Best Yandere Anime

Best Yandere Anime

Today, we will show you some of the best yandere anime out there. But first, you need to know, what exactly is a yandere?


What is a yandere?

What is Yandere

Anime works with lots of stereotypes. The word “Yandere” is a mix between the Japanese words “to be sick” and “lovestruck.” I’m sure you’re getting the hang of it.

Usually, if you see an anime with a yandere on it, you will not recognize her as one. They look sweet and cute at first. But, as soon as their loved one appears when they might get obsessive. Most of the conflicts in a yandere anime are because something happens to the yandere love interest, so she (or he, sometimes it can be a male) goes crazy, and someone ends up being hurt. Or dead.

This might not be your style, but believe it or not, yandere girls have many fans, and they are part of some of the most famous anime personality stereotypes. So, let’s get into this yandere anime list!


School Days (2006)

The story begins with a boy named Itou Makoto, who is attracted to a girl who takes the same train as him every day to go to school. By this point, the plot seems pretty normal. 

They both go to the same school as well, and even the same grade. There is a fad about a spell where you have to use the photo of the person you like as wallpaper on your cell phone, and if no one notices, your wish will come true with this person. 

Since he doesn’t have anything to lose, he puts a picture of this girl named Katsura Kotonoha on his phone. The thing is, his classmate Sekai Saionji finds out, and she offers to help him meet Katsura. Sekai takes it very seriously, and after a few days, she manages to make the three of them have breakfast together every day. Believe it or not, the plot develops a love triangle between Makoto, Sekai, and Kotonoha. As the story unfolds, deceit and betrayal will distort the two girls, making them look crazy or psychopathic.

It is difficult to explain this anime without spoiling the ending. In fact, most people know this anime because of it. 

This is not the best anime by far, but it probably got famous because of Kotonoha. She is considered one of the most bloodthirsty yandere girls ever. She is the type of person that will do anything to get her man, and it shows! Besides being one of the most known girls of this type, we also have one of the main characters of…


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Mirai Nikki (2013)

We couldn’t make a list of the best yandere anime without including the one and only: Yuno. Not everyone considers her the best yandere girl, but she is one of the most famous ones. Besides her character, Mirai Nikki also got famous because of how compelling the plot is.

It goes like this: Yukiteru Amano is a lonely, introverted high school sophomore who spends all his time writing a diary on his cell phone from a viewer’s point of view about his own life. His only friend is a fabrication of his imagination, Deus Ex Machina. They are the God of Time and Space. It’s all very regular until one day, this God gives Yukiteru’s diary the ability to see what will happen in the next 90 days in the future. It would be helpful and fun, except it puts Yukiteru in a tournament to death where he must fight for his life against the holders of other similar diaries that also predict the future.

Now Yukiteru will have to fight between Eleven people (Twelve if we count him) who try to kill each other without knowing each other’s faces. Something interesting is that each character will use their diaries from the future. Each one of the diaries has its own characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages. They all want one thing, and that is to become the God of space and Time. 

Now, who is Yuno? She is the yandere girl of this anime. She is totally in love with Yukiteru. As a good yandere character, she keeps him under control from her cell phone as she can spy on Yukiteru’s cell phone.

It is a very entertaining anime and totally recommended for someone who wants to laugh or get excited.


Durarara!! (2010)

Durarara is the anime adaptation of the light novel series of the same name. It was written by Ryogho Narita and then illustrated by Suzuhito Yasuda. It was animated by Brain’s Base studio, and it began airing from January 7, 2010, to August 25, 2010, with 24 episodes.

The story begins with Mikado, a boy tired of his boring life. Because of it, he moves to Ikebukuro, Tokyo, looking for a more exciting life. He meets his old friend, Masaomi, and they become friends with Anri, a quiet girl from his class. At the same time, we learn about the various street gangs that fight in Ikebukuro and about the urban legend of “the Black Rider.”

This is a story full of unnatural action with a tense yet everyday aura. Once you get used to the style and rhythm of the series, it totally grabs you. 

However, if we’re talking about the plot, the series itself is not very complex. It follows a group of characters who live in Ikebukuro and are related to the street gangs of that neighborhood. Even so, the first few episodes are confusing. The anime will jump from character to character, and at first, it won’t make any sense until it does.

In short, the plot takes some great turns with all of its characters, and it starts off calmly to fall into something you would have never imagined at the beginning. It makes you think a lot, and sometimes you even have to replay scenes because they go so fast that you didn’t even notice them.

Here, the yandere type of character is Haruna Niekawa, and she appears in Episode 5.

In conclusion: an anime for those who like short series, with mixed subplots and charismatic characters.


Shiki (2010)

Shiki is a 22-episode anime that aired between July 9, 2010, and December 31. Adapted from the manga with the same name whose original story was written by novelist Fuyumi Ono, it tells a story in a very small town located between mountains. It is a quiet place, where its inhabitants live in peace until a new family arrives at the community. From then on, a series of people begin to appear dead for no apparent reason, giving rise to the beginning of the mystery that will develop throughout the story. What does Shiki mean? It means Corpse Demon.

You see, Shiki does not start as a new or original idea that hasn’t been exploited on previous occasions by the wide range of possibilities available within the stories of this genre. However, what gives life to this is how it develops. A town far from the hand of God and a series of deaths without apparent explanation is the idea that sustains the plot of this anime.

The beginning of the series was perfect for what one would expect from this type of story. The atmosphere created is good, giving the series a halo of mystery in its initial chapters that made it frankly promising. We are introduced to the different protagonists of the story, and we are shown the first deaths of this in a slow but equally keep the viewer’s interest. The main characters (including a young teenager and the village doctor) begin to investigate what is behind these deaths, which are attributed by them at first (at least officially by the doctor) to an epidemic of unknown cause.

From the beginning, you know there is something supernatural, most likely related to the new family.

Why is this anime on the list? A lot of people consider Megumi Shimizu to be a yandere. This is one good yandere anime, but with demons. If you like that, this can be the anime for you. 


Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni (2007)

The meaning in English is “When the cicadas cry.” This anime tells the horror story of some kids who live in a small town called Hinamizawa. The kids do their daily chores and live happy lives until the infamous Hinamizawa festival is held every year. In the last few 5 years, it looks like the festival has some curse that causes one person to die and another to disappear every year. And to make it worse, there is something in this town that makes people slowly go crazy to reaching the point of murdering people violently and explicitly.

The first of the three stories are alternative. They all start at the same point, a few days before Watanagashi day. Everything is going great until the festival approaches, then strange things start with that, in one way or another; end up with deranged characters and bloody and sickening killings. These three stories have the same protagonists and the same starting point, but they develop differently, leaving many mysteries along the way. 

The series is a must-see because of its confusing development and its dazzling mystery. Although nothing seems to make sense, it’s that very thing that keeps you watching, plus that strange mix of comedy that turns into horror. As the episodes go by, you will get fond of the characters. You will also be disturbed by the deaths, and you will play with theories to explain what you see. It is a very entertaining series.

What people liked about this anime is the uncertainty. You get to see how the main characters cannot avoid their destiny, which causes a dismal sensation. You want to help them, but you can’t do it.

This anime has lots of good things to talk about. It has magnificent development and a brutal, innovative, and masterful plot thread. Besides, you will find every episode terrifying but chilling; you can laugh with the typical humor of the shōnen genre, and suddenly, you are watching disturbing and macabre acts that freeze your body.

Some anime fans will not consider it the best horror anime, and they say it’s more a psychological thriller with supernatural elements. In any way, the yandere girl in this anime is Shion Sonozaki, one of the main characters. We will not give you spoilers, but even if she is not the most well-known yandere girl, she’s someone with a lot to take.


Soul Eater (2008)

Soul Eater was released as a manga 5 years before the anime. Its quality made people want to watch it. Besides that, Soul Eater has all the components you could like: fantastic worlds, friendship, and its usual morals, charismatic characters with somber pasts, epic battles, the eternal struggle between Good and Evil, and so on. 

The plot revolves around a school called Shibusen, where its students (who can wear any type of clothing they want) are divided into two groups, “weapon meisters” and “weapons.” Both of them can be spiritually interpenetrated thanks to the “resonance of souls,” a particular technique that allows them to unite to fight evil creatures.

The series is divided into five arcs and begins by presenting the seven main characters. We first see the efficient Maka and her carefree scythe partner, Soul. Then, we are introduced to the arrogant and unhinged Black Star and the shy Tsubaki. Some others characters include the maniac Kid and the sisters Liz and Patty. As the story progresses, we see their abilities, personal problems, obsessions, ambitions, past, and relationship with the other inhabitants of Death City.

The yandere character here is Medusa, a witch that appears as a villain as the story progresses.

Though it only happens for a particularly short period, you can see Medusa being sweet at first to mask the madness within. Some other yandere girls are obsessed with their loved ones. Medusa, on the contrary, leans for a more hateful side. She even tries to destroy Death City while she does terrible things to everyone in the process.

Why should you watch it? Well, Soul Eater takes the most successful elements and values of other shonen and combines them. All of this results in a whole new style and dynamics. It is by no means the kind of work that marks a before and after, but it uses its resources intelligently and somehow manages to become one of the must-haves of the genre. If the premise of people transforming into weapons seems interesting to you, then go ahead.


Death Note (2006)

Light Yagami is a bright and outstanding student from Japan. His shenanigans start when one day finds a strange notebook called “Death Note.” If you write a person’s name while keeping their face in mind, that person dies. Light will use the Death Note to eliminate all the criminals in the world. He wants to cleanse it of evil and make it a better place. As the story progresses, you will ask yourself if he’s a hero or just a plain villain. He is super intelligent and thought his plan through. However, the sudden death of so many criminals calls the attention of the FBI. They will commission the famous detective L to investigate and arrest Kira (as people call Light). After this, we see an incredible game between two brilliant minds, in which the first one to discover the real name and face of the other will end up dead.

Who is the yandere girl? Light’s girlfriend, Misa Amane, fits the definition of it. She is the type of person that will do anything for her only love, Kira. She will do lots of dangerous stuff just to please Light. In the final, everything she wants is to be her boyfriend’s tool so that he can create a new world.

If you like mystery and anti-heroic characters, Death Note can be a good choice.

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That is everything for today! Every season, anime stereotypes change according to whatever anime is trending at the time. Most anime in this list are from the 2000s. This classic kind of character was easy to find at the time.

However, this has changed. Every day there are more mature anime in which a stereotype like this could look comical or even exaggerated. For example, some people consider Mikasa Ackerman from Shingeki no Kyojin to be a yandere, but as you get to know her character, you can see she feels she’s in debt with Eren. Besides, she doesn’t precisely fit the sweet and caring persona most yandere fall in. Some other people consider Shion from N°6 like a masculine version of a yandere. So it all depends.

In short, most modern anime characters don’t fall in that category today. Even that way, we picked those anime really carefully just so you could give them a try when searching for the best yandere anime.

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