Best Cooking Anime

Best Cooking Anime

This list of the top anime will have you drooling for more. Most of the worst are bland, not bad, but a few do leave a bad taste in your mouth!

It’s fun to watch most Japanese anime, but not all are worth the effort. 

It’s not just about the visuals when it comes to the best kinds of cooking anime. It offers actual recipes, helpful cooking tips, and funny or engaging stories. 

Grab some popcorn and enjoy the list of one of the best cooking anime series!


Bartender one of the best cooking anime

The name of the anime “Bartender” is self-descriptive among most of the other cooking anime lists. 

You will see the main protagonist working at a bar and helping thereby serving beverages to people. Most of the episodes cover this scene.

Ryuu, the main character, is a highly observant and intelligent person. He can tell a customer’s emotions by looking at their hands and can tell if a person is lying or not. Interestingly, he can also taste two different drinks mixed together.

This cooking anime series is worth watching if you keep an open-minded attitude. You will learn how a bartender resolves the problems of other people by listening to their problems while serving them cocktails. 

Not only is this an interesting series to watch but also an informative piece where you’ll learn the ins and odds of alcoholic beverages. 

For example, did you know when we combine dark beer and champagne, we get a drink named Black Velvet? 

Let me share another interesting fact that Margarita was named after a man’s girlfriend who died 23 years ago before he made this drink in the 1940s. 

So, guys increase your knowledge and solve the complexities of life while watching an amazing series!


Drifting Dragon

Drifting dragon is one of the cool anime series that will take you to a feudal world. The massive airships work on trade lines between the far-flung human settlements.

You will be lost in this fictional series where the crew of main characters spends their days while hunting shadows in the sky. The adventure ship of the crew is named Quin Zaza which is a large whaling vessel. 

The crew hunts and kills the massive creatures with sharp harpoons. Later on, they sell their parts and make money.

You must be thinking why it comes under the best cooking anime series! You got an answer. Actually, most of the series revolves around cookie-cutter tropes and the bigger cast sits together on meals. 

They share mesmerizing hunter stories and the beauty of dragons they hunt. It feels wholesome to watch this as it will fill you up with motivation and energy too.

Drifting Dragon is overwhelming, weird, and compellingly idiosyncratic. 

Fall in love with its visual storytelling and get an appetite for hulk sausage stew caraway seeds. 

Ristorante Paradiso

If you are a cooking freak but also love a slice of life anime, then Ristorante Paradiso is for you. 

This is an excellent slice of life anime, emotionally driven, slow-paced that will highlight different layers of human nature.

The whole series is so peaceful to watch because there are no overreacted emotional outbursts and no loud voices. 

How can I forget the tasty food it offers an aesthetic beauty that comes along with it. 

The main character, a girl named Nicoletta, visits the countryside, chasing her mother named Olga. Olga owns a restaurant named “Risoranto Paradiso”

Nicoletta’s mother hides her presence from her stepdad but Nicoletta is stubborn and secures her place at the restaurant as kitchen help. 

The story keeps revolving around family issues and Nicoletta is attracted to a waiter but not sure how to move forward to be in a relationship. 

This is a straightforward anime that exhibits family problems and their effects on every member of the household. 

Give it a try, you will love it!

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Silver Spoon

Hiromu Arakawa, who is the mind behind Fullmetal alchemist, is the brain behind the Silver spoon. 

The main character Hachiken escapes from the school and joins rural life thinking it will be stress-free. He just has to babysit a few animals, watering plants and feeding them. That’s all! 

This city school student comes under a shock when he sees the ground reality of village life. He was astonished to see how they make sausages. The country students go through backbreaking labor while handling animals and preparing lands for agriculture.

This anime is the depiction of the author’s life who grew up on a farm. He exhibited his passion by making this series that has much more to offer. 

It will be shocking to audiences who have never seen rural life and a piece of fun for those who are already living in it.

At farm school, students learn how to prepare sausages and prepare meat out of raw animals. However, Hachiken behaves like a fish out of water student because he had no clue how the village school works. 

At the end of the day, Hachiken gains self-confidence and realizes his purpose in life because he lacked these attributes before.


Wakako-Zake is going to be a treat for you because it’s full of fun where people are enjoying trying out new recipes and eating them together. Watching women enjoying drinks, eating foods is the most contented sign in the history of moving pictures. 

The story revolves around a lady who is a tour guide in her head. She says her stomach with a variety of foods making the viewers fall in love with the way she eats.

Not just entertainment, this show will introduce you to Japanese cuisine and their eating culture.

You will fall in love with wakako-zake more than the food she eats. Her enthusiasm about foods and the way she muses her appetite build up her anticipation for incoming dishes will make you fall in love with her character. 

But, you are not going to experience any drama or actual development here. It will however get you in the mood to eat a delightful variety of food.

You can say it’s more related to daily life with a simple and pleasant story.

Give it a try and you are definitely gonna try one of those foods.

New Cooking Masterboy

New Cooking Master Boy is a sequel to the 1998 series Chuuka based on the manga by creator Etsushi Ogawa. This series was covered during the fictitious ” Era of Cooking Wars” by China’s Qing Dynasty during the 19th century. 

You will be experiencing the chef roles in this series and how they prepare delicious foods to maintain the reputation of the restaurant. 

The lead character is Mao whose mother was famous for making desirable foods. Her mother earned the title of ” Fairy of Cuisines” thus Mao walks in her footsteps to become a better chef after she passes. 

You will love this colorful show where everyone wears beautiful bright outfits and amazing character designs.

Mao is a stock-seeking shounen hero who is very focused, earnest, studious, and highly competent. 

She faces other competitors of her field and villains. However, she still stands out and proves herself as a daughter of “Fairy of Cuisines


Watashi No Italian 

Experience a mediocre short cooking anime series that has some spark to watch it completely. 

Watashi No Italian, as the name depicts, talks about Italian cuisine. You will enjoy elements of beauty in it and how the Italian cuisines are represented. However, the plot is neither awesome nor bad. 

The humor is sometimes good but loses all of its essences soon after with a comedy that’s not that funny. 

It covers the story of Morina Nanase as she joins a part-time job at an Italian restaurant. Her role as a waitress suits her and she quickly settles into her new profession. 

You can kill your boring time with anime when you are low on the best options. It stands among the middle ground when we talk about the best cooking anime, so you can give it a chance. 

She is introduced to new varieties of foods she never knew before such as penne arrabbiata, rich desserts such as tiramisu. Morina Loves her profession and gladly accepts new challenges that come her way. 

Her warm smile will steal customer’s hearts as she serves them the best Italian cuisine.

Today’s Menu for Emiya Family

One of the best cooking anime series for newbies, diehard fans. Get ready to feel extremely hungry, to smile and laugh in each episode. 

Today’s Menu for Emiya Family centers around Japanese culture and most importantly its food. However, you must have watched the Fate Franchise before going for this one. So, getting experience with Fate Franchise is recommended if you truly want to enjoy this one.


One of the interesting facts about Today’s Menu for the Emiya Family is that you can cook all recipes shown in anime. Because the information is so detailed with every instruction explained required for the best cuisine. Go, give it a try!

Grab something to eat while you watch this anime because the mesmerizing food of 13 dishes is going to boost your appetite. From Omelette rice to new year’s soba, from hamburger steaks to foil baked salmon, every meal is overwhelming to your eyes as well as your appetite. 

Shirou, the main character does all the cooking in the series and the approach is detail-oriented as he explains every single ingredient and its flavor. 

The other supporting members of the cast are all supporting characters that help prepare home meals and other events. 


Make sure you are not hungry while watching this masterpiece of Toriko. 

Welcome to the world of delicious ingredients where you can’t wait to sate your appetite. 

Toriko hunts down the rarest of the animals on planet earth to find out the mouth-watering ingredients. 

He believes in “the ferocious the beast, the bigger the beast”. 

Just like the Dragon Ball Z fighting style, Toriko displays a God-like style to hunt down the challenging creatures. 

Toriko anime deals with gourmet foods in an interesting way and every episode exhibits challenges. 

Toriko enjoys his hunt as he moves forward in his adventurous journey and meets new characters along the way.

However, the art in the anime is rough with little details. However, we can ignore this fact because the plotline is super amazing. 


Here comes one of the unique categories among the best cooking anime where the lead role Sawaki Tadayasu can communicate with the bacterias. 

He belongs to a fermentation starter business family that has the ability to communicate with microorganisms. 

Moyashimon offers quality episodes and covers one of the most charming anime you have ever seen. 

Sawaki gains popularity among students and professors at his university as his special talent stands out. Professor Itsuki shows due consideration towards him because he also specializes in fermentation. 

This is one of the peculiar anime series and you must give it a try especially if you are a student of microbiology. It offers a lot of fun for you.

Amaama to Inazuma

The delightful anime series Amaama to Inazuma focuses on family, friendship, and community, all while centered around dinnertime! 

For many cooking anime fans, even though it isn’t quite the same as Shokugeki no Soma, it is filled with plenty of cooking fun. 

An anime about food is a hit with almost everyone, right?

In the wake of the death of his wife, Kouhei Inuzuka has provided for his young daughter Tsumugi as best as he can. 

However, because he lacks culinary knowledge and his job is too busy to prepare meals, he must rely on convenience store prepared meals for his daughter. 

A frustrated Kouhei takes Kotori Iida up on her offer to invite him to dinner at her hotel as a way to provide a healthy meal for his daughter.

They soon learn, however, that Kotori’s mother is frequently away for work and that the restaurant is often closed when the duo visits for the first time.

The Amaama to Inazuma story follows the sweet relationship between a little girl and her father.

Concluding Remarks

Diehard anime fans know the aesthetic value of anime food being prepared and cooked. It’s mouth-watering even looking at it and it makes you hungry. Watching some of the best cooking anime not only increases appetite but also offers a lot of information about cooking most enjoyably. Do share with us your most favorite recommendations for cooking anime genres. Did you try some recipes? Tell us in the comment section.

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