Best Anime for Beginners

best anime for beginners

The anime fan community is very impassioned and enthusiastic about this genre and has a separate fandom in this world.

Every other day, we see thousands of otakus jumping into this sea of thrill and fantasy.

But, as a beginner, it isn’t easy to get into the anime world because hundreds of shows are out there. Moreover, the anime genre is unlimited that goes from science-fiction, romance, fantasy, adult life, dark anime, etc., which makes it a daunting task to find the best anime.

Let’s look at the main concern of beginners, and that is where to start? We have solved the tricky part as we focused on shortlisting the quality anime to bring joy to your head.

Let’s see what the best anime for beginners in the otaku world are.


Best Anime Series for Beginners

Many people love to watch anime series because they can cherish their favorite anime characters and storyline in the long run.

But, if you ask your otaku friends about suggestions for a series, then it will undoubtedly spark a heated debate around the best anime series for beginners.

No need to feel lost and confused because we have picked the best-flavored list of anime series for you.


naruto best anime for beginners

This is a smash hit anime series aired in 2002, bringing the best manga series of Masashi Kishimoto to life.

The plot centers around a bratty ninja character Naruto Uzumaki who harbors some incredible powers.

The 72 volumes of the manga have every aspect of life as well as ninja wars. Your heart will melt on bold and motivational scenes where naruto wins his enemies with his sheer will of power.

Since naruto lived his life alone, therefore he is seen as resilient and strong to never give up on his dream no matter what.

The camaraderie between friends teaches us the meaning of friendship and never leaves us in hard times. The plot twist is so great that you will love not only the heroes but also the villains, at the end.

Other than the slice of life in Naruto, you will witness thrilling ninja fights. These fights became bigger and more acute as we move on from Naruto Uzumaki to Naruto Shippuden.

This is just a gist of a long journey from 1999 to 2017 as you have much more to experience.

So, hold your breath and start this amazing anime series. However, it’s a long series but believes me, you will never get bored of it instead of some fillers:).


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Death Note

death note

Deah note has the most compelling mysteries and anime actions that make it one of the best anime for beginners. Its intense anime action scenes will definitely hook the beginners.

The highly influential and compelling anime action starts when a god of death (Shinigami), who drops a book called “Death Note” in the human realm.

Soon after, an intelligent boy, Yagami Light, discovers it and uses it to enact justice by killing the criminals. He writes the Name of the criminal in that group, and then the criminals die.

Nobody was able to discover the truth until an eccentric detective come into the scene.

After that, you will witness the intense battle between the two of them as they play tricks while portraying the acquaintance of each other.

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dr stone

If you love educational animated series, then Dr. stone will be refreshing your mind with some cool scientific stuff.

The main character, Senku, depicts the life of a once-in-a-lifetime genius who restarts the scientific age of humanity.

The twist in the plot started when the world was mysteriously petrified to 3000 years back with no scientific revolutions.

Dr, Stone wakes up in the new world of the stone age and rebuilds everything from scratch. He starts small and rediscovers the inventions, one at a time.

You will experience how human civilization evolved, in a lighter way as compared to your school. The first season comprises just 24 episodes. So, let’s get going to watch it.

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Attack on Titan

Attack on titan

AOT is one of the most popular anime series categorized under the dark-fantasy and action anime.

Otakus love it all over the world because it brings the eccentric theme of titans attacking humans. You will be surprised by its shocking drawings.

The storyline is filled with mystery, intense scenes, and violent moments when titans try to gulp down humans into their large stomachs.

The AOT fans also love the aggressive heroes of the series such as Levi Ackerman, Mikasa Ackerman, Eren Yeager, and many others. The final and the fourth season is announced to be released soon.


erased anime for beginners

Erased was created as manga, and they were released in 2012_2016. After 2016 it was adapted into anime with 12 episodes full of mystery.

It’s not wrong to say that it is the most underrated anime in the genre of thrill, mystery, and action.

The intense story revolves around 27 years old man Satoru Fujinuma whose magical powers can rewind time to avoid a particular tragedy.

Fujinuma’s extraordinary powers allow him to travel back and forth between the past and future. But, he faces this power’s consequences because he had to face a tragedy to solve a murder and catch a killer.

Hunter x Hunter

hunter x hunter anime

The hunter x hunter is an overwhelmingly great anime for beginners. You will be filled with the infectious and electric enthusiasm of a 12-year-old boy who pursues his dreams.

Categorized under the shonen genre, the hunter x hunter emphasizes its world’s logic.

Nothing in the world can break that logic even the strongest of friendship. Moreover, you will also appreciate the encompassing world in the series where creators have utilized all sorts of innovation.

Hunters are elite fighters, and so do Gon who is the main character of the series which seeks to reconnect with his father.

It’s one of the odds that you will hate the most powerful character, Meruem, and later you will start developing soft feelings for him.

Definitely, you are curious to know why it happens, so grab popcorns and set your eyes on the screen!

Anime Movies for Beginners

Your Name

your name movies for beginners

Your Name is one of the most iconic anime films written and directed by Mokoto Shinkai and released in the 2000s.

The fantasy drama anime movie caught the fan’s attention of the whole world as it was distributed to over 100 countries and regions.

The story revolves around two young students who fell into unconventional love with each other.

The fantasy drama action movie revolves around two love birds, Taki Tachibana who lives in Tokyo, and Mitsuha Miyamizu who lives in the countryside.

The most surprising event happened when they noticed, their bodies are switched with each other.

The phenomena keep on repeating again and again, and both of them knew more and more about each other. However, they are left puzzled by mysterious events.

Other than the outstanding storyline, the animation is so cool, and if it ever happens that you visit that place in Japan, you will find no difference!

Give it a try beginner Otaku’s

Spirited Away

spirited away
source: Nikkel Asia

My first ever choice of animated movie is the masterpiece created by Hayao Miyazaki.

Every scene in the movie expresses the craftsmanship of movie makers. Details are carefully drawn to weave the themes of youthfulness and self-esteem into fun, family adventure.

A girl named Chirio and her parents enters the mysterious world unknowingly. Mysterious and magical events happen when Chihiro sets on the journey to freed her parents from the magical bounds of that world.

This is the perfect example of not getting intimated by new situations by showing the high resolve of tiny 12 years old girl.

Sen (her nickname) navigates through the spirit world, makes new friends along the way as she never failed to express compassion for others.

After working so hard, facing the ups and downs of the magical world, she finally ends up freeing herself and her parents from that world.

During the whole journey, she met a boy who also helps her win her struggle. This is how it ends, leaving emotional marks on the hearts of viewers for a long time.

Forget not! The train ride and just like other Otaku’s out there I wish to ride that train 🙂

From Up on the Poppy Hills

From Up on the Poppy Hills

Another amazing anime movie idea by the great mind Hayao Miyazaki is the “From up on the poppy hill” performs to be the best anime movie for beginners.

This movie set the hallmarks for other animation studios. This period drama tried to bring an optimistic image of Japan after the second world war.

The story revolves around Umi, a hardworking school girl, and Shun, a thoughtful writer for the school newspaper.

Both of them have such thoughtful friendships, and they are strong-willed to accomplish their targets.

You will also be touched by their clubhouse and the bonds, friendships among its peers. Both Umi and Shun make it happen to prevent the demolition of the clubhouse.

You should give it a try because it’s not only joyful but also has impeccable scrip and classic anime visuals.

The Girl who Leapt Through Time

The Girl who Leapt Through Time Anime

Another addition to the list of most popular movies is the “Girl who leaped through time”. This is a time travel movie where a teenage girl Mokoto travels through time.

Once she recognized her power, she would use it to correct the mundane problems of her life by traveling through time. However, being unaware of the consequences, she had to face challenges in the future.

The movie also hits the love, adolescent pains, friendships, and it affects Mokota a lot. From a whining kid, Mokoto turns into a very thoughtful character in the end.

It’s definitely a great movie that also has a slice of life in it as it teaches us some lessons.

The Secret World of Arrietty

The Secret World of Arrietty

This anime expresses a heartwarming friendship between two main characters Sho and his tiny little friend Arriety. This is is a simple, cute movie for a lighter mood.

The plot of this anime movie revolves around the weakened heart of Shun and the challenging life of Arriety.

Arriety came from the world of “borrowers” who borrow edibles and other small items from bigger people. Arriety and her family are only a few inches tall.

Shu and Arriety belong to different worlds, but still, they became friends, and they support each other.

But sometimes, friendship has to pay the price and so does the Arrietty family. They have to move out of their home to far lands.

Overall, the anime is charming with scenic animations and impressive dialogues.

Grave of Fireflies

Grave of Fireflies anime

Our favorite movie under a realistic, sad story category is full of emotions and heart-wrenching.

Unlike the happy, full of hope, and motivational storyline of Ghibli movies, the “grave of fireflies” is one of the serious films that the studio has produced. It reflects the lives of the citizens after the bombing of World War II.

It expresses the story of two children who were made homeless after the heavy bombing.

The teenage boy Seita is the brother of 5 years old girl Setsuko. After leaving their homeland, they went to their aunt, but she is sure to provide them with food.

Under tense circumstances, both of them live under a cave. They do everything to get some food and medicine and try their best to survive.

This powerful dramatic film is full of disasters, shocks, and terrifying scenes.

The most tragic event in this impressionistic anime is the ending where Setsuko dies due to a lack of sufficient nourishment. She grew weaker and weaker and caught the illness.

After seeing a beloved sister’s death, Seita’s heart broke down because he couldn’t save her sister’s life after die-hard efforts.

Fans loved this iconic masterpiece created by Studio Ghibli, and we cannot recommend this movie more!

When Marnie was There

When Marnie was There

When Marnie was there is a moving tale of a teenage girl who experiences the complexities of young life.

The 12-year-old Anna’s adventures around the town of Kissakibetsu prove to be more than they seem.

This is a family/drama anime film as it revolves around the friendship journey of two friends, Anna and Marnie.

Marnie is a mysterious blonde-haired character. Marnie makes Anna keep their secrets of friendship and their adventures.

The story hooks the viewers in such a way that they keep figuring out the mystery in it. There is much more to the story, and you should not miss it.

When Marnie was there is one of the best anime movies for beginners because it’s totally different from the lot.

It’s truly filled with heart and reality that keeps viewers stuck with it till the very end. Go and try it out!

Wolf Children

best movies Wolf Children for beginners and kids

Another masterpiece by the creator of “A girl who leaped through time” shows the love story between a girl and a mysterious man.

The girl’s name is Hana, who is a dedicated college student who falls in love with a man who can turn into a wolf.

Their love grows with time, and they give birth to two kids. Kids are half human and half wolves.

Raising children is hard but raising them as single mothers and coping with their unique abilities is definitely a challenge.

The mysterious man dies, and the woman has to take care of her children on her own.

It covers all the fantastical elements in the whole story. In the end, the kids decide the future of their own free will.

A Silent Voice

A Silent Voice

It is a thrilling story, that shows non-verbal language can deliver its message with power and clear expression.

This involves the two teenage students, Shoya and Shouku who fell in love with each other after so many twists and loops.

The girl named Shouku is deaf. The boy would make fun of her deafness and used to bully her. Soon he realized his behavior by going through some circumstances.

He tries to commit suicide. Later on, he learned his mistakes and make efforts to set the path right.

The ending of the movie is positive when both of the students, Shouku and Shoya, fall in devoted love with each other.

The movie also resonates with the greater message of positivity and ant bullying. It has an emotional depth that goes along the end.

Its soundtrack is so close to heart, especially for the people who faced bullies at school or in their life.

Children Who Chase Lost Voices from Down Below

Children Who Chase Lost Voices from Down Below

Another impressionist movie from the best ever anime collection is “Journey to Agartha” or “the children who chase lost voices from deep down”.

The movie is about defining the meaning of life and death, friendships, and love.

It tells the tale of Asuna, who is a dedicated girl with an explorative mind. She spent her time discovering voices with DIY radio.

The story takes a turn when a boy saves her life from a dangerous bear.

Asuna, along with her teacher, sets on the journey to Agartha to find the dead ones. Agartha is a place where you can resurrect the dead one.

The events that take place in such a magical way in this movie, especially the ending, is so impressive and thoughtful. It reinforces that it is okay to mourn the dead and to move on in life with the living ones.

The imagery is so catchy and beautiful that you will wish to be in an animated world. There is much to the movie and storyline. Let’s keep it a mystery until you watch it.

Do share your views on the best anime for beginners and which one you find most interesting.

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