Best 90’s Anime ( list of 1990s)

Best 90's Anime

90s kids are so special because they witnessed the golden era of almost everything. When talking about the best 90’s anime, it’s like a nostalgia bomb is fallen onto the brain of so many of us and we can not escape it.

The ’90s were a great time when many anime series and movies made an appearance on TV and held a lot of honors and distinctions. To boost your memories of happy days, we tried to compile a list of the best 90’s anime shows so you can revisit your beautiful past.

Let’s jump in!

The list of best 90s anime:


Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z

If we call any anime by the name of “legendary series,” Dragon Ball Z takes up too many credits. This series is everything for the golden generation, and it’s still popular after 30 years.

Technically it was released in 1989, but the phenomenal fights and all the Kamehameha’s belong to the 90s era.

The iconic series Dragon Ball Z takes up the story of son Goku and further comes in the son Gohan in tribute to their grandfather.

They lived happily until one-day Raddatsu landed on earth and claims he is the brother of his son Goku. After the more significant clashes from both sides, the warriors put the world on fire and blood.

The enemy destroyed the planet Vegeta, and now, only four pure Syajins left: Radditu, son Goku, Vegeta, and Nappa.

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Pokemon 90s anime

Pokemon is just a nostalgia bomb for 90’s kids as they can’t get over this anime series.

This anime show is on the most wanting list of kids and younger children. However, 90s kids do make a round of pokemon back in time to enjoy their childhood vibes.

The title of the fantastic Japanese show Pokemon stands for “ Pocket Monsters,” and the name itself is kinda cute.

The series comprises 276 episodes of epic adventures full of fun and excitement. Waiting for the next episode was quite hard.

The pokemon series became the first manga to reach a wide western audience, which determines this show’s passion.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion

There are few stories that help in coping with dark times like these of pandemics. The neon genesis Evangelion is all about feeling good and embracing the dark times.

The story covers a group of teenagers tasked with fighting giant monsters. They pilot innovative and smart robots to fight with monsters to save the city.

Above all the fights, the neon genesis Evangelion is a psychological thriller linked with mecha anime style to ease your mind from the real world’s horrors.

The show will leave you to ponder some questions about life, and you will be asking philosophical questions. It’s worth a watch.

Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop

If you have a huge interest in space-action TV shows, then cowboy bebop is one of the best classic anime to amaze you.

Cowboy Bebop is set in the futuristic world of 2071, where you will witness epic scenes and actions.

This show is packed with 26 episodes where there is a strong tone of action around every corner.

The “Bepop” is the name of a spaceship in which the whole crew traveled through space depicting the bounty hunter crew’s daily life.

Cowboy Bebop doesn’t stick to one genre, thus actively inspired by science fiction, westerns, and noir films.

Not just it ends here as its most dominant and thrilling focal point includes adult existential ennui. Ennui felt loneliness, and he tried to escape his past by participating in space actions.

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon

If to mention the biggest gateway show in the 90s, then Sailor moon would be on top. Sailor Moon is the epitome of strong friendships, girls empowerment, self-care, and being strong. This show stands poignant even today.

The magical girl is all hail-worthy weather; she is an embodiment of love in daylight and a real fighter at night.

She fights every battle with all the pride and never turns back from the real fight.

The magic girl anime show greatly influences society even on the millions of people outside the anime fandom.

The show is still nostalgic, which earned the biggest name in shoujo. The show is worth watching if you need a beacon of light in your life, and during these circumstances, we all need it.

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Serial Experiments Lain

Serial Experiments Lain

This show was released in 1998 and predicted the importance and aftereffects of technology on people.

It’s not wrong to say that this show is way ahead of time and has an experimental nature.

It has a dark vibe beyond trippy with a lot of symbolism, and some nightmare fuel is thrown here and there.

A taciturn teenager named Lain Iwakura goes through horrifying realizations in life.

She received an email from her friend Chisa who took her life. It doesn’t just end here because she claims to have left her human form in Chisa’s mail.

She claims to be descended into a revolutionized form close to the digital world.

As the shows go on, Lain explores answers about life, reality, self, and identity. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best 90s anime shows if you are fascinated by how the human mind affects its surroundings.

Now and Then, Here and There

Now and Then, Here and There 90s  best anime

It is an epic series full of action and thrill; however, it is not for faint hearts. Now and Then, Here and There is a fantasy action anime of the 90s that spotlights Shu’s story.

Shouzoo Matsutani or “Shu” is a young boy who enjoys a normal life with friends, family, going to school, and studying. He also has a crush, and he loves playing Kendo.

Shu loses a battle in Kendo and gets disappointed. He climbed a smokestack to watch the sunset and find some inner peace.

He finds out a girl, La La Ru on a smokestack, who is wearing the strange pendant during this moment. Suddenly someone captures La La Ru, and Shu jumps in to protect that blue-haired girl.

Thrilling events occurred when Shu disappeared into a desert due to magics of the pendant.

He has to fight in severe circumstances where water and food are scarce. He was compelled to join the army of children there.

She faces the protagonist’s horror world and sees the face of hunger, torture, and the horrors of wars. He just wanted to save that girl.

Must watch this magical thriller anime that enforces helping others with your sheer will.

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

The Gundam series are countless, just like so many stars in the universe, and Mobile Suit Gundam wing stands atop other series in quality.

This old 90s mecha series is pure gold.

The story revolves around the USA Sphere Alliance ruling over earth and space colonies. But, there is always a voice against the crime, so sphere colonies rebel against the ruling system.

As a result, their leaders were assassinated. Now the group of these “Gundams” was sent to fight against the ruling system alliance and assault the Sphere Alliance and its sub-organization OZ. Those fights are epic.

Frankly, the animation is not so up to the mark and feels a bit outdated, but the show holds up extremely well today.



The top-class martial artist Ranma Saotome is a strong athlete who attends martial arts school since childhood.

Events heat up when he turned into a girl because he was cursed by cold water. Now, the only way to be back into the original form is through hot water.

Ranma has a unique condition, so the father Genma Saotome, and mother Soun Tendo immediately betrothed Ranma to her younger sister. Her name is Akane, who is a rationalized tomboy. Akane is a martial artist and quite temperamental.

Both of their struggles to be in a weird relationship, but later they become accustomed to it and enjoy the adventures together.

Ranma explores the hilarious adventures with Akane, and they always had to fight over something. They enjoy those moments before getting officially engaged.

The anime is quite adventurous to watch how Ranma copes with her new life and faces boldface challenges.

Yu Yu Hakusho

Yu Yu Hakusho

Yu Yu Hakusho is perhaps the greatest anime showing the best battle of shonen. It’s important to mention that it’s the predecessor of Hunter x Hunter.

The animation is lit, the cast is very strong and sympathetic, the flights are high-paced and wild. The anime has distinctive attributes, thus making it a unique 90s anime.

It covers the story of a teenage boy who sacrifices his life to save a child. Then Yu Yu Hakusho finds the secrets of supernatural mysteries in the land of the living. He was given a new life of sorts.

The storyline remains captivating for the 66 episodes, and Yu Yu Hakusho keeps wearing the crown of exceptional fights.

You will love Yu Yu Hakusho in every battle as he raises his head high, no matter the stronger enemy is.

Key the Metal Idol

Key the Metal Idol

If you cannot decide which genre of anime your mind is asking for, then go for “Key The Metal Idol.” It’s a complicated anime that covers a great section for robots and science fiction and has echoes of the supernatural as well.

The key metal idol tells the story of Tokiko Mima, who is nicknamed Key. She lives in the Japanese countryside as a normal girl with a human-like appearance.

She is a motionless, pale, robotic girl being bullied by her classmates, and they call her “Robot Key.”

Turning points occur when Key’s grandfather dies and leaves a note for Tokiko Mima.

The note says if Mima makes 30,000 friends, she can turn into a complete human form. She goes through a lot of struggles to develop heart-to-heart connections with enormous, 30,000 people.

Ajo is another character that makes Mima do things she can’t believe or imagined. However, after so many turning events in her life, Key is transformed completely.

The story will also transform the viewer’s perspectives on life.



Are you ready to fall in love with the digital wonderland of the 90s, then Digimon is the right bite.

The Digimon series is really cool with a diverse and complex cast. This is a family show because it also handles mature subjects like death and divorce

The Digimon successfully aired six series of Digimon named Digimon Adventure, Digimon Adventure 02, Digimon Adventure Tri, Digimon Adventure 2020, etc. All the series have overlapping casts for an authentic experience…

The show is still worth watching because you will fall in love with adorable monsters.

Although it looks like the branch anime of Pokemon, it has carved its legacy and is equally loved by millions of viewers worldwide.

Especially in the 90s, kids couldn’t forget this fantastic show and still hook on TVs when any episode of Digimon showed up.

The Magnificent Zorro

The Magnificent Zorro

Zorro’s legend is such a powerful character and anime show that imprisoned the minds of people across the globe.

The main reason it became popular in European countries is its character. The Zorro’s role is created after inspiration from a European character created by McCulley.

After completing his studies, zorro comes back to his homeland and discovers it is under dictator rule.

Zorro does everything to fulfill justice by punishing the wicked ones and sympathizing with the weak, oppressed people of society.

After defeating the enemy, Zorro leaves his sword’s slash on the person, which looks like Z.

Other than the sword slashing, punishing the evil with aggressive powers, the sow has a comedy relief.

There are tons of funny, lighter moments in each episode that keep you fresh.

The show only gets solemn close to its ending, which is some of the defining moments.

The ending is good and happy. You have to revisit to see which romantic side of the story we didn’t tell you:)

So, if you are looking for vigilant type, one of the best 90s anime, then try this marvelous piece of content.

Shin Chan

Shin Chan

The Shin-Chan anime is brilliant series filled with crude art as well as humor. This is the most popular anime in Japan as a long-running family sitcom that leaves its 90s kids nostalgic.

Other than Japanese people, the whole world has seen different versions of dialogues in Shin Chan.

The episodes are dubbed in a more humorous, crude, and mean-spirited American culture style different from the Japanese version.

On the other hand, the Japanese version is little focused on humor in their culture and art.

Young Shin Chan is a creative young boy (however short in size) who lives with her eccentric family. His sister Himawari is another fun character that gives Shin Chan a tough time.

The inspiration behind the story of Shin Chan is heart-melting. The original real-life kid is Shinnosuke Suhara, who died in a car accident while saving her younger sister.

The grieved mother started painting his pictures in his remembrance, and then later, it turned into a series. So, the ending of the series is going to be sad and emotional.

Princess Mononoke

best 90s anime Princess Mononoke

Princess Mononoke is one of the best anime of the 90s created by Studio Ghibli. The film involves breathtaking visuals and battle scenes to the left you amazed.

Prince Ashitika is not only exiled but also cursed, so his life is slowly deteriorating away.

He travels to Tatara to cure his curse on the suggestions of people, but he witnessed the fight when he reached there.

He sees Princess and lady Eboshi are in a fierce fight. However, he tries to appease both sides.

There is another magnetic character, San, who is a spirited girl raised by forest spirits.

She is a fierce warrior and champion as she tries to overcome the forces arrayed against nature. Ashitika fall in love with San.

Overall, the animation is really aesthetic and cool enough to match the setting and period. You will enjoy its cinematic experience and the movie as a whole.

Tell us what’s your take on the 90’s anime which one you love most. We would love to hear your views:)

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