Most Annoying Anime Characters

Most Annoying Anime Characters

there’s likely to be a character on the opposite side of that chart for every badass figure you want to see every day. In other words, every good character has a counterpart of a bunch of annoying anime characters. ones You want to swat away like a fly.

That’s what we’re talking about in our ranking: those obnoxious anime characters who make us want to rip our hair out or even abandon a show just to avoid seeing them. So yup.

This ranking is all about the most annoying anime characters

1: Shou Tucker: Anime Full Metal Alchemist

Shou Tucker

The first in our list of annoying anime characters male is Shou from Fullmetal Alchemist, which is widely regarded as one of the best shonen anime series ever produced. Hiromu Arakawa, one of the most well-known female mangaka, gave the characters the greatest possible portrayal, and the show was well-received.

Shou Tucker, the Sewing-Life Alchemist, was one such individual who appeared early in the series. Ed and Al approached him as a renowned biochemical scientist to assist them in solving riddles, and he appeared to be quite friendly.

However, what he did to avoid the government was very wrong. The horrific crime he committed by combining the bodies of his daughter Nina and his

My favorite dog Alexander was the most inhumane atrocity fans had ever witnessed.

Shou Tucker just sacrificed two lovely and innocent lives in the sake of research and creating a Chimera, and anime fans will never forgive him for his barbarism.

2: Mahito: Anime Jujutsu Kaisen


The supporters were never happy when Mahito appeared in the Jujutsu Kaisen realm. He, like Jogo and Sukuna, is a Special Grade Cursed Spirit with solid character development. But why do so many people despise Mahito?

Jujutsu Kaisen enthusiasts are fully aware of the answer. Unlike other cursed spirits, Mahito did something unimaginably heinous and cheap. His Idle Transfiguration transformed a poor, harmless man like Junpei into an unsightly curse.

Mahito could have easily avoided that situation and was in a position to kill Junpei, but he chose not to. He also transformed Junpei into a curse and chuckled at Yuji’s powerlessness to do anything to make Yuji suffer.

That was an emotional scene, and Mahito will be remembered for it. And, following the Shibuya Incident Arc, he’s on everyone’s hit list of Jujutsu Kaisen fans.

3: MinetaAnime My Hero Academia


Pervy characters are usually entertaining to watch, and there’s a good reason for that: they add a lot of humor and intrigue to the plot. Jiraiya, Sanji, and

Meliodas all have the same personality and are well-liked by fans because of it.

Minoru Mineta is another such figure, however, he is not well-liked by many (or say not anyone). First and foremost, his character design is both hilarious and odd. Second, his imagination is solely focused on girls and erotica.

Even though he has never done anything bad or wrong, many despise him, and this appears to be justified because as a U.A. Mineta student, he has never contributed to the performance. His presence is almost non-existent, and his lusty deeds in between episodes anger the audience. That is why he is despised among My Hero Academia fans.


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4: Malty S Melromarc Anime: The Rising Of The Shield Hero)

 Malty S Melromarc

Malty might be regarded as the main adversary of The Rising of the Shield Hero because everything began with her evil methods. She is Melromarc’s first princess, as well as the worst.

Malty was the only person Naofumi trusted when he entered the fictional realm of Heroes since she was incredibly courteous and pleasant with him. Naofumi made the worst mistake of his life when he fell for her swaying beauty.

As the girl Naofumi trusted the most turned on him, accusing him of sexual assault and dishonoring his Shield hero persona. Malty’s deceitful behavior made her one of the most despised anime characters, which was compounded later when Naofumi gave him the ideal moniker, ‘Bitch.’

4: Seryu Ubiquitous Anime: Akame ga Kill!

 Seryu Ubiquitous

Seryu Ubiquitous belonged to the Jaegers, the faction in the task of dealing with the Night Raids. She appeared to be a really nice and giving person at first. However, her behavior for the rest of the series was intolerable.

Seryu’s strong sense of justice was warped to the point where she believed the corrupt Empire was entirely correct and its foes were pure evil. She appeared kind at first but eventually revealed herself to be a vicious, crazy, sadistic, and unstable young lady who loved killing people as a pastime.

Seryu’s grating voice and deadly instinct towards the show’s main characters may have made her a terrific side character, but the viewers weren’t interested.

6: Danzo Shimura: Anime Naruto Danzo Shimura

Danzo Shimura, the elite Leaf ninja, isn’t awful on paper. He and his Root/Foundation group have promised to defend the Hidden Leaf Village at all costs and without asking anything in return. But Danzo is more than just a noble mission statement.

Even by ninja standards, Danzo is a cold, exploitative, and pitiless man who treats all of his followers like disposable tools, and Tsunade, as Hokage, was frequently in conflict with him. Danzo also sought to practically jail Naruto Uzumaki in the hamlet to safeguard him from the Akatsuki, and his measures were too excessive. He was finally assassinated by Sasuke Uchiha.

7: Sakura Harun: Anime Naruto

 Sakura Harun

This is perhaps the most known annoying anime character female. Sakura Haruno is a member of Team 7 and has stood with Naruto through thick and thin, but that hasn’t exactly won her supporters over. Sakura is not a villain or a bully, and she has her qualities, such as medical ninjutsu and commitment to her companions, unlike many disliked anime characters.

But for some admirers, it isn’t enough. Sakura is frequently teased for her brattish and unpleasant conduct, as well as her status as Team 7’s weakest member. She’s also despised for her intense and often misguided obsession with Sasuke, as well as her verbal abuse of Naruto Uzumaki.

8: Akito Sohma: Anime Fruits Basket

 Akito Sohma

Although there are some obvious explanations for Akito Sohma’s behavior, anime viewers still regard her as an annoying and very dysfunctional shojo anime villain. Akito is the “goddess” of the zodiac animals, and she struggles with both control and devotion.

Akito expects complete devotion and loyalty from the Sohmas and will throw a tantrum if they defy her even slightly. To chastise and intimidate the Sohmas, she utilizes verbal, emotional, and sometimes physical violence, which only serves to push them away, especially Kyo, Yuki, and Momiji. Ren, her mother, is somehow just as evil, if not worse.

9: Sugou Nobuyuki: Anime Sword Art Online

 Sugou Nobuyuki

Sugou Nobuyuki was the CEO of RECT Inc. in real life, and he was formerly engaged to Asuna Yuuki. He was known as Oberon in the virtual gaming world, after the fairy monarch from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Kirito and the SAO fanbase both protested to him wanting Asuna to be his Titania.

Oberon possessed no redeeming traits, not even bravery or combat strength. He was a sleazy individual who treated Asuna like a misbehaving puppy, which is not the way to treat anybody. Due to his timidity when battling Kirito, he grew even more unattractive, and he was eventually beaten in the game. He later attempted but failed to assault Kirito in real life.

10: Shinji Ikari: Anime Neon Genesis Evangelion


Shinji Ikari is just 14 years old, yet his superiors are expecting a lot from him. Most individuals his age would respond negatively to Shinji’s circumstances, but that doesn’t stop the anime community from criticizing him. He hasn’t won anyone’s affection.

Shinji is accused of lacking strength and commitment as a protagonist, and he frequently complains about anything that comes to mind. He’s also known for being turned on by his tsundere ally Asuka Langley when she was asleep, something many fans found disconcerting.

11: Orihime Inoue: Anime Bleach

 Orihime Inoue

There are a lot of anime characters that are more widely disliked than Orihime Inoue, yet Orihime has a lot of critics for a few reasons. She is a charming and devoted buddy in the Bleach plot, and her bravery endears her to the majority of Bleach characters.

Many Bleach fans, on the other hand, fiercely ship Ichigo with Rukia, however as the manga’s last chapter revealed, Orihime claimed Ichigo for herself.

Many fans were furious because their OTP had been shattered.

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12: Emma: Anime The Promised Neverland

 Emma Anime The Promised Neverland

In the first season, I had no serious difficulties with Emma. She was actually quite cool. However, in the second season, she came to embody everything that was wrong with the program. She had achieved a level of speaking no Jutsu that not even Naruto had. And with only a few words, she could command everyone to follow her orders.

Although I understood where she was coming from, her naïve idealism was vexing. Demons are suddenly our allies, conflict is terrible, and retribution is worthless. I despised seeing her on TV because she sapped all of the suspense and intensity from an already dull second season.

13: Boruto usumaki: Anime Boruto Boruto usumaki

Boruto would be okay if the Naruto series never existed, I suppose.

But, because we all grew up with Naruto, Boruto comes across as the world’s most pampered child.

He has the audacity to label Naruto a horrible parent for missing a birthday without ever questioning how that so-called “bad father” spent his whole childhood.

He has so much untapped potential, yet he cheats (against his best buddy, no less) to make a point… Why?

This goes against everything that made Naruto so appealing in the first place.

14: Eva Heinemann: Anime Monster

Eva Heinemann 

Eva has, without a doubt, the most punchable face you’ve ever seen.

She’s portrayed as a villain from the start, claiming that certain lives are more valuable than others.

And she has no sympathy for those who have been harmed and then has the audacity to play the victim card once Tenma leaves her poisonous self.

She then goes on to seek out other guys and manages to sabotage each of their relationships, certain that she is the most important person on the globe.

Mind you, this is only touching the surface.

15: Yukiteru Amano: Anime Mirai Nikki

 Yukiteru Amano

Yuki was clearly out of place in this show.

Almost everyone affiliated with Mirai Nikki is a psychopath, the most evident being Yuno. And Yuki’s frequent sobbing ruins the show’s entire “edgy thriller feel.”

I understand portraying him as a sensitive guy at first in order to make his transformation into a badass more spectacular.

However, it took much too long.

I was simply tired of seeing him weep and whimper again and over.

I’d go back to my own youth if I wanted to witness a teenager weep all day.

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