Best Space Anime

Best space anime
Space has always fantasized us in different ways, the more we explore the more exciting it becomes and therefore we have some of the best space animes that transform our imaginations to a real world. Space-themed animes have always remained on the top of the list due to the fact that it captures one’s mind and takes us away from the stressful world.
Space-themed animes enables you to touch the skies, galaxies, stars and planets so closely that you forget about the worries of the real world and begin exploring the hidden truths of an unknown world. Here we have compiled a list of some of the best space animes that features a life beyond our imaginations and draws a clear picture of space environment in our minds. So, now it’s the perfect time to wear astronaut suits because we are going to explore the space!


Steins Gate is one of the most popular space-themed anime and its high ranking is clear indication of its success. This space anime is a mixture of science fiction, thrill and romance.
The story mainly moves around “Rintaraou Okabe” who is a self-proclaimed “mad scientist”. He loves to make future gadgets in his rental house along with the collaboration of his friends. The actual plot of the story begins when he accidentally discovers a method of time travel, a method through which he gains the ability to send messages to past and thereby change the present. RINTAROAU OKABE is a melodramatic and eccentric character of the series. He claims himself to be a “mad scientist”, who likes to assume the nick name as “Kyouma Hououin”.  A majority of the people address him by his nick name rather than the real ones and this makes him slightly hypocritical.
Kurisu Makise is also the secondary chararacter of the story.  She is a young woman who possesses a serious, mature and calm personality even in a panicky situation. Kursiu is featured with a stylish personality and her reddish hair cooler is most likely to resemble the chestnut color.
Mayuri is a short girl who owes an extremely childish personality. She has always been so different. It may have something to do with her inability to accept her grandmother’s death when she was too young. The space anime is not only a mix of personalities but it also represents that how a fusion of distinguished personalities plays key role in the series.


Cowboy bebop is another exciting space anime with a huge variety of main characters, supporting characters and minor characters in the series. This evergreen space anime was introduced in 1999. The story sets in the future year of 2071. The story revolves around the bounty crew (also referred to as cow boys) who are hired by the IISP (Inter 0Solar System Police) due to Intense increase in crime rate. The crew is thus rewarded in return of chasing and bringing criminals alive.  The anime series is a great reflection of Hollywood movies and it was declared as best space anime of its time.  It was even praised by the critics and was awarded as “BEST ANIMES OF ALL TIMES” in U.S.
 Spike Spiegel is an awesome fictional character of the story whose personality keeps on changing in each season. Spike is an ex-member of the Red Dragon Crime Syndicate. He falls in love with Julia and fakes his death to leave the syndicate. His professional journey keeps on going and he becomes a bounty hunter and a close ally of the Jet Black, the captain of the Bebop. She has a mature personality with slightly muscular body. In one season he has fluffy, blackish green hairs and reddish-brown eyes, one of which is artificial and lighter than the other while in the other season his perfectly fully functioning eye was replaced by a cybernetic one, through surgery.
The most interesting fact about his eyes was exposed by himself in last episode that his right eye sees “only the present” and his left eye “only sees the past”. Jet black is another important character of the space anime who is a former cop from Ganymede (a Jovian satellite). He Acts as spike’s foil during the series. He Is hard working and professional in all trades, skilled with handguns, net gun and much more. He was once an investigator In the Intra Solar System Police (ISSP) for many years until he was betrayed by his corrupt partner during investigation and lost his arm, which was then replaced with a cybernetic limb.
Faye Valentine Is member of bounty hunting crew. She is around 77 years old who wears revealing outfits most of the times. Faye is actually an active member of the team. She has great command over weapons(guns). She knows how to achieve what she desires off. On the other hand, she is addicted to some bad habits like drinking, gambling, smoking etc. This space anime is indeed a fusion of best characters with different missions in their lives.


The series is featured with great animation and a combo of realistic scenarios. The story mainly revolves around the chief character “Lelouch Vi Britannia” who tries to provide her disabled sister with a peaceful world to live in. The character received utmost praise when he helped his people with geas power when Britannia Empire invaded the world and people of Japan (now Area 11) were treated in a disgrace. His geas powers were gifted to him by mysterious women C.C which made him capable of controlling people’s will.
Lelouch vi Britannia is the main character of the series. He is the 11th Prince of Britannia Imperial Family and he is 17th in line for the throne. His father is Britannia emperor “Charles zi Britannia” and mother named “Marianne Vi Britannia”. The series is an incredible fusion of throne family and science fiction. This is a worth watching space anime that will take you out of the world in no time.


The story of the Crest of the Stars revolves around a world that is featured in a distant future where a minor human world is conquered by a superior race of humanoids.
This anime is all about how lafiel met Jinto and what were the events happened before the war. Jinto was a young guy and his father was the president of Hyde star system. His father left the system and earned for his family and himself. Jinto was sent to planet to learn about Abh nobility and to gain experience about crest of stars. There he met princess Lafiel, who was a pilot trainee and her duty was to give him learning experience about patrol ship. Soon they knew that they are not ready for creating dispute and war between Abh empire and Four Nations Alliance of Humankind.


This anime is a 3D Japanese scientific fiction film. Shinji Aramaki is the director of this anime. The main characters of this anime are: The captain, Tadashi Daiba Kei Yuki, Miime, Doctor zero and Majji. The plot of the story begins in 2977 AD when the humanity has explored a vast civilization but it’s despairing slowly. The main reason is to be defeated by a foreign invader. The main oppressors are Mazone who explored this earth in past and now they are here to reclaim it.
This war will only end in one condition if the government announces earth as a sacred planet which is forbidden for humans but Harlock was against this. Isora orders his younger brother, Yama to kill Harlock. Yama was ready to kill him. HARLOCK was aware of his plan. Harlock was going to change the history by exploding the warhead. Harlock rescued Yama who was going to kill Harlock. Isora revealed that what was Harlock’s plan. The intention of Harlock was to destroy the current universe and to Rebirth a new universe. Yama and Isora were shocked and they left the Earth. Harlock abandoned his plans and he decided to expose Gaia Sanction. Gaia Sanction were destabilized by real truth of the Earth’s condition. Yama was given the order to destroy earth but he refused to do this. He gave an amazing statement. After that statement Captain Harlock was impressed and said that we need A brave Captain Harlock like you and after that Yama became the new captain Harlock.


This is a scientific fiction series by Keiko Tekemiya. It won many awards including Seiun award and Shogakukan Manga Award. Its genre is Space opera. This anime film is directed by Hideo Onchi and written by Chiho Shioda Hideo Onchi. It was released on April 26 1980.
The characters of this anime are Mu, Jommy marcus shin, blue, physis Seki Ray Shiroe, tony asuka Sam houston and many more. This anime is about humanity which exists under Superior Dominance and their selected humans are known as Members Elite.  Under their rule all the children at age of 14 are brainwashed by them in order to produce adults which are functional for them. It was smart move by the rulers. Superior Dominance try hard to brainwash these children but on the other hand Mu try to rescue these children before they are brainwashed and eliminated. Mu wishes to return towards their land Terra.

The Irresponsible Captain Tylor

The Irresponsible Captain Tylor
As the name indicates, the story is about a Captain Justy Tylor who is the laziest and irresponsible character of the story. A 20-year-old Tylor has immense love for women and the interesting part of the story is his profession. Nobody can easily judge that this lazy man could be the captain of a space cruiser called Soyokaze.
The plot of the story becomes interesting when the captain is given more responsibilities than he can take on. He keeps on imagining his spare times which he enjoyed so much.
The anime has brilliantly executed comedic scenes which are definitely worth watching.

Terra Formars

This top space anime has probably one of the most interesting storylines out of all space anime and is suitable to watch for all groups. The story is very exciting and revolves around survival against humanoid cockroaches on a very far planet Mars. In this anime, humanity struggles to colonize Mars and for this purpose they send algae classified as a plant organism and cockroaches classifies as animal organism to Mars. After this act, the world in threatened by a very powerful virus called “Alien Engine’.
This space anime is highly recommended to Watch and find out how a team of 100 men and women develop strategies to survive on the planet Mars and the alternate methods to rescue from infected population from the humanoid cockroaches.

Astra Lost in Space

The storyline of Astra Lost in Space is very exciting where Space Travel has become a very common and affordable travel for everyone.
Kanato Hoshijima, the magnificent protagonist of the show is one of the teenagers who heads towards a distant planet for space exploration. His trip suffers from many ups and downs and the spaceship gets stuck in an unknown part of the galaxy. So, as the names indicates the story revolves around the lost world of space.
Astra and his friends now struggle to navigate through their available resources, goes through various hardships and ultimately find a way to get back to their destination.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes

Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu (Legend of the Galactic Heroes) is a good space anime about two of the strongest interstellar nations, The Galactic Empire and Free Planets Alliance. The anime features the battles of wits on both sides of the space galaxies. The anime is a wonderful depiction of battles, ideologies and wars among friends and dynasties.

Final Thoughts:

Space animes are mostly based on thrillers and science fiction characters. Gradually the space animes are developed to create a more realistic and mature content for all. The best part about the best space anime is that is suitable for all age groups and also helps in development of imagination at a very early age.

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