Most Famous Giantess Characters

Giantess Characters

Here are some of the most famous giantess characters

Although Giantess anime characters are very uncommon, there are undoubtedly more female giants than males. In other words, bigger is better, right?

It’s fun to see giant female figures! Their supporters like them for reasons other than their personality and attitude, despite the fact that some of them are kinder than normal-sized ladies.

Naturally, you guessed it right—fans adore them for their incredible, enormously voluptuous bodies! For your perusal, we have compiled a list of all such female giants, both mild and not. All anime subgenres and varieties of giants have been taken into account.

Enjoy the selection we’ve chosen for you!


Giantess Anime Characters

Eimiya Mana from Choudokyuu Shoujo

 Eimiya Mana from Choudokyuu Shoujo

This 15-year-old character from the manga Choudokyuu Shoujo 4946 is a nice and modest giant. A youngster named Makoto and the giant female who falls in love with this brave child is the subjects of a shoujo manga.

A gigantic monster attacks Makoto’s school, but a large girl named Mana appears out of nowhere and saves the day. She discovers Makoto’s heroism while saving the school and falls in love with him.

Despite being 4946 meters tall, Mana has a kind heart. She is always kind to everyone and wants to coexist happily with them.

She wears two ponytails on either side of her head to hold back her vivid red hair. She is adorable with her ponies, and she is even more adorable when she blushes!


Minimi Nimi Mermaid from Valkyrie Drive

Minimi Nimi Mermaid from Valkyrie Drive

Drive a Valkyrie In the autumn of 2015, the fantasy shoujo anime Mermaid debuted in Japan. If you’re a fan of Ecchi and haven’t yet seen this anime, now is the moment! You may view all the ecchi material you want on it. giantess manga characters are much more vibrant and detailed, however, but none of them is quite as versatile as this one

Mamori Tokonome, a little child who is kidnapped and wakes up on a mysterious island populated by mermaids, is the subject of the anime.

She encounters a castaway named Shikishima here on the island, and the strength of his passionate kiss awakens the warrior inside her.

The minor character in the episode, Nimi Minimi, is Noe’s companion in Extra. She possesses giant growth abilities.

She is one of the most attractive females because of her curvaceous shape and large breasts! Her fringed, short, orangish-red hair covers her forehead.


Farine the Sky Priestess from Dog Days

Farine the Sky Priestess from Dog Days

Dog Days is a 2015 action-adventure fantasy television series. As the Priestess of the Sky, Farine had a supporting part on the program.

Three primary protagonists, Cinque, Nanami, and Rebecca, travel together in Dog Days. To take part in the friendly war games between the three allied countries Galette, Pastilage, and the Biscotti Republic, the three of them travel to the country of Flonyard.

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The Sky Priestess has a very rounded body with fullness in the right places. Her back is fantastic, and she has wonderful hips.

She can be seen clad in an off-shoulder robe that is lined with purple fur. The robe reveals her enormous cleavage, which is further accentuated by the black corset she is wearing.

I wish she appeared more frequently in the anime! Visit her at Dog Days!


Klan Klang From Macross Frontier

 Klan Klang From Macross Frontier

Giant mecha robots, aliens, and racial conflicts are all included in Macross Frontier, often referred to as Macross F, a sci-fi, action, and romance anime.

Klang Klan is of the race of Zentradi. She is also the leader of the S.M.S. Pixie Squadron, an all-female fighting squadron comprised of the most powerful warrior women from the Zentradi.

She has long, blue hair that reaches her calf muscles. With a well-known pink ribbon, she binds her hair in two long ponytails on either side of her head. She had the most beautiful grin and the curviest physique.

She is dressed in a purple and white combat outfit, which precisely reveals the contour of her breast and her waist. She is an impressive fighter that stands over 12 meters tall. See her in the well-known series Macross F


Brandis from Fairy Tail

Brandis from Fairy Tail

Brandish is a giantess with green hair from the hit shounen series Fairy Tail. I’ll simply call her Brandish since it’s easier and I’m lazy.

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The guild featured in Fairy Tail is the same one from the television program. It is a magical guild full of mad mages who cause more trouble than they do trouble.

The main character, Natsu, goes on wild, unpredictable, and batshit crazy adventures with Lucy, Happy, Gray, and Erza.

Brandish, also referred to as “The Nation Destroyer,” was formerly a guard for King Sprigann.

She has two cross-shaped items protruding from her hair on either side, and she wears her green hair in bangs with fringes concealing her little forehead.

She is dressed in a barely-there jacket and a black, seductive bikini with white embroidery. Her lengthy legs are so annoying, and her lovely, light skin is always on display!

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Ouzen From Made in Abyss

Ouzen From Made in Abyss 

The focal point of Made in Abyss is the Abyss and its inhabitants. The Abyss is a supermassive fissure that extends to the planet’s core and is home to enigmatic species that can only be found there.

Divers are pretty intrepid and fiendishly daring people who choose to plunge into the Abyss in order to learn more about the unknown locales. White Whistles are the top divers.

She holds the White Whistle rank and resides in the seeker camp on the second level of the Abyss as Ouzen, The Immovable Lord.

She is a little giant who is still 2 meters tall. She is a really frightening person! She has pitch-black eyes and black and white hair that falls to her shoulder.

I believe her eyes add to her allure. She exudes a powerful, seductive attitude, and she also has stunning beauty. In Made in Abyss, you must be on the lookout for her!


Shirahoshi from One Piece

 Shirahoshi from One Piece

Giant beasts, monsters, and other supernatural beings abound in One Piece, but Shirahoshi stands out as the show’s most striking and lovely character.

Finding the One Piece is Luffy’s constant quest with his pirate band, The StrawHats.

They encounter Shirahoshi, the Queen of Mermaid Island and a famous beauty who is the youngest of Neptune’s children, during one of their adventures.

Princess Shirahoshi is a huge mermaid with long, lush pink hair that cascades down her back and ends in a graceful tail.

She wears a bikini that resembles enormous clams to conceal her large front. How could you locate such enormous clams, therefore they are clearly not clams?

She has a round face, bright blue eyes, and a broad, joyful grin.

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Annie Titan From Attack on Titan

Annie Titan From Attack on Titan

The moment that Attack on Titan fans has been waiting for has finally arrived! Annie is present. (If you haven’t watched Season 4, click away now.) SPOILER ALERT!

One of the three honorary Eldians from Marley who smashed through the wall on that fateful day and rocked the life of everyone who lived behind it was Annie.

The Female Titan is Annie. Her features and body were remarkably similar to the Titans! Similar to her, the titan has short, straight blonde hair and a muscular figure with six-pack abs and thighs that are stronger than those of a horse.

About 14 meters tall and just as hot in her titan form as she is in human form is Annie. She had an icy expression on her face.

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Mount Lady From My Hero Academia

Mount Lady From My Hero Academia 

Another giantess woman anime character from The anime My Hero Academia (MHA) depicts a world in which people have genetically changed and now have a variety of peculiarities or features.

These characteristics are used by humans to either benefit them or do them harm! Heroes became a new profession as a result!

These characteristics range widely, including the fire feature, frog powers, the nullifying of gravity, and others. Giant Form is one such incredible quality!

Yuu Takeyama, also known as Monty Lady, is a superhero with the power to grow into a huge body. She can reach a height of 20 meters and dominate her opponents due to her enormous size.

She frequently dons her purple superhero outfit, which brilliantly reveals her curves. She has lower back-length, light blonde hair that is straight and long. She’s a really hot giantess!

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Diane from Seven Deadly Sins

 Diane from Seven Deadly Sins

Diane from Nanatsu no Taizai is the greatest and sexiest Giantess of them all (Seven Deadly Sins). One of the show’s key protagonists and one of the Seven Deadly Sins is Diane.

She has the Serpent’s Sin of Envy, which causes her to be envious of other people’s accomplishments, possessions, and pretty much everything else she desires but is unable to have. She is completely smitten with Meliodas, the leader of the Sins. She is really frustrated since Meliodas rarely acknowledges her feelings.

You’d like her attire! She is dressed in an orange one-piece suit composed of a plastic-like material that accentuates her curves and sexily defines her figure.

She has two symmetrically positioned ponies made out of her brown hair, which she ties up into a towering monster.

She uses the supermassive ax “Gideon,” also known as the Sacred Treasure Among the Sins, as a weapon. She is remarkable because she is brave, tough, and still very feminine.

And those were 10 of the most well-known giantess characters.

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