that the more people that died, the higher one’s ranking on the leader board would be. Sat is also a fiercely competitive player.


Thorfinn: Vinland Saga Anime

 Thorfinn Vinland Saga Anime

The main character of Wit Studio’s 2019 Viking Seinen anime is Thorfinn Karlsefni, who is substantially based on the actual Icelandic historical person.

This story, which will continue into Thorfinn’s adult years, is simply its prologue for adolescents. Thorfinn had always imagined himself participating in the battle for the sake of glory and bloodlust. the same way his father once did.

And because of a catastrophe, he is able to rapidly fulfill his dream. He quickly deteriorates into a cynical, depraved killer.

The remainder of the first season shows his spiral into increasingly criminal behavior as he persistently disobeys his father’s orders in order to commit murder.


Levi Ackerman: Attack on Titan Anime

Levi Ackerman Attack on Titan Anime

Another great Male anime assassin captain Levi, who is not interested in your s—!

You would anticipate a vicious unstoppable killing machine here, with dark, narrow eyes and a piercing look that could murder by itself.

You would be right, too.

Levi, the greatest human soldier in Attack on Titan, despises casualties and would stop at nothing to avoid them.

Levi is swift, vicious, and nimble, and before you know it, he’ll be whirling for the nape of your neck like a Beyblade.


Himura Kenshin Anime: Rurouni Kenshin: Trust and Betrayal

 Himura Kenshin Anime Rurouni Kenshin Trust and Betrayal

Even by themselves, Kenshin’s journeys as a pacifist samurai across war-torn Japan are thrilling. But Kenshin’s resolve for expert, planned, and violent murder is shown by his path to that pacifistic mindset.

He is an interesting character because of this.

Kenshin, who was sold into slavery after losing his parents and then their masters, finally finds a father figure in a traveling swordsman who is resentful of war.

Even though it’s just been nine years, he too departs. only to train as a killer for the Ishin Shishi in order to support a revolution.

As soon as he killed his 100th victim, he was known as the dreaded Hitokiri Battosai, a half-year later. Good work.


Assassin and Kotomine Kirei Anime: Fate/stay night and Fate/Zero

 Assassin and Kotomine Kirei Anime Fatestay night and FateZero

Kotomine is a complicated fighter who doubles as his nemesis in Fate/Zero and the Master of Assassin in Fate/stay the night.

And he teams up with even more powerful characters.

Kirei, a devoutly religious man who is always bothered by the nature of his existence and being, is unable to experience joy and only feels sorrow and anxiety for the rest of the world.

What I would anticipate from an assassin.


Shiki Ryougi Anime: The Garden of Sinners (Kara no Kyoukai)

 Shiki Ryougi Anime The Garden of Sinners (Kara no Kyoukai)

Garden of sinnerRyougi, a lady who can recognize the inherent death that dominates everything, struggles with a paradox of self.

mentally divided in half literally.

She has a side that is fearful, cold, and aloof. The opposition is indifferent, cynical, and without regret. She constantly feels the want to kill, yet she controls her insane emotions to fight against serial killers and paranormal beings. Well done, huh?

Her story is about learning to harness her darker nature for good. Kara no Kyoukai, beautifully translated by Studio Ufotable, is a masterpiece of ethically gray crime with one of the best soundtracks ever.

Check out this anime if you enjoy assassin themes in general.


Well, thank you for reading, we hope we introduced you to THE anime assassin that you were searching for.

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