The Saddest Anime

The Saddest Anime

there are times when we all could use a good cry, a relieving tear shedding session is like a yoga session, but for the psyche… well, what better place to go to when you need to spare some tears than the universe of anime.

The universe of anime can be a wonderful place to go to if you want to lift up your spirit, but that is a double edges sword, given the fact that some of the saddest tv shows ever are actually animes, today we are going to dig deeper into the world of saddest anime,. anime that deal with unfairness, loss of loved ones, depression, and despair, well, as much as we all need a good laugh every now and then… we equally need a good tear shedding session as well, and these sad animes will for sure turn your eyes into a river of tears. Well, without further ado, let’s dive headfirst right into our list of animes that make you cry.


A Silent Voice

A Silent Voice

A list of sad animes will not be complete without this great story, it is a wonderful showcase of human psychology being mauled by early life experiences, highs cool experiences to be more precise.

A silent voice is a story that exposes the ugliness of bullying without a filter, altho, we sincerely hope that none of our dear readers ever have to experience this horrible phenomenon.

We will principally follow the story of a deaf 6th grader named Shoko Nishimiya who moves to a new high school and her new classmate Shota Ishida starts bullying her without mercy, and on a daily basis, turning the life of poor Shoko into a living hell.

As the years of high school unfold under the books of the past, we will start following Shota Ishida now, in his journey of guilt as a young adult, he starts feeling an overwhelming sensation of guilt, realizing that his past actions ruined Shoko’s life completely, and in the pursuit of finding her and apologizing, we will see some beautiful raw showcases of society as it folds under our gazing eyes. A silent voice is a truly underrated masterpiece that every anime lover must check out at least once, it is a national duty.

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Orange anime

The uniqueness of Orange comes principally from the sci-fi twists that will happen once you start rolling the episodes in. It is rare to see some sci-fi in a romance that is made to be tragic so buckle up and sit tight.

The story follows Nahota Kamiya as she lives the first day of her sophomore year at high school. Well, when things seem to be normal and in order, our main character will be greeted by an odd letter as soon as she wakes that day, the letter turns out to be from herself 10 years into the realm of the future.

Well, our main girl is rational, therefore, she would not believe the things she reads one the letter and gives it no real concern. But as soon as the strange events written in that letter start happening in her life, unexpectedly and without a clear explanation, Nahota will start taking things a bit more seriously. The letter says that in the future, she will live a bitter life, full of regrets and things lost and never to be found, the letter also urges her to take good care of her new transfer student Kaero Naruse, because of her kindness to him will save him from certain suicide.

The entire story is a roller coaster of ups and downs, laughs and tears joy and melancholy, it is truly a masterpiece that you need to check out if you were in need of some perspective in your daily life.


Five Centimeters Per Second

Five centimeters per second

Directed by none other than the mad genius Makato Shinakai, Five centimeters apart is a masterpiece movie that falls under the genre of sad animes, the movie will take us into the journey of a long-distance relationship and the sacrifices one must do to keep it going, the story will have us follow two childhood friends Takaki Tono and Akari Shinohara, who will fall in love with each other, but life will set them apart, making each one go into a different direction from the other, we will see them living separated lives and constantly hurting themselves and the ones around them, all under the hope that they will reunite again and their love will again be one. But the story will not be as simple as stated here, for there are some brilliant ups and downs that you will have to figure out yourself.


Your Lie in April

Your lie in April

This anime will become your station, a go-to whenever you feel the need of shedding a few tears. The story will have us follow the development, of a young talented pianist named key Arima who was a big name in the musical scene. However, after his mother passes away, he will vaguely and gradually start losing the ability to hear his own music, and when he completely loses the ability to hear his own music, he will leave the prestigious musical career behind and start adopting a carefree lifestyle with his friends.

The second twist in the story occurs when our young Kasey meets a beautiful violinist who will enter his life and cast his depression away, renewing his old passion for life.

The gradual development of these two characters as they step by step become attached to each other is just beautiful to witness, and the story as a whole is one about hope and clinging to the beam of light at the end of the tunnel of suffering. It is an anime that will teach you that we will not always have what we want, but sometimes, not having what we think we want is bliss rather than a curse.



Hotarobi No Mori e

Hotarobi no Mori e

This is a movie that expertly combines a tragic romance that was never meant to be in the first place with the wonderful and mesmerizing realm of magic and spirits.

The story has it that the six-year-old Hotaru finds herself lost in a spirit forest while she was attempting to visit her uncle. And in an unexpected turn of events, she will find help from a masked spirit that is inherently gentle and particularly kind to her, the spirit was named JYN and he will inform her that there is one unique rule in the realm of spirit, a rule that is not meant to be broken, which Is that there has to be absolutely no crossing between a human and a spirit, because it will result in the instant disappearance of the spirit, due to the fragile state of magic in the human realm.

After JYN explains this rule to her and leads her to safety outside of the forest, she will find herself returning to the forest later with gifts, and that will be a routine of hers, to go back to the forest and meet her spirit friend. The two will end up being close friends, however, as the romantic feelings grow stronger and stronger, the weight of the fact that there has to be no contact will become stronger as well. So dear reader, you can only imagine falling n love with an entity that you can not touch nor have a future with.

It’s an overall, beautiful story, full of learnings and contemplations, one that will have you reexamine your whole life with great care and attention.



Plastic Memories

plastic memories

The one inevitable thing in every love story on this list is that they are tragic. However, the brilliant scriptwriting of plastic memories takes this factor of tragedy and upgrades it to a whole different level. Because the whole plot of Plastic memories circles around a love that is destined to fail. Our protagonist in this case will manage to encapsulate this whole vibe with expertise.

The story has it that our main guy Tsukaza Mizukagi will fail in his college applications, but he isn’t the type of dude that would lay down his arms after one lost battle, for the war of life is still going and one lost battle means nothing as long as one decides to keep going. Tsukasa decides to give it another go by pulling some strings that would result in him securing a place at an artificial intelligence corporation that goes by the name SAI CORP, and in there, the story will witness some odd ups and downs.

The SAI CORP is producing a series of humanoid androids called the gifts, these gifts are almost identical to humans in every aspect, but the catch here is that they have a limited lifespan of north of eighty thousand hours, which is around nine years and a half.

Our main guy Tsukaza was working in a position where he is responsible for androids who were close to their final hour alive. And if an android wasn’t taken Kare of properly during his lifespan, it becomes overwhelmingly toxic and violent in its final hours. In here, Tsukaza will meet a robot named ISLA and he will fall in love with her for to him, she was more human than any human he has ever met… knowing ISLA’s lifespan was nearing the end, our guy will have to face the inevitable heartbreak that lurks in the horizon. the brilliant character building and development of this anime will leave you speechless, contemplating the state of bleeding relationships and inevitable heartbreaks. It is truly an anime that you would want to check out if you feel like sparing some tears on a Sunday afternoon, over some popcorn.


Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

Anohana is one of those animes that are too good you will feel a certain void in your daily life once you finish the final episode. It is a masterpiece written so well that it would leave you speechless at the end, and it will provide you with a beautiful experience that you will remember for years.

The premise of the story circles around a group of childhood friends, tight friends, like siblings, but upon the death of one of their friends called Menma, they will grow distant from one another.

But things won’t stop here because one of the friends called Ginta Yadomi will start experiencing some odd things, he will start feeling the spirit of Menma visiting him in his times of aloneness. For a while, Gifta being a rational person will pay no attention to the spirit, under the argument that his overwhelming sadness resulted in him seeing his lost friend, but things will only become more vivid and Ginta will slowly start to accept the fact that the spirit is indeed his lost friend Gemma.

As the group of friends finally gathers in the honor of the spirit of their lost friend, and to lay it into the realm of peace. Another emotional journey will take place, but this time between the living friends, a journey of pursuit and exploration into the depth of their friendship and what they truly mean to one another. This particular anime is one of our favorites. And if you discover it through this article…. Then you’re welcome.



True Tears

True Tears

Just the name will give you an idea about what to expect from this brilliant show o expertise, True Tears is a straightforward anime, it has no complications nor does it have hidden plots that would have your brain focusing on them, therefore, all your focus will go into the sadness of this anime, you will be met with an overwhelming amount of tragedy that would leave you speechless and grateful for your current love situation…. Even if you have none.

Well, the show starts with a beautiful promise for our young main character Chiroshiru Nakagami who will find himself in a position we all dream of, it’s finding himself under the same roof with the girl he


has a massive colossal crush on. But don’t set your expectations high, for things will take an unexpected turn very soon.

His happiness will soon turn into bitter ash in his mouth when he finds out that the girl he likes is a completely different person when she’s home. While Hiromi is a vibrant person, full of life and loved by everyone in school, and is good at sports too. Chiroshiru will find out that she becomes a completely different person when she gets home, a person that is cold, distant, and overwhelming depressed.

This beautiful anime will take you on a beautiful journey and will provide you with a beautiful learning opportunity, an opportunity to contemplate how everyone is fighting secret battles within themselves, and therefore, we must all be kind to one another.




Magical Sempai

Magical Sempai

During the heat of Crunchyroll summer, this extraordinary anime saw light, well, despite the fact that magical sempai is only 12 mins an episode, it is for sure enough to have our jaws dropped by its beauty and brilliant storytelling.

The story has it that a sempai (upper-classman), will start recruiting some friends to help her launch her stage magic club at the high school she goes to. The twist here is that our main character is awfully frightened of stages, no matter how talented she is, her feet turn gayly whenever she enters the stage. We will see her development as she attempts to overcome her stage fear, and we will see some impressive tricks along the way.

Magical sempai isn’t as tragic as the other animes in this list, but it is a wonderful amine about facing our own fears with vigor and understanding, knowing that no matter what happens, everything will eventually be ok.


Well, friends, our journey of heartbreak anime has come to an end, we have shared some of the best animes that tackle the human condition from the perspective of sadness and depression, we hope we helped you find a hidden gem and till the next one… see ya around!

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